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On Diamant's 14th birthday, the strangest thing happened. A witch had almost killed her while warning her to stay away from the past. Diamant and her grandpa were people who lived on a survival skill of running and hiding from an unknown that relentlessly chased after them and threatened their lives. One night, this skill of Run and Hide met its end at the hands of a war brought upon their village by the mighty King of Alusa, the Dragon Lord. Having lost everything in the war, Diamant is driven by rage and grieve to seek revenge against the King. This is no easy task as she will get entangled in lies, conspiracy, betrayal, love, war and magic. In all these, she discovers there are important questions about her life that only the past has answers to. Will she delve into the past to seek these answers which may cost her everything including her life? Or will she face the present, forgo knowing these answers and live the life she is struggling to build for herself?

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A Perfect Fit
Time : Pure Hearts (The Past)Place: AlusaLucius's boots made an echoing sound against the floor with each step he took, staining the sparkingly clean floor with mud and blood. His gaze was fixed on the bed at the center of the room where his father laid. From where he stood, he could only see the cloth covering and the pillows but not who laid on the bed. He dropped his weapons one after the other making them clank loudly against the floor and finally he got to his father's bedside. He knelt down at his sick father's feet, dropped the golden specter that wieghed a ton and touched his forehead against his father's bony legs while he held them in his blood-filled hands, smearing them with it."You will never have my blessings." Adreno's feeble voice broke his train of thought. Lucius stood up with a straight face and stared at his father's sulkened one. He had become so sick that his skin looked like a withering flesh covering his bones.So sick and so old...Adreno stared at his son
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The knock
The Gloss family was like any average family in Lobina. The house was just moderate, the noise was just that of the rattling of the pans and the aroma of baking filled the air. Bread, cake , it was just so relaxing. The lights were on and the rattling continued until it came to a pause."So, when do you go across, Grandpa?" The voice came from the kitchen, it was that of a young lady. She raised her voice for her Grandpa, who has his eyes strained on a couple of scrolls, to hear her."Soon enough. I am just worried that I might leave you again. Business now and then, I could almost say, business got more of me than you do at times." He blinked, not liking it.Diamant walked to him, placing the baked food on the table for him. She had her hair packed in a ponytail and her black eyes sparkled as they flickered towards her Grandpa's wrinkled face. She set the food lightly, then ran to fetch a glass of water from the kitchen while she tucked her stubborn black hair behind her ear. "But
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One Bloody Night
Rider skillfully and quickly got their horses off the road. They had to get out of the village quickly. They had to find another way still. Diamant and Grandpa made it out of the carriage and to the horses in an instant, Grandpa joined Rider on one and Diamant on the other. They disconnected the carriage quickly, their luggages will slowed them down and they had to make it out of this alive.As their horses galloped in the opposite direction, they could hear the war drums booming in the air, people shouting, animals busting through the fire that was rapidly taking over the village and swords clashing against one another. The smell of blood and dread filled the air.This was one bloody night.They were about to arrive at the small river which the horses would gallop across to the other side, when arrows were shot at them. "Look out!" Diamant called to her Grandpa, her scream deafening. Now they had to find another way. If they still decide to go across the river, it wouldn't be save,
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Then she remembered what had happened that night and how her Grandpa died, the blurry image of Rider's headless body falling again the ground lifelessly filled her head.Pain cut across her and she squeezed her hands tightly against the mat. She felt his lips on hers as he kissed her, forcefully. Hate and disgust filled her up and she drew up her knee and struck him between his legs.He fell away from her immediately, holding his loincloth in pain. Using this opportunity, Diamant stood up immediately looking around for anything that could help her. Her eyes fell on a dagger placed carelessly on the table.I'm sure he thought I would be way too easy. She thought as she ran over to the table and grabbed the knife.She held it close to her, threatening to kill if he moved close to her as he was making it up slowly. His eyes were filled with rage and a silent mischief."You are tough, uh. Well, I have met girls tougher than you." He laughed bitterly and with that, he covered the distance
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First Impressions
The journey to Alusa took days and now they approached the Great Walls of Alusa. The clothes worn by the people captured had turned into rags. They spent days journeying on foot with their legs and hands chained together making them all connected as they journeyed across dry land and mud, pushed carriages from the mud and worked tirelessly. If there was any sigh of tiredness from anyone of them then the person was sure to get whipped back into action. Becoming a slave was a really sorrowful thing. They all had to fight for the leftover thrown at them, it was all about the survival of the fittest. As there wasn't enough food and the one thrown at them had to be greatly fought for, deaths increased to an alarming rate. The Lieutenant General became worried and feared what the Dragon Lord would do to him if he didn't return with enough slaves to Alusa, he ordered for the leftover to be increased and the slaves should be allowed to drink at every river they came across and to be given wat
