Amateur criminal

Rodney’s heart was beating fast as he drew closer to Lilliana’s room. He didn’t know if it was open or closed. When he reached the door, he looked around before reaching out to touch the door knob. He twisted before pushing. Rodney froze when it actually moved. He had not expected it.

Glancing at the hallway again, he entered and quickly closed the door. Once inside, he locked it. Save for the colours, the bedroom was almost identical to his. It had a more feminine touch, the theme being purple. Because of the beautifully done interior décor, it looked and smelled so much better than his. Rodney inhaled the beautiful scent and went towards the table. A drawer was open.

Rodney saw several boxes and pieces of jewellery. He lifted a necklace with a stone on it. Having lived in the ghetto with no idea of what different gem stones looked like, Rodney couldn’t tell what stone it was. He removed a shiny looking box and placed it on the table. Opening it, he saw an exquisite looking pair
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