Sprouting Rebellion

They stopped immediately, Diamant trying her best to seem calm while she still kept her head lowered.

"Your Majesty?" She heard her partner ask. From her lowered gaze, she could see Aaron approaching them quickly, her heartbeat speed up.

No, no, no. She didn't want this. Did he notice something? Her, maybe? Did he know? Why was he moving so fast? Diamant felt heat rush over her and she tried hard to control her breathing.

Then suddenly she heard scrolls rolling off the table and a short angry hiss from Aaron. She looked up slightly to see a glare on his face as he staggered back and muttered curses under his breath. Her partner rushed forward and once again put them back in place. She hoped in her heart that he wouldn't notice how she had ousted herself from that duty.

At that moment he wondered about something he had missed and feared its importance.

"Who brought up the scrolls anyway?"

Diamant heaved silently in relief at the question, he was now distracted but when she processed
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