Game of the Destiny

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Game of the Destiny

By: Yahya_I CompletedFantasy

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Dante must enter a portal that takes him to a world in the middle of nowhere. He had been chosen by the parents of the bakery owner he had previously looted. Niflheim is a world filled with ice and snow. There Dante must fight according to the mission that will be given periodically by Nidhug. He was a mystical dragon who acted as a God in that world. The battle is like a game, where Nidhug is the holder of power and rules. 'Game of the Destiny' is a game that will decide the fate of every race in their home world. Game of the Destiny, held once every 500 years to fill Nidhug's boredom. Now it's Dante's turn to do it as the fire prince in this crazy game. Instead of following the game with resignation. Dante has another plans!

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  • DIablo


    While reading it, I feel like I'm watching an anime with the theme of isekai and great magic powers, I will continue reading this novel!

    2023-01-16 11:23:52
  • jaya frana


    nice start keep the good work

    2022-12-02 13:40:59
  • rama rafa


    nice story

    2022-12-02 12:05:50
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195 chapters
Dante stood among the other soldiers. he must fight the werewolf army that will attack the kingdom of the human race.The human race troops were already in their respective positions, they were waiting for Dante's signal."Archer team ready!" shouted Dante. The man raised his right hand as a sign.The werewolf army attacked the kingdom, they brought large stone-throwing tools to break through and destroy the gates of the kingdom of mankind."Can we defend this castle, prince?" asked Gustave, he was the captain and Dante's most trusted person in the kingdom."Yes, the werewolf race is very strong, but they can't do anything without the moon in the night sky!" Dante replied. He tapped Gustave on the shoulder to reassure him."The mission assigned was only to prevent them from breaking through this castle," said Dante."They won't even be able to maintain their transformation for very long!" added the man.Sure enough, thick clouds immediately covered the night sky, directly blocking the
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Sometimes before.Dante had just woken up after voluntarily entering the portal that connected him to the world of nowhere called Niflheim. He would participate in Game of the Destiny there.Dante ran from a pack of three-headed ferocious wolves who looked very hungry. Unfortunately for him, of course, it was the first time he had seen an animal in Cerberus form like that.Dante began to run out of breath, he could not run well in the very thick snow on the land.Dante was cornered, now that a pack of strange wolves had surrounded him, the man really couldn't move anymore.The leader of the Cerberus herd let out a loud howl, his voice as if it could burst eardrums. The herd of beasts attacked in unison. Dante panicked, he thought it was a very silly ending for him. As the representative of the human race, should he die just from being devoured by wolves?A magic circle formed automatically between the man's legs, just before the wolf was about to pounce on him, a beam of fire shot out
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The chosen man.
Back to the very beginning.London 1980. Dante ran very fast. He had just managed to rob an old woman who was walking alone in the middle of the streets of London. That night was very cold. Dante only wore a thin coat that looked very shabby, while his irregular breathing seemed to cause a puff of smoke because the air in the city was too cold. "Damn, is she just a poor woman!" Dante cursed. He didn't find much money in the wallet he had just forcibly got. The man's stomach rumbled, while the other street children were currently waiting for him to return with food. Dante cried. If only he was educated, maybe he could get a better job than stealing or robbing someone. The man cursed himself. He couldn't do much, while the children had high hopes for him. Finding a small shop selling bread, Dante thoughtlessly ran and entered it. "Give me some bread!" Dante threatened with a penknife which he pointed at the salesman. The old owner just stood there s
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The prince of fire has appeared!
Dante and Rose ran to Mikel, they were afraid something bad would happen to the boy. "What happened?" asked Dante, the man immediately checked the boy's condition. Mikel just stood staring at the black plastic bag, he pointed at the bag, while his face looked very tense. Dante immediately approached the bag. It could be that the object contained in it is something dangerous. Rose held Dante's hand, she wanted him to be careful. Dante nodded in understanding, he started walking slowly towards the bag. How surprised he was to find some money in the bag. Dante's hands were shaking, how could a bag of money be where they lived? "Money, where does it come from?" said Dante, confused. Mikel just stared at Dante without saying anything. "Mikel, who gave you this bag?" asked Dante. "Two men in black suits!" Mikel replied. "Agents J and R!" Dante squealed. "So it's not bullshit!" said Dante. Dante's hands shook violently, with the mo
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Decision making.
