The Discreet Billionaire.

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The Discreet Billionaire.

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Carl was brutalized and shamefully humiliated by his in-laws for being soo poor and coming from a very poor background after getting married into the wealthy family. His wife was soo ashamed of him and felt disgusted to call him her husband and she wanted a divorce, but since she could not get it easily, she started having an affair with her boss, Oliver Acevedes, (A Billionaire's son) who became her lover and lust to have her despite the fact that she is married. What happens when Carl in-laws comes to the notice that he's not what they had thought he is and that he was far more than just being a poor son-in-law...


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79 chapters
Chapter 1: Locked Out.
Carl returns home late in the evening, looking so tired and weary as the day draws to a close. When he arrived at the house, he noticed that the gate was locked. He got to the gate, "Hey Galo, I'm back home, please open the gate," he said to let the gatekeeper know as he kept knocking on the gate. BANG! BANG!! He knocked, but the wind didn't press through. No matter how hard he knocked, no one came out to answer him, even though the gatekeeper had the pleasure of locking him out by order of Madam Vincenta, his wicked mother-in-law. He was sure that his wife was inside, but would she allow him, her husband, to be locked out of her home? He stood outside like a beggar seeking for help. He could see the bright light that surrounded the large Chavez mansion, illuminating the entire place. Most surprisingly, he saw a group of bodyguards surrounding about four black Bentley Bentayga and all had their spotless glasses on and dressed uniformly on black suits. The black convoys were arrang
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Chapter 2: Crude Heart.
"Take my advice " Galo continued. "Find somewhere else to sleep and come back tomorrow. This party is for important people with very important personalities and I was glad to be told that you are not allowed to set foot in this residence or I lose my job. "You heard that clearly? Or I lose my job! Doesn't that sound familiar, huh?" He taunted Carl, grinning wickedly. "Now if you could please excuse me. I hate wasting my time with a nobody," he said, turns his back on Carl to return to his apartment, leaving Carl outside to wonder and battle with the intense cold, wind and dust that disturbs his face and scattering his hair. What will he do now? He has nowhere else to go and it was already the ungodly hour of the night. He felt soo helpless and disoriented, but it was not the first time he is being treated this way. His mind was busy thinking about what to do, and then a logical thought came to him. "Mr. Edgardo!" He thought. He opened his phone to contact his father in-law, beli
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Chapter 3: Heartbroken.
A bottle of Hennessy was angrily thrown at Carl from the entrance of the mansion, causing a very disturbing noise in the neighborhood. Two muscular looking men could be seen rushing to the gate. Carl firmed, his eyes strongly fixed on the window of the bedroom with his heart beating fast. With anger, he yells his wife's name, fearing that another man was about to defile her before his eyes. Pablo Chavez, the eldest son of the Chavez family threw another bottle at the gate. The shards of the broken bottle splattered around Carl, yet he was unmoved. "Idiot! Did you not understand that you are not allowed inside this place!" Pablo growled viciously. He picked up an iron rod kept at the side of the garage and squeeze his fist on it. The whole party was suddenly disrupted by the scenery. At 1:00 a.m, everyone in the house began to come outside. His Mother-in-law begs the guest to return to the house and continue the party. "Please everyone, I'll take care of this. Do not worry, keep
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Chapter 4: Wife's Boss.
Adorning and shinny lights glitzed up around, inside the lushly and glorious mansion of the Chavez family. . "All hail dad's return!" Sergio, the last born of the Chavez family shouted with joy. He stood by the door after hearing the rattling noise of their father's jeep horning outside of the residence. Immediately Mr. Edgardo stepped inside the mansion, he was the first to receive a warm and tight hug, smiling happily on his return. Two bodyguards followed the great man, holding some beautiful package on their hands which brightened the cute faces of his Grandchildren who rejoiced, waiting inside to welcome their Grandpa. With a beautiful sight, Mr. Edgardo spread his arms wide to welcome all his grandchildren as they greeted in unison; "Grandpa! Grandpa, welcome home!" Their cute little voices made his chin to expand more. He giggles with joy while looking at their cute faces. Gently, he bent his body low to kiss them on their cheeks. "Uoh, my beautiful little angels. I've m
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Chapter 5: A Billionaire's son.
Camila quickly realized that her father was not happy with what he saw. She froze and slowly stroll her gaze to the ground, wondering if she tells her father about Oliver status as the son of a multi-billionaire, his expressions might change. But Immediately, Vincenta came in but she would not be the first to enraged her husband as she select her words carefully, knowing fully well her husband's reactions to infidelity, instead she calmly tried to twist the subject. "Honey, we have some visitors around, we don't want to mess things up by mentioning that low-life to cause a fued in the house" she cautiously said as she went over her husband and began rubbing his shoulders with her warm hands, but Mr. Edgardo jolted as he levelled his shoulders against her grips. "Is Grandpa angry?" one of the grand-daughters uttered with a sad face.. "Dad you can't be serious, why do you have to mention his name, we're not going to talk about a less privileged here!" Pablo ranted in annoyance. "Sh
