Holy Demon God

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Holy Demon God

By: LuoFeng915 CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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The battles between the Holy God Realm and the Demon God Realm are endless, with thousands of casualties every day.  However, an unexpected event occurs in the neutral realm of Mahaverna. A secret realm leading to the ancient legacies of gods is opened, attracting both Holy and Demon Gods.  Chaos ensues as they battle for the powerful inheritance shrine. Suddenly, the sky shakes, and the powerful gods of Mahaverna forcibly close the secret realm.  What caused this conspiracy, and can the trapped gods escape for revenge? Find out in this thrilling harem, ecchi, romance novel filled with love and emotions.  Warning: 16+.  Your feedback is valuable for the writer's improvement.


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389 chapters
Birth Of The Supreme Being
Ta tat….ta…( footsteps )    " Demon God we confirmed the information of the secret realm is real, so far the secret realms we visited are all just normal ones. If we compare this new secret realm with the past secret realms then the new secret realm is completely different from the past secret realms. Because the entrance of the new secret realm emits great amounts of chakra energy fluctuations, so our elders from the ten great demon families confirmed that great treasure is coming into being in the secret realm " said the servant.   Demon God glanced at the servant and asked " that's it ?"   The servant said while still in kowtow position " I didn't complete the information I got for you demon god, please allow me to complete what I'm saying ".  &nb
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Not A Holy God Or Demon God My Name Is Chaithanya
My name is a holy god no no my name is demon god fuck don't give me that my name is holy god go fuck yourself my name is demon god Roar…. My mind shook for a few seconds and came back to normal, a name popped up out of nowhere ' Chaithanya', oh this body's name is Chaithanya? Ok, we will stop our both fucking names here and continue with the name of this body.   I nodded my head in agreement with both the holy and demon god.    Let's discover more information about this new body ( Chaithanya prince of Ancient Waghoba (ancient tiger beast ) family which is one of the strongest beast families in the ancient beast realm, there are 12 ancient beast families. Remaining normal powerful beast families under these ancient beast families.    Chaithanya thought ' and both of
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Escaping Into The Forest
Anitha nodded her head gently and said " please follow me''.She slowly led the way for Chaithanya to her father's room, soon they reached the room and the girl gently opened the door. Inside there is an old bed that is torn and cotton is coming out little by little. By listening to our footsteps and door opening sound, the old man slowly opened his eyes and looked at Anitha.    " Anitha come here and extend your hand near me let father touch my little girl," said the old man.   Anitha's eyes moistened a little and gently placed her hand near her father. Oldman slowly extended his hand to touch the hands of his daughter gently and said " Anitha if I die don't stay here anymore, go to another city and change your identity while living there happily. That psycho lunatic Dinesh will not stop his fangs until he catches you and tortur
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Met Oldman Named Kabir
I heard a snob with a shivering voice " father please don't leave me, you're my only family so please stay with me ".    I woke up from my selfless state of cultivation and looked in the direction of the sound and found Anitha who was lying on the ground murmuring something while tears were falling on her face. I reached near to her and gently stroked her hair. She unconsciously held my hand while still closing her eyes. She reached in my embrace herself and stopped her sobbing with a little smile blooming on her face.   The Holy Demon tiger beast bloodline activated itself but it didn't release any blood pressure. Instead this time it made my body heat up, my dragon awakened from a deep slumber. This feeling after so many years of hardcore cultivation I almost forgot this feeling, hmm this body of hers is very sexy and curvy. I
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Divine Goddess Sutra Cultivation Technique
" No, that's too much for Oldman Kabir, how about 200 copper coins for a month? " Said Chaithanya.   Oldman narrowed his eyes and shook his head " how about 400 copper coins for a month? "    Chaithanya furrowed his brows " 300 copper coins for a month. That's all oldman Kabir and I need to take care of the reconstruction of the shop too, when we got inside you talked about some money collectors. So we need to take care of them too, 300 copper coins are my last price ".   Oldman Kabir took back and looked around " yes shop is so run down, without fixing it . It's really hard to do business here and annoying money collector gangs are a big headache, " thought Kabir.    Oldman Kabir nodded his head " ok this
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New Identity Elder Sebastian
I gently stroked her head and explained what happened. She widened her eyes with a look of surprise on her face because the pressure that came a few minutes back was from Chaithanya himself.    Then I asked about her chakra level, surprisingly she reached a 5th stage Root chakra level. Chaithanya exclaimed, " she is a cultivation genius ". Then she went back to her cultivation practice, while I started to cook and serve the delicious delicacies to customers.   ( There will be five cities under a Capital city, each capital city has one royal family overseeing the whole capital city )    You know restaurants are always like this, a place to share information for free. " You know a princess from the Fire In Royal family in the Conliy capital city has fallen unconsciou
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Taking Princess Alvina's First Time
I removed the sweat from the forehead and released a long sigh of relief " fuck heavenly fire uses chakra like drinking water, it didn't show single mercy on me while using my chakra like that. Fuck you, you don't have an ounce of respect for your master. You ungrateful bastard " thought Chaithanya.   I put the medicinal pill in her mouth and used my chakra to let her digest every last bit of medicinal effect from the pill. The " Moan " princess released a moan unconsciously after medicine entered all over her body. Doppelganger already merged back into my body and I removed my clothes, then I undressed her clothes too. Her nacked body mesmerized me for a few seconds, only one word escaped from my mouth ' she is perfect '. Curves are perfectly maintained, there is fat in needed areas and there is no fat in the areas that there is no need. Such a perfect body.   Read more
My First Wedding After Reborn
Hooded cloak Chaithanya said, " king you go and carry on with your work, disciple and Alvina you both go and prepare for your wedding . I will cultivate here, Chaithanya, call me if you face any issues during the wedding ".   Doppelganger Chaithanya nodded his head " yes master " then he turned in the direction of Alvina " so my wife can we go and get ready for our marriage right now " said Doppelganger Chaithanya.   " Who are you calling your wife ? We are not married yet, mi..mind your words ". lowered her head in embarrassment and went away from the room.    Both Chaithanya's shook their heads and laughed loudly.   Both gods thought " she is exactly like my short-tempered wife, how is my wife doing right now
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King Boshe Arrival
I curved up my lips into a smile in the room.   " Beat that bastard till he won't be able to walk on his legs then throw him on the road " ordered Chaithanya.   Some guards came and bowed to me then took Jack away from there. Followed the order as it is and one of the guards came back to report it to me.   By seeing what is happening in front of him, he can't do anything because he is not strong enough to fight that guy's master who is way stronger than anyone he have met in the past. Alfred only gave a pitiful look to the wounded body that was lying on the ground and shook his head in disappointment, " yes that fool doesn't deserve my daughter he can't even beat a weak ayurvedic medicinal alchemist? Then does he still deserve to call himself my son-in-law? No, he is not, he
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Jack's Treatment Begin
Soon king Boshe reached the inn and entered inside the inn. In a few minutes, all of them including king Boshe reached the room and entered inside, by saw the guy who was in a bed full of bandages and completely unconscious. King Boshe's eyes turned red while nerves popped up from his forehead. He released the chakra from his body full of anger, windows broken and the room shook violently, but soon he retracted his chakra energy back into his body in the fear of harming his beloved only son. Boshe immediately took the unconscious Jack and got back on the Yugerithy followed by all guards and strong members from his palace and ordered the flying demon beast to fly in the direction of a four-star alchemist in his capital city, in a few hours they reached near a big courtyard. " Elder Hogen, my son is in critical condition. Pleas
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