Chapter 4 Back to Wesilver Village

The elegant and slender woman, Ms. Harmsworth, was a master alchemist who taught at the school in the village of Wesilver and also worked as a supervisor in ordinary hunting grounds.

The one Tolly had been dragged off to before was the only ordinary hunting ground in Wesilver Village, which was the least dangerous, but even if it was so, people died there almost every day.

Not only did hunting grounds mean opportunities, but risks and dangers as well. Even in the ordinary hunting grounds, there were countless species of strange creatures, most of which were gifted with unusual abilities to fight.

Some could spurt a stream of fire out of their mouths to burn anything to ashes in a second. And some could emit special liquids that drown or poison their opponents in a flash.

Each of the creatures had its own way to fight. Of course, they also had their own special weapons to fight.

For instance, a Fushi was able to fight with his long pointy beak to pierce through the body of its enemy. A Sword Swan could send flying its swords hidden beneath its wings to attack enemies in case of danger. As for an Axe Arm Mantis, it usually took its stout spiny forelegs as its strongest weapon. They were like two heavy sharp axes that could chop the hardest rocks into pieces just like cutting rotten wood.

Someone also had it that in level one hunting grounds, a special type of hedgehog called Golden Needle was good at darting out tiny deadly golden needles to its enemies in a flash. If someone was hit by those needles, he would definitely receive an invitation from the death god. And what’s worse, even if he did not suffer a grisly death, he would go blind and spend the rest of his life in pain like a walking corpse.

Of course, shocking rumors went viral on Goldearth. Students in Wesilver Village were always gushing over these rumors, which were usually shared by their parents.

For example, it was told that amazing monsters dwelt in some unknown caves in the high-level hunting grounds. These monsters were of enormous size, as high as a mountain, with beast bodies and human faces. With a small bite, it could chew the sky in its mouth and digest it in its belly.

It was also said that in the core part of the earth, rare treasures that could be used to refine pellets of cultivation were deeply buried. Down there, a race of man-eating ants had already dominated the underneath of the earth for tens of thousands of years.

Unfortunately, none of them had ever seen any of them, so there was no evidence to prove that the rumors were true.

The aircraft Sally and Tolly boarded was a small vacant one. There were not a lot of people on it. Upon being seated on two black wooden chairs at the front of the aircraft, they decided to have a nice conversation with each other. Sally patted Tolly on his right shoulder with one of her long and slender fingers, trying to give him a little comfort.

“It’s okay. Don’t worry! If you continue to work hard, I’m sure you can do it well in the upcoming test.” Sally said reassuringly, “And I promise I’ll do my utmost to help you.”

Tolly gave a soft mumble and the corners of his mouth moved upwards slightly, suggesting a gentle smile on his face. Suddenly, he felt as if they were going to fly. However, in fact, it was the aircraft that began to fly.

“Oh, no! I feel like vomiting…” he said in a weak voice.

The aircraft was flying so fast that Tolly was not getting used to it and quickly got airsick.

“Hmm? What happened to you? Did you hurt yourself when being dragged off?” Sally asked with great concern.

“Nothing special.” Tolly smiled awkwardly, “It’s my stomach that turns. Maybe I’m just a little bit not accustomed to taking the flight!”

“But it’s not your first time to take a flight on our daily vehicle—Saircraft. You’ve been riding on it at least a hundred times, but why do you still get airsick? How strange! I guess you must be tired and frightened after all this.” Sally said with a surprised look.

 “Then where are we going now?” Tolly asked another stupid question.

 “Wesilver Village.” Sally replied, “Are you alright, Tolly? “

  “Yeah!” Tolly said casually.

   “Are you sure, Tolly?” Sally said, “It strikes me that it scared you silly. If it didn’t, why do you keep asking me stupid questions?”

Tolly gave him an embarrassed smile, and then explained,

“I’m sure I’m doing fine, but it seems like everything is greeting me like a new friend. I feel as if I was reborn into this world.”

“Reborn? It seems that you’ve got a better sense of humor now, but I won’t buy your story! You must be kidding me!”

Sally grinned, but she had a funny feeling about him in the pit of her stomach. Tolly, however, also wondered why people were prone to believe scams instead of the truth.

“You’re not yourself all day, Tolly. Perhaps you can lie down and take a nap.” Sally said solicitously,” I hope you’re not sick. You don’t have a fever, don’t you?”

