Monster Hunters

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Monster Hunters

By: Datdepressedguy OngoingFantasy

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Jacob Nicholas was your average kind of guy; Until he died and got reincarnated in a world where monsters prey on humankind. Armed with a rather snobbish system, follow him and a bunch of misfits, as they journey through the world to save humankind. **** [EDIT] Being shot to death by unknown men seemed to be the end of Jacob's life, till he got reincarnated into a new world. Living in a new world would have also been alright, except; Monsters straight from the Underworld plagued the new world, leaving destruction and death at their wake. But then, what happens if Jacob, who was once an average Joe, got into this new world with a system??, the kind that grants him the opportunity to wine and dine with Gods, battle Demon Overlords and even conquer the higher realms??. The adventure awaits...... Cover Design isn't mine Credits to the Animator....

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  • Juan Agudelo


    Good storyline…. Need more updates

    2023-02-17 00:46:10
  • Yugandhar Kancharla


    Need more updates.. waiting from long time

    2022-12-23 00:51:54
  • Blue Diamond


    Looks interesting ...

    2022-11-30 19:54:13
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68 chapters
Chapter One
Died?!The school bus whizzed past Jacob as he alighted. Clutching his schoolbag tighter, he walked rapidly towards his apartment. Since he lived alone, he just trudged heavily towards the room and flopped onto the bed.His parents died from a terrible car accident when he was 12; and since then, he had withdrawn from the world, just living like an automated robot. Since his parents were fairly well off, they left some amount of money for him before they died. Sighing, Jacob walked tiredly to the bathroom.Having showered, he microwaved some food and sat in front of his computer screen, eating while scrolling through the news.'THUD', a loud sound jolted Jacob awake, orientating himself, he realised he fell asleep in front of his computer. 'THUD', he heard the sound again with some voices "Do you think he lives here??", a hoarse voice croaked"Yeah, I saw him entering earlier", another voice replied.Realising something was wrong, Jacob stood up immediately, the hastiness
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Chapter Two
Monsters?!In a certain hospital, in a certain world, there laid a young man on an hospital bed; the man looked to be around 18 years of age, blonde hair, blue eyes, bushy eyebrows, double eyelids, straight nose and a sharp jaw. He would have been considered handsome, except for his extremely pale skin and dead looking eyes. "Hmmmn?, thought I died", the young man muttered. Looking at himself, Jacob suddenly had a spark of enlightenment; "I transmigrated, didn't I?", he muttered again.As an average Joe, he had read many novels when he was bored, so the idea of transmigration wasn't new to him.Wondering about the identity of the person whose body he jumped into, Jacob suddenly felt a sharp pain in his brain;Restraining the urge to scream out, Jacob digested the memories of the person whose body he was inhabiting.The young man's name was also Jacob Nicholas, also an average Joe, but their circumstances were quite different.The world which Jacob[New] lived in was different. Althou
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Chapter Three
System **INITIALIZING****Host's compatibility with System:.....90%****Hello Host**Staring at the blue screen in front of him, Jacob went blank for a few seconds. As he had read many novels, he was not new to the system theory, bit he just couldn't believe he could actually get a system."Errr, what can you do??", Jacob asked, confused as to why the system did not explain it's purpose.**Replying to host; System's purpose is to help host Awaken**, the system replied.Getting excited, Jacob asked the system "To help me awaken my own magic??"**No**. Shocked, Jacob asked again "Then awaken what??"**Host's current level is too low to access the information**Getting frustrated, Jacob decided to shelve that aside for now; "Status Window", Jacob muttered **Status Window**Name: Jacob Nicholas Level: 0(50 Exp needed to level up)Class: Unawakened[Lowest]Race: ??????_______________**'Hmmmn, so I'm at the lowest Level, and what is this question mark in front of the Race??, Am I not
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Chapter Four
QuestPanting, Jacob ran as fast as he could, he could still feel the tremors going through the ground.Seeing a cave nearby, he dashed into it, staying as still as possible. A few moments later, the cause of the tremors were seen; it was a pack of wolves, all Rank D. Grinding to a halt at the entrance of the cave, the Monsters stiffened, not daring to enter the cave; it was obvious they were scared of something inside the cave.Hiding inside the cave, Jacob peered outside and seeing the behaviour of the Monsters, Jacob shivered, knowing that whatever was inside the cave was monstrous, as it could stop a pack of D-ranked Monsters from even daring to breathe loudly in front of the cave.After a few moments, the Monsters all retreated, without even a single glance backwards. After a tough fight, Jacob was able to defeat the Three-Clawed ground rat, and directly levelled up to Level 2.He continued to hunt till he reached Level 5 and got a D ranked skill; the Shadow Conceal; having fulf
