Chapter Thirty Two

Everyone in Chisoti village knew how arrogant and stubborn Walutanga was but some people had never witnessed any of those traits till that day at the site. The workers heard indistinct voices coming from him and his father, the chief. Voices were slowly rising, getting everyone’s attention. The Chief was on top of his voice and so was Walutanga.

The Chief saw that everyone was looking at them, he tried to calm the nonstop talking Walutanga, “Okay let’s talk about this at home.”

“No father, we are going to talk about it here!” He yelled.

Everyone’s heads turned in shock, their mouths gaped. What sort of disrespectfulness were they witnessing, they all wondered.

“I won’t tolerate this, young man,” The chief whispered trying to grab the boy’s hand.

Ducking his father’s hand, Walu said, “This school will be built. I have managed to bring it this far with no one’s help but my friend’s. Apparently, we are the only ones who think this village needs another school.”

“Boy don’t be stupid,” Jun
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