Draken World

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Draken World

By: Andrew OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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8000 years ago the great titan dragon Vasha, rampaged through the world of Jux, unstoppable with her legion of Drakens. Until she was sealed away by eight powerful beings, in a wall of tundra, that reached the skies and covered the horizon. How they sealed Vasha, the history books have forgotten. Amidst the turmoil of a second war. A vengeance seeking knight, a Mage of the Citadel, and a traitor will be caught in the conflict of an escalating war.

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In the dead of night, two cloaked men stood in front of the Tundra Prison. One was tall and slender like a branch, and the other, was stocky and wide like tree trunk. A colossal wall of ice that loomed over the clouds, enveloped the horizon, and reflected like a broken mirror. They gazed up at the Tundra Prison, and at the large broken glaciers surrounding them. “Did you find anything Encara?” The shorter man asked with deep throaty voice.Encara pulled his hood back, from his regal and luxurious magenta cloak. His silver hair and eyes shone like the stars, even in the darkness, they juxtaposed with his young dark complexion. “Whoever did this is strong, and is also very bad at making traps!” Encara yelled into the dark forest with his juvenile voice.The pitch black forest rustled with howling winds. A whirling of arcane energy pulsed through the area, and the winds came to a silent halt.Urkse stood tall as Encara’s pits, he pulled back his velvet black hood. His glossy matte blac
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Chapter 1. 20 years later.
Bathed in the warm light of the sun, the lush beautiful and vibrant archipelago of Yamata flourished, like a stunning garden. Behind Yamata sat the Oeo. It’s water so clear that you could, see the blemishes on your skin, from its reflection. Its purity was used as a comparison to all things clean. Teeming with crustaceans and fish, untouched by the harsh arcane energy, and not yet mutated.However most of the citizens in Jux knew Yamata, by the dividing Maelstrom. Scarcely anyone could make the journey to Yamata, without assistance from a flying level Draken, or a strong enough mage. The Maelstrom was a monstrous never ending force of nature, which whipped and lashed against the cliff face of Yamata.Comprised of eight colossal whirlpools, that leads to the dark abyss. With clashing waves so violent and fierce, they would break the bones of any creature too reckless or weary to avoid its wrath. It is said that there is enough water in Maelstrom, to quench your thirst by gazing at it.
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Chapter. 2 The knight of Yamata.
Chieftain Kekoa and the other men slowly approached the edge, standing beside Encara. The eerie silence and calm of the Maelstrom, made the Islanders feel uneasy.“How...how is this possible?” Chieftain Kekoa stammered.Encara walked off the cliff edge, with the others screaming after him. He floated down gracefully lowering himself to the Maelstrom’s surface. He walked across the Maelstrom, each step rippling out, and stood over Yamada. Encara threw Yamada over his shoulder like a light sack.The waters began to boil over, swirling violently and then suddenly erupted into colossal waves. Encara gazed around at the raging waters, the shadow of titan sized creatures lurking beneath him.A giant amber octopus surfaced, attempting to drag Encara and Yamada down. The large creature locked eyes with Encara’s enraged scowl and froze in terror.“Float.” Encara growled. The large creature was branded by the cross of blessing magic, and levitated into the air. The creature flailed frantically
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Chapter 3
Encara shook Yamada’s hand up and down with enthusiasm. Yamada stared wide-eyed, unblinking, with his lips slowly parting and jaw dropping. Encara slowed the shaking down, cocking his head at Yamada, waiting for a reaction.“Uh....are you okay?” He said giving him a concerned look. Yamada nodded his expression frozen.“You..don’t want to be a knight?” Yamada shook his head, his expression still frozen in place. Encara let go of Yamada’s hand, it continued to go up and down with the same cadence.He took a few steps back, inspecting Yamada from a distance, still with a frozen facial expression, and shaking his hand up and down.“You...you uh take your time to process that information. I’ll go talk to Urkse.” Encara turned around shaking his head disturbed. He leapt into the sky, like a feather and floated in the air. He proceeded to walk on the air, towards the village, celebrating and feasting on the giant octopus.Encara found Chieftain Kekoa, congratulating a guardian on being recru
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Chapter 4
Encara weakly opened his eyes, his skin still wrinkly and loose, with a thirst and hunger clawing his insides.“You look like complete shit.” Gwyneth said, standing at the end of his bed.He looked over to the table side, seeing a roasted chicken with a large bowl of rice, and a mug of mead. Encara staggered over, devouring the food, with no etiquette.“I met that boy of yours.” She said taking a seat on his bed. “What did Jacara do this time?” He said annoyed with a full mouth.“Not that little shit of yours. He just came back half dead, from doing the Grand Mage promotion test.” She scoffed.“How’d he do?” Encara asked, waiting for her answer, before he ate.“He came back with A Draken heart, said he would get the other five later.” Encara chuckled.“What’d you think of the new boy?” Encara asked, chugging down his drink. His skin started to become tighter, his muscles growing, and his hair starting shine silver.She removed her vambrace, showing her purple and yellow forearm. “The
