Diamant rocked herself back and forth as she laid coiled up on the floor. She was missing Aaron. Although, she had been able to get him off her mind for a while now but she remembered him. She remembered how he had always helped her and she missed him. Yet her memory of him was always torn by the last time she had saw him.

The time he had tried to rape her.

Maybe he could explain? Maybe he wasn't himself?

She tried to find excuses for him. She had to go to the meeting again. There was no message or anything suspicious going on. The Master was still quiet, still they had to train.


"Left! You are so slow." DL said as the sword clashed against each other. "We don't have enough time for slow progress!"

Diamant had been presented with the news about the change of her trainer. With how angry the Dragon Lord was, she didn't know if she should be happy about it.

"Wait! I can't keep up!" Diamant shouted.

"Argh" she shouted again as the sword left a small cut on h
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