Slim Chance

Rika who was lost in thought didn't hear her. He still wanted to know how she swang it all in her favour.

"But how? How did you..."

She turned to him. Seeing his confusion, she immediately understood his question.

"Meeting an empty hideout was enough suspicion. I knew something was off and the only person I suspected was Lewis, so I immediately had him followed. The Twin had earlier reported that his brother was missing, that even made me suspect Lewis more. When I came back to the Palace, I discovered that Malik had been the one to capture them and they had refused to speak. Fate was just on my side." She reached out for goblet and started pouring wine into it.

"I convinced them all that they would have to accuse Lewis or else the sacrifice will not be worth it. They were immediately ready to lay down their lives for Alusa." She threw her head back in laughter and Rika squinted his eyes in confusion as he collected the goblet of wine she offered.

"And as for Sanji, it was too easy!"
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