Sally fired the question, but seemingly she did not expect him to answer it. By placing her hand on Tolly’s forehead, Sally tried to feel his temperature. After a while, she finally heaved a relieving sigh.

“Nothing wrong. no fever at all. “

 “See? I’ve told you I’m all right. You don’t need to worry about me.” Tolly answered, “I admit what had happened earlier gave me great fear. It lingered in my mind. It terrified me so much that I just couldn’t get rid of it, but when I finally realized it was just a shadow over my mind, I decided not to be afraid of it anymore. I think I’ve already overcome it.”

“Great, Tolly! Fear is nothing but fear itself. For the sake of Supreme Alchemist, I’m glad that you finally step out of the maze of haze. Congratulations!” Sally said, overjoyed.

“Supreme Alchemist?” Tolly murmured.

“Supreme Alchemist is invincible and holds the supreme power on Goldearth. You’ve once said that you want to become Supreme Alchemist one day. Do you still remember that, Tolly?”

“Do you believe that you can do it?” Tolly asked.

“Uh…well, p-p-perhaps, I’m not sure!” Sally stuttered, “but it’s your dream. No matter how difficult it is, just keep working hard. I believe you’ll be closer to it inch by inch.” 

Sally smiled a quiet smile. Tolly just could not bring himself to tell her the truth, as a matter of fact, that her best friend had already been dead.

‘Okay! I’ll achieve your dream and make you Supreme Alchemist, the previous owner of this body! I won’t let you down! You know who I am. I am the coolest, the most handsome, and the most brilliant successor of your own body!’ Tolly thought to himself.

While he was still lost in his mind, the Saircraft Tolly was on suddenly broke through the thick cloud cover ahead of them and the sky quickly got brighter than before. A few hundred feet away, a huge high mountain appeared in the mists.

It gave him a warm welcome with its splendor and grandeur, like a strong man proudly demonstrating his muscular body. 

Without a doubt, it was Fanta Mountain.

When they were getting closer and closer, the first things they saw were those Saircrafts landing on the rocky cliffs of the mountain. Like those ancient hanging coffins on China’s Dragon and Tiger Mountain, they hung themselves upright, looking ahead quietly, like unyielding old men who had gone through the vicissitudes of the ever-changing world. Above them, however, other Saircrafts were flying in and out as busy as bees.

Tolly had never imagined that such a sight could exist in the world. It was like a fairyland, more mystical than mythical. He was so overwhelmed by the sight that he couldn’t even be able to even utter a word.

A few minutes later, their S-aircraft arrived at Wesilver Airport--the busiest place on Fanta Mountain. Anyone who went out hunting or for other activities had to take the flight here.

Wesilver Airport was totally different from airports on Earth. It also served as the biggest trading center on Fanta Mountain, for those people who returned from their hunting for animals with precious herbs or stones, if they happened to have a great amount of stock, would like to exchange them for other goods with the business people at the airport.

Apart from the overpowering stench of stinky herbs and bloody animals in the air, everything at Wesilver Airport would be fine. It was a prime location for business because it offered the largest traffic after all.

Where there was profit, there was a will. That was why everyone at the airport seemed friendly and would usually wear a big smile on his face. Just like on Earth, if an ordinary person here on Goldearth could earn money to make a living without having the risk to starve to death, he would feel secure and have an enveloping sense of well-being in life.

It was the first time Tolly had seen such a bustling scene at Wesilver Airport. Obviously, it had an air of prosperity. The sounds of peddling and laughing mixed together contributed to all the hustle and bustle of the airport. With a look at all this, Tolly could do nothing but gape.

Everything here seemed familiar yet strange to him. It felt familiar because it shared a similar language and culture here on Goldearth. Tolly did not have to take a lot of effort to understand them and fit in the surroundings. It felt strange because it was a world of cultivation. Tolly did not have any experience as a practitioner.

‘Most protagonists in the web novels would transmigrate with a superb system, where’s mine? What the heck?’ Tolly thought.

Led by Sally, they went through the customs quickly.  After that, they hurried back to their residence.

Tolly and Sally lived in a squalid hovel, which covered less than twenty-five square meters, with a run-down yard in front of it and a vertical cliff behind it. Since houses in the nearest vicinity were hundreds of meters away, his little so-called house was actually isolated.

He went about the house for a few moments and then strode into his small yard, where he found to his amazement that strange vegetables and flowers came along nicely in the yard.

Looking up, he saw the extraordinarily large sun smack in the middle of the sky. The sun began to set. What a beautiful sight!

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