The Master of Fate

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The Master of Fate

By: Young Master Jay CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Red, the main protagonist, was born an orphan. At first, the world was very good to him as he was given a dear friend named Ienze. But later on, as if the decision of the world was opposed, his dear friend was killed by the two most powerful beings in their world. Of course, as a lowly figure, Red was oblivious of their identity. But despite that, Red had made up his mind that he will get strong and kill those that killed his dear friend. And on the way to becoming strong, he will have lots of adventures and one day he will go astray from his real goal, which is vengeance. But thankfully, he has fate as his guide. He will meet various people. Some of them will become his enemy while some will become his ally. Finally, he will reach the peak, which will open his eyes to the real structure of the world. And, by that time, he will have become fate's personification, which is fun at first. But later on, he will understand that great power comes with great responsibility. By that time, the question is, what will he do? Will he surrender his power? Or perhaps give up on his vengeance? Or maybe he will shrink down and let things be? As for the answer to those questions, it is yet to be decided.

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Chapter 1 - First Encounter, Retribution of the Time Binder
A young man is sitting under the tree near the beach, leaning on it as he seems to be asleep. Enjoying the shade and the sea breeze gently on his skin.   *Ding* *Ding* *Ding*   Moments later, rings of a bell can be heard which indicates the time. Specifically, time for work again, and also, the end of lunch break.   The young man was named Red, or as the orphanage director called him which he adapted as time passed by. As his name suggests, Red has fine scarlet hair which seemed to be finely dyed, and seemingly crimson eyes but if you do not carefully look you may miss it.   He was raised in an orphanage ever since he was a
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Chapter 2 - In Between Reality and Illusion
Meanwhile, somewhere in the middle of the ocean, a dark and gloomy ship is sailing. The ship is very unusual, it's sailors are skeletons, that of an undead. Its sails are filled with tatters and patches and on above it a single black flag was raised. The flag is painted with an eye that's pierced with two bone swords.   Inside the ship, in the gloomy room, a lady not older than 25 with exquisite looks and curves on her body that was sitting in lotus position had her closed eyes suddenly open as she muttered, "At last, the time binder is now born and about to awaken."   Her lips curved into a fine smile that lightens up the gloomy room, akin to moonlight in the depths of the night.   She stood and walked to the navigation room of the ship and pointed in a certain direction.Read more
Chapter 3 - Awaken, Little White
Red closed his eyes to calm down. He relaxed his body. All the thoughts in his mind disappeared one by one. The beating of his heart slowed down as he felt a unique feeling that he only felt for the first time, tranquility.   The tear in his soul that is just recently mended still has marks, but at this moment a mark in the soul that is hard to remove is starting to disappear at a rapid pace.   As it disappears, Red can once hear a tearing sound from his soul, and the tearing this time is twice more intense than the previous.   At the moment in the foggy place, Red's glabella suddenly shines a piercing crimson light and starts 'absorbing' Red's reflection in front of him. Little by little the reflection is becoming fainter as time passes by and after a while, it completely d
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Chapter 4 - Waiting for me?
Inside the forest, there was a lake that perfectly reflected the scenic view around it, the risen sun, the steep mountains, the tall trees, and the blue sky. There is only one word to describe this view, 'amazing'. This is the best place Red has ever gone yet, aside from the habitat of Little White, of course.   On the shore of the lake, a young man with scarlet hair is roasting the meat of a wild boar and a white 'bird' is perching on his shoulder. The delicious fragrance of roasted meat can be smelled in the air and the beasts nearby that smelled the fragrance can't help themselves but to droll.   But they dare not steal the roasted meat of the young man as their instinct told them of danger, even if they just show a bit of their greed towards the meat they will die in less than two seconds.   Read more
Chapter 5 - Cultivation Stages and Beasts Ranks
"This cabin was built for you, to be specific a waiting place for you," the old man added.   "Eh?"   Red was stunned and don't know what to say. He was flabbergasted and confused, how did they know that he will be here?   Is this all a scheme? Was the death of his dear friend, Ienze, part of this scheme?   His eyes turned crimson as he remembers the death of his friend, the anger and hatred that was hidden deep in his heart once again resurface and took control of him.   But this time he did not hear the tearing sound from his soul, his heart beats fast as if it was racing instead. The blood in his veins felt alive. Every drop seemed to have a life of its o
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Chapter 6 - Contract, Link
"How can I become a magus?" Red asked.   He was eager because part of him is telling him that he should become powerful. Or else, he would not know how he would die, and, aside from that, he would not be able to get revenge for his dear friend.   "Not so fast young man. Let us first know each other"   Red turned red from embarrassment. He was a little rash to ask, they did not even know each other's name yet.   "I am Red, and this is Little White," Red introduced himself and Little White to the old man.   The old man gave Red an odd look. How can Little White be little, his size is definitely not little. He is comparable to an oversized bird. With a wingspa
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Chapter 7 - Novice and Rank 3
Right at the moment, Red finished testing the link between him and Little White, Kane came and asked him, "Do you want to become a magus?"   Red excitedly answered, "Yes."   "I forgot to tell you, there is a level beneath the nine cultivation stages. It is called the novice stage."   "In the novice stage, you will be called novice magus, and a novice magus does not have a mana core. But, they still can cast spells, but it is so weak that sometimes it even fails."   "But that does not matter, a novice is not called a novice for no reason. It is the preparation to become a magus. A novice's job is to familiarize mana, how it works and how can it be used or how to use it to trigger the elements."  <
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Chapter 8 - Spiritual Space, Legends about the World
"Congratulations on meditating successfully for the first time," Kane congratulated Red as he opened his eyes after meditation.   "You must be eager to cast spells now and by the look of it, you are suitable to become a magus."   "But, before giving you spell models to study, check your spiritual space first."   "Clear your mind of all thoughts and let consciousness flow to your spiritual space."   "This is not meditation. So, at all cost, try not to sense the mana and the elements in the surroundings because they will bring you to your meditation world," Kane warned Red sternly as he emphasized the word 'do not.'   "Just let your mind go blank, it shouldn'
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Chapter 9 - Traveling
It took Red a week until he fully mastered the spells that he wanted. Unlike other novice maguses, every time he casts a spell, it is guaranteed that it will not fail unless someone somehow manages to disrupt his rune or someone manages to tamper it.   At this time, Red finally made up his mind that he will travel to the kingdom of Middle Earth. He was confident that he could somehow protect himself without exposing Little White. He wanted to treat Little White as his trump card.   But traveling is not easy. The distance alone is not something that can be trifled with, thus, he plans to slowly explore the outskirts of the kingdom's territory. And, if he was fated, he would be able to enter, and if not then that does not matter.   He took the dagger from the cabin to protect
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Chapter 10 - Selling the Spoils, Mercenary Hall
After the fight, Red discovered that his Spiritual Space has grown in an insignificant amount. He can also tell that the water in his Spiritual Space is a bit clearer than before.   At the same time, every time he enters his Meditation World he can see the orange light clearer, which indicates that his understanding of the fire element has gone deeper.   Red resumed his on his route towards the city. And, after a day of walking, he could already see the city from afar.   Along the way, his sack bag has become bulkier. Aside from the spoils from the Three-eyed Grey Bear and the Dark Wolf. There are also spoils from his fight with the other beasts but these beasts barely reach rank one and were barely enough for him to sweat.   Read more