Chapter Twenty Eight

Evan turned his head whilst on the floor and saw Hunter and Ludo. On the far left was Ludo’s mother tied up in a chair.

“What are you doing here?” Evan aggressively stood up.

Hunter stopped him. “I didn’t come here for you,” He said.

“You killed my brother,” Evan said angrily.

“Oh I see you have been told,” Hunter looked down on Ludo. “Unfortunate how lies spread.”

“It’s not a lie, you are the only person I know capable of doing that, you killed Hilary too,” Evan yelled.

“Her doing, not mine,” Hunter said.

Evan stepped forward.

“Don’t you dare,” Hunter furiously looked at him.

Evan clenched his fists.

Hunter noticed and said, “Constrain yourself otherwise you will get killed.”

“Hunter, what do you want?” Ludo asked.

“Remember our deal?” Hunter asked back.

“Deal?” Evan looked at Ludo.

“Yes Evan,” Hunter answered. “Just like Hilary, Ludo played you too.”

Evan’s shoulders slumped.

“It’s not what you think, Evan,” Ludo said.

“These women still end up disappointing me,” Hunter nodded his h
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