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Chapter 6: Horrible.
"Should I give these beautiful present to Carl? What has he done for me than to buy me some petty stuffs with the cheap penny he gets from father; "Nah, Damn him. This comp ain't going anywhere pass em.' I'll rather give it to my sweetheart boss, Oliver. He's definitely going to appreciate me with something very special and classy that would suit my level.." "He'll get me the red Mustang-gt-premium-convertible car I urged him to buy for me next week, something Carl would never be able to get even if he work his ass all over the world for decades. " Camila glared at the mirror in her bedroom while having an odious inexorable thought about her husband, she then brace up when her thoughts return to thinking about Oliver, she smiled with a romantic look on her face and licking her lips in a quite sexual way. She was busy fixing her face makeups as she plans on going out for a party with her classy friends.. It's obvious that she did not care if her husband was hurt or not, she felt e
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Chapter 7: Discourteous Maids.
"He is just soo lucky that Mr. Edgardo has not yet come against him. Maybe when the son of billionaire Senior Acevedes proposes to Mrs. Camila, he would see the need to kick him out of this house," Sara struck Carl a repugnant look while standing with her hands gripped on her curvy hips. Carl shrinked his eyebrows at her. Julia made sure the store room is clean again. She was astonished to discover where the Chavez son-in-law slept through out the night after he passed out. The bed was filled with dirt and tiny sticks. She is just a housemaid in the house. If she helps Carl, she is prone to losing her one in a million job working in the house of a Multi-millionaire. However, she remained respectful. "Mr. Carl, I'm sorry the room was untidy. I've never been in this place until now, " she said to him. Carl was happy to see Julia again. She was the third person who has been very kind to him. Sara yelled, "What did you just do Julia? Who are you using the word 'Mr.' for? "These ir
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Chapter 8: Hated.
"Good morning uncle Carl. How was your night?" Greeting kindly, Sergio smiled. Though he meant to greet him but also wanted to anger his elder sister. Vivian looked at Sergio cholerically but she waited for their mom to come and take action. "Look who we have here. The one who tried to disrupt our wonderful party last night.." Valeria, the eldest daughter of the family came at once to the living room wearing am exclusive red stylish max mara gown. Carl folded his tongue in his mouth. He was boiling inside but he could only endure. "Gosh! His face is swollen.. " said Valeria. In disgust, she turns her face away from him. Vincenta arrived with Sara who held her silver tray of glass cup firmly, following her anywhere she goes. Carl feet glue on the floor when he saw her. When he remembered what happened last night, he became furious. His heart formed a stone against her as he closed his fist tightly. He tries to suppress his grief. "Should I continue walking to the stairs or s
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Chapter 9: Missing Package.
The furnace inside the house reduced the icy atmosphere in the entire living room. Because of the chilly wind that blows around due to yesterday's rain, everyone selected a special dress that covers their overall body. Kassy and kiki wagged their tails as they hurried to the living room, they had just woken up from their sleep. But what type of dog wakes up soo late like the two lazy pet dogs of the family? Kassy is a golden doodle while Kiki, a whoodle. Both little classy hybrid cuties were the best friends of the family. Their cute barks alarmed the rest of the little grandchildren of the Chavez family. Their voices were heard in the living room suddenly, playing around. In his bedroom, Carl entered and found his bed soo rough. A little flashback; he was called on by Mr. Edgardo for an urgent delivery early in the morning yesterday before he could even think of arranging his bed and other things he found on the floor. He'd only brushed his teeth, he didn't even have breakfast
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Chapter 10: Her Gift?
His heart beat heavily and his body vibrated after hearing the most terrific news. He felt his body boiling inside inspite the daring chill in the atmosphere. What Elder Sebastien revealed made him extremely perplexed. "Oh no.. Did..Did he just said that Lavaliere belongs to...? Carl put his hands over his face. "Oh dear Lord! " He exclaimed. "I'm soo dead " he said, crushing his face with his fist. "Not long she promised to make me regret ever coming to this house. What am I going to do now?" Will I be chased out of this house today? I just lost a package worth $10 thousand, where will I find it?" He scatters his hair with his hands as he walked to and fro aimlessly in the chamber. He was soo frustrated. Madam Vincenta never liked him so it's an opportunity for her to rain her rage on him if Mr. Edgardo reveals him to be the one he had sent to bring home her surprise. He felt like the ground should open and swallow him completely. There is no one who is as terrified as he c
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