Chapter Twenty Seven

“What did you just do?” Hunter asked coming out of the flowers. “You killed your son!” he walked past Ethan’s body.

“Hunter!” Ludo called to him.

“Join us Hunter,” Mr. Hamuumbu pointed the gun at him.

“Aren’t you supposed to be dead, Hunter?” Ludo asked with her breath quickening.

Hunter walked to where Ludo was and stood looking at Mr. Hamuumbu with disgust written all over his face. He didn’t utter a word to Ludo nor look at her.

“You never give up, do you?” Mr. Hamuumbu looked at Hunter. “I also thought you were dead. Ethan and his mother celebrated your alleged death.”

“To kill me, you have to behead me, that’s when you can only be sure.” Hunter said angrily.

“But those policemen found your body in the backyard,” Ludo said confused.

“That wasn’t my body. That was your friend's, Mr. Jabulani,” Hunter told Ludo avoiding her eye contact.

“Didn’t you leave him dead in the car?”

“I went back for the body,” Hunter’s eyes were on Mr. Hamuumbu. “Enough with the questions, I’ll deal with y
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