The innkeeper was very surprised when he found Dante who was unconscious right on the edge of the fish pond in front of his inn. Not only that, he was even more surprised when he found that the pond now only left a little boiling water, while the fish in it died like gravy. The innkeeper immediately called his wife and children who were there, he didn't dare touch Dante because the man seemed to be emitting smoke. "Geez, what happened to this guy?" said the innkeeper as he ruffled his gray-white hair. Meanwhile, his wife and children also seem confused by what happened to Dante. It was a very clear day, there was no way the man had been struck by lightning in broad daylight. "Did you hear the explosion?" the innkeeper asked his wife and children. "I'm not sure, I think I heard it!" replied the wife. "But what caused it?" asked the innkeeper's son. They didn't understand what had happened. The innkeeper tried to touch Dante's body, he was surpr
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One day before Game of the Destiny starts. That night Dante visits the Gorge's grandfather's bakery. He had to further question why the old man had chosen him. What do agents J and R mean by stating that he is a descendant of the previous fire prince? It's hard to understand. "You came, son!" Gorge greeted him. There are also agents J and R, it looks like they've been waiting for Dante to come. Agents J and R stood up from their seats, and they smiled at Dante. It seems that their efforts were not in vain. Dante looks awkward, he still can't make up his mind, he needs more explanation about all that bullshit. "I keep thinking about this, should I believe what you guys tell me?" said Dante. "I mean, isn't this so sudden? How could I possibly trust you and carry such a heavy burden on my shoulders." Dante looked down, the man looked very frustrated. "Didn't I explain it to you?" said agent J "Yes, you explained it well. But I need concrete proof!" Dante
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A reason.
The day Game of the Destiny will start. George waited anxiously in his heart, while agents J and R seemed to be whispering to each other. "I don't think he'll come!" Agent J said to George. "It wouldn't be easy to do this, even if the man believed what we said, but it feels very heavy to carry such a heavy responsibility on his back!" agent R gives his opinion. "I mean he has no reason to fight in this game!" agent R added. George seemed to be starting to hesitate. It's true what agent R said, currently Dante has no strong reason to fight in that game. It wasn't easy convincing the men to do what they wanted. "Today we have to send a representative from the human race. The deadline has been set, we can't delay any longer!" said agent J. George nodded in understanding. They don't want this world to just fall apart. Losing before the match would be very painful, especially if their world had to be destroyed because they sent their representatives too late. "If that man doesn't co
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Departure, and the mysterious woman.
The portal to the Niflheim dimension has been opened. Lightning began to roar, while rumblings in the night sky began to reverberate. Agent R tries his best to stay on his feet, he must not lose concentration otherwise the portal will close again. Agent J asks for the umpteenth time, is George sure that he will represent humanity in Game of the Destiny? "You know, we don't have time anymore. I think this is the last thing we can do!" replied George. The old man had established himself. "Hasn't Norton sent the message that tonight is the last time we send representatives of humanity!" George added. Agent J ruffled his hair, he knew this was the last option they could do. The wind grew stronger around the area where the portal was opened. Portals must not be left in that state for too long, otherwise, a storm will come and hit them. George had mentally prepared well, apart from being quite skilled in using his powers, he knew at his current age that h
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Time traveller?
Agents J, R, and George sit limp after successfully sending Dante to Niflheim. The storm suddenly stops when Agent R manages to close the portal that connects their world and another world. "Can Dante do it? We put our hope in a young man with no experience at all!" agent J stood up and cleaned the coat he was wearing. "Right now we can only entrust everything to the man! After all, we have been looking for him for the past few years and haven't found him yet. I was even surprised when the man himself came to my bakery!" said George. "If only we had found him sooner, that man would have had time to make more thorough preparations!" Agent R gives his opinion. George and agent J nodded in agreement with what the man said. But George assured that if Dante was chosen, then he would have no trouble controlling his powers. Agent J gets a call from the head office, they have an urgent assignment, and at that time the energy sensor at the head office has detected
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All races gathered.
After receiving the acknowledgment of the king, the higher-ups, and the people of the Taraec kingdom. Dante now officially serves as a prince as well as the owner of power and command for every division of soldiers in the kingdom. Of course, Dante was very worried about that. Can a 20-year-old like him give good orders, Dante thought at the time? "Prince, you should rest now. The Game of the Destiny opens tomorrow and will begin. We will prepare everything necessary for this!" said Gustave. The man was very friendly toward Dante. He seemed like an easygoing person. Taraec is a fairly large European-style castle located in the eastern region of Niflheim. Currently, Niflheim is divided into regions according to the cardinal points. Each race had its territory, while the human race currently controlled the eastern region of the land. After Dante arrived in the kingdom, a welcoming party was immediately held, and the residents and everyone in the castle welcomed
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