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The Punishment
"You are playing dangerously with fire." He said, his voice cold and deadly."I am pulling the last strings of death, parables will do us both no good.""You! I will feed you to my dragon!" DL said again.The crowd watched on with interest at the back and forth between them."Thank you." Diamant said excited."What did you say?" He asked puzzled."I said thank you. That would be a favour. Give me a sword, let me make this quick." She explained."Then don't kill her." The woman who had been watching by the window side said. Maids following her every step, attending to her needs."Nana." DL said and held her hand tenderly. "You shouldn't have come down here. I don't want matters like this to stress you.""Why do we kill those that want to live?" She said ignoring what he said. (The grandma of the King was addressed as Nana.)"Because it is a punishment." DL said as his eyes lit in realization. Nana nodded with a smile.He then turned to her."I will let you live till death would become
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The Past Flashes
"While we were at the Round Table, I was scared that King Canilus would not agree and my idea of peace would be mocked by my father." Sol said while he danced with Aurora in his arms. They waltz together, their legs moving to the rhythm of the instruments that were being played in a melodious harmony. The ballroom was so bright and colourful, filled with people doing different things. Voices of people laughing, ladies giggling, the guards chasing kids out, people chattering away and trying to get acquainted with one other could be heard."Your idea of peace is absolutely excellent and I still haven't even complimented you on your speech. Half way through it, I think I fell in love with you again." She cooed and a spark appeared in Sol's eyes.He looked down at her how beautiful she looked in her dress. The way her sliver cloured hair fell smoothly on her shoulders and complimented her purple dress."I wasn't the one who wrote the speech, you did. What exactly are you complimenting me
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Blood Stained Peace
She just had to do it where Sunain won't be implicated. She thought as she walked away furiously."A bridge, of course. I could jump into the river. It would take them sometime to find my body and I just hope Sunain would be safe. I can't stay alive anymore." She thought and she started asking about for a bridge.They told her about one but it was just so far. She started walking, she inquired about for directions at every turn. Some people knew her and murmured about her instead of actually helping. Some did and finally, she got to the bridge.The Death Bridge.Rumour had it that once one falls from this bridge into the river, then the person would never be found. The water is a really tricky one and it takes only the best swimmers to pull their way out of this one.Good thing she didn't want saving, she thought.She walked to the middle of the bridge where she knew that if she jumped then that would be the end for her. The water below was gushing wildly and the breeze swept her hair
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Twists and Turns
What are you drawing?" Kalsara asked Drako as she settled down next to him slowly to avoid putting off the flickering candle with a gush of air."Everyone. They are up there because of they are in heaven and we are here." he pointed to the lower part of the paper.Kalsara squinted her eyes, Goben wasn't in the drawing."Your drawings are getting better everyday." She patted him on his back, avoiding the obvious topic.It has been some months since Aurora and Sol passed away. Ever since then, they and the Kingdom have been under Kalsara's custody.She walked over to Goben who knelt down by a table and focused on sharpening a wood."What are you doing, child?"He looked up at her, his eyes bright with excitement."I am making a sword.""Why?""Because I am going to save the King and the Queen. My friend, Lewis, will be coming with me."Drako squeezed the edge of his drawing paper tightly, he clenched his jaw."Oh, that is great.""We will all be complete again."Kalsara's eyes became sa
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Echoes of the Past
Drako walked into his room with a bleeding arm. He had training with his Grandpa again and just like many times, his eyes had gleamed with insanity. Whenever he was like that, the training twice as deadly.He took off his armour, groaning in pain as he did. When it was all completely off him, he hung his sword on the wall. He could now see clearly, his blood-soaked clothe. He cursed under his breath.He heard somethings fall at that moment and he looked. Goben was there by his bedside, frozen to a spot with box in his hand.Drako's eyes questioned him."Happy birthday?" Goben said with a smile that was too wide that his mouth ached."Arrrgh" Drako looked away from him, irritated. He sat on his bed and pulled off his shirt to inspect his cut. He heard Goben gasp at the gruesome sight but ignored him.Goben soon got uncomfortable with the silence and started talking."Well you turned 16 today and I just wanted to give you something.""Take that gift and get out."Goben placed the gift b
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