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Chapter 5
Yamada woke up, with heavy eye lids, and heavier body. Scrunching his face, the searing and sharp pain brought him to his senses. He shot up trying to clutching his nose, feeling the intense pain in his gut, letting out a pained groan reeling back.“By the Blessed, how are you up?” A woman said astonished, rushing over to help him. She gently coaxed Yamada into his bed.“Where...where am I?” Yamada asked, with tears blurring his vision.“The hospice, Grand Mage Urkse brought you here. Do not fret, you will be blessed, when the Blessed is free.”Yamada forced himself up, the pain radiated out and shot through his body like fire. The nurse tried to push him back down to no avail. He clutched his gut, and shook his head, using the pain to fuel himself.“Where is Grand Knight Gwyneth?” he shakily on his feet. “You need to lay down and-““WHERE!?” He yelled, his voice echoing through the stone walls.The nurse went silent leaning away from him. She took a few seconds to compose herself.“M
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Chapter 6
Yamada was escorted back to the Blessed, with his bloodied hand wrapped in his Kāṣāya, following behind Gwyneth.The sun had fallen behind the Citadel’s walls, and the moon had taken its place. Mages in crimson cloaks, created the magic circle of fire; fiery lines that criss-crossed, forming the silhouette of a, crimson rose. They walked through the streets lighting the lanterns, illuminating the citadel. He returned to the Blessed, with the same nurse greeting him.“Blessed one, could you please heal this boy?” Gwyneth asked. She gave Yamada an anxious look, before speaking. “He refused treatment before, and stormed off, not before yelling at me.”Yamada looked away with a guilty expression. Gwyneth grabbed him by the nape of his neck. He shrivelled in, feeling her cold metal fingers dig into his neck like hawk talons. She brought his face close to hers, lifting him into the air, like a misbehaving cat.“Did you yell at a Blessed?” She growled, staring through his soul.“Ma...maybe
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Chapter 7
Yamada lay on his straw bed, struggling to fall asleep on its stiff shape. He wished for a hammock, but he felt it stupid to ask for what, others would consider a downgrade. The Citadel was too noisy for him, with drunken citizens yelling angrily in the streets, or worse singing unfamiliar songs. He missed the crashing waves of the Maelstrom, or the gentle ripples of the Oeo, that lulled him to sleep. Yamada left the room frustrated desperate for fresh air. He walked outside, gazing at the kingdom, bathed in the pale moon light. The lanterns had faded, and the cool air was refreshing. He took a few steps forward, accidently kicking the armour Gwyneth had left behind. Yamada clutched his mouth shut, letting out a muffled whimper, suppressing the urge to scream. He sat down clutching his foot, and felt around the cold matte black armour. He had thought that Gwyneth brought it inside for safe keeping. Why would anyone leave such precious armour outside in the streets? Surely the Cita
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Chapter 8
Yamada walked beside Gwyneth, his Kāṣāya dripping with sweat, and clung to his body. They had walked half way to the second ring.“Is it safe to just leave the armour up there?” He asked looking back to the third ring.“You’re welcome to go back and bring it down.” Gwyneth said.“It’s fine where it is.” Yamada said catching up to her. She escorted Yamada to her quarters, with the handmaidens whispering and leering at Yamada as he walked in.“Clean him and fetch him some new clothes.” She ordered.The handmaidens were all young women, and eagerly got to work, gathering soaps and powders. Yamada stood in the corner of the bathroom, as the handmaidens filled the large bronze bath tub, with buckets of cold water.One of the handmaidens, held her hand in front of the bath tub, creating the gate for fire magic. The small silhouette of a fiery crimson rose, hovered over the bath tub, heating the water. The room filled with steam and the handmaidens smiled gesturing for Yamada to get in.He s
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Chapter 9
Gwyneth woke up at the break of dawn, feeling another blanket on her body. She perched up onto her hands, looking down at the empty mattress. She wrapped herself in the blankets, walking outside her quarters, to see one of the handmaidens stitching his frayed Kāṣāya.“Where is he?” She asked.The handmaiden bowed. “He left an hour ago, and tried to change his clothes, before he left, but....” She said holding up his frayed Kāṣāya.“His clothing was more fragile than we thought.” She said with an awkward smile.“So what did he do?” Gwyneth asked. “He left in a huff, redder than a rose, when he found out he was wearing your clothes.” The handmaiden said with a gleeful smile.Gwyneth dressed herself with alacrity, striding out of the Keep, walking down towards the Third Ring. Vexgar approached her with a furious scowl, each step he took had a solid thud.“Butcher!” He barked.“I believe you're meant to call me Grand Knight Gwyneth, or would you like for my squire to embarrass you again?”
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