The entrepreneur

Three years later…

Rodney was a successful entrepreneur celebrating the third anniversary of his business empire. He was surrounded by all the people he loved, some of whom had helped him reach where he was. He had graduated from school a week back and was celebrating both his graduation and the company that had catapulted him to the top. Saran Inc. was named after his mother.

Rodney was now running his business full time. Now he had a lot more free time and money which he used to travel around the world occasionally with the love of his life. Rodney was finally satisfied with his life. He could meet all his needs, and had a loving woman by his side. He finally got what he considered a good life, and was working hard to maintain it.

The only thing remaining on his list was to marry the woman he loved and start a family. They were already engaged, but had not yet set the date. Lilly had just finished college and was dealing with a lot.

He had not seen Alberto in over three years and w
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