The change

An hour later, Rodney and Harvey were in a taxi, on their way back to the hotel. Rodney was mildly irritated by Harvey’s insistence that Lilly was a con woman who wanted to scam him. He didn’t feel like having a conversation with him and it seemed Harvey didn’t want to either.

He was reading through news articles to see if anything had been published about the shootout on their first day in New York. Apparently, the CCTV Footage had been very grainy so nothing was known about the boys whose luggage had been found in the taxi. The taxi had described their looks to the police. Rodney laughed when he saw the sketches. They were so off. No one could recognize them.

They returned and had a good night’s sleep. Morning came with a lot of stress. As they had breakfast in a restaurant a few blocks away from the hotel, they went through reviews of several real estate agents.

“You know you can call your father to give you the contact of a good one, right?” Harvey said. “So we don’t have to suf
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