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Chapter Five
Awakening Test "Kid, what were you doing in Shimmering Woods this morning??";Hearing that, Jacob was stunned, thinking quickly, he thought of what to say."He's a kid, Kayden, maybe he just tried to get revenge for his parent's death by killing some monsters, right Jacob??", Nikita asked, looking at Jacob in the eyes."I went there to train", Jacob replied."See, I told you", Nikita said, supporting Jacob "Hmph, train??, even though it's a controlled hunting ground with the lowest of Monsters, it's still not something an Unawakened like you can train in", Kayden said derisively, "Even if we accept the fact that you went to train, why did you sneak in??";"I sneaked in because I knew that I wouldn't be allowed entry without an Awakened's badge"; an Awakened's badge was a symbol of honour given to every Awakened. It also has the Awakened's rank on it. The higher the rank, the more privileges an Awakened would enjoy."The fact that you sneaked in is enough to brand you a spy, and sinc
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Chapter Six
Talented "Are you ready to get awakened??", Nikita's voice resounded through Jacob's mind. Looking at the large building in front of him, Jacob knew that this was his starting point. Taking another deep breath, Jacob nodded, his expression gradually getting calm."Then follow me", Nikita said, and led the way.Trailing silently behind her, Jacob looked at everything they passed by, all the beeping sounds of automated machines serving as music ushering him into the world of Awakeneds.He could not help but feel a little self-conscious, because every other person passing by looked sophisticated, while looked like a typical high schooler from earth.Shrugging it off, Jacob shifted his gaze forward, but soon came to a halt; for he couldn't find Nikita anywhere. Looking around in a panicked manner, he still couldn't find her anywhere. Coming to the realization that this might be a test, he calmed down. Looking around one more time, he asked the system in his mind; 'System, is there any tr
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Chapter Seven
Training Seeing the notification, Jacob had many questions, the connection he felt, did it mean he could have awoken more than two elements, and who was the unknown entity that cut off his connection with the orb. He wanted to ask the system for clarification, but he decided to put that on hold, for Nikita and the attendant were looking at him like he was an alien."Oh My God, Double Awakened??, do you know what it means??", Nikita asked, rather agitatedly."No, not really", Jacob replied with a shrug."Of course you don't, the only other person in this city who is a Double Awakened is the City Lord. And the reason why he is the City Lord is because he is a Double Awakened", Nikita explained. "Really", Jacob asked, stunned."Stay here, I have to inform my uncle about this", Nikita said and ran out of the Test centre.Left with the attendant, Jacob asked him;" Who is her uncle??""Her uncle is the vice guild leader, the Guild leader is usually travelling around, so most of the hunter
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Chapter Eight
End Of Training Finally out of the White Hunters guild, Jacob heaved a sigh of relief after he got home. He couldn't help but get the nagging feeling that the White Hunters guild were hiding something from him. Deciding to focus on his strength for now, Jacob asked the system; "What happened back there, was I about to awaken another element??"**Host's Level is currently too low to access the information**Sighing, Jacob shook his head, he expected that; " Who was the unknown entity that cut off my connection with the orb??"**Host's Level is currently too low to access the information**Exasperated, Jacob asked angrily, "Is there any information I have access to??"**Host has access to the skills related to the elements host awakened**"Well, at the least, I got something", Jacob said comforting himself."What are the skills??"**Skills related to the Shadow Element:Shadow HopShadow Conceal[Advanced]Shadow CloneShadow Hop: This is a skill made solely for assassination, it allows
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Chapter Nine
TianisStepping into the White Hunters guild, Jacob headed directly towards the Training Centre of the White Hunters guild. By the time Jacob got there, the Training Centre was already packed full of people. Looking around, he saw the Twins waving him over. Arriving in front of the twins, Jacob nodded as a form of greeting. Kayden nodded in reply, and Nikita smiled at him."Do you know what Tianis's Awakened element Is??", Nikita asked."No, I don't need to know it", Jacob replied. "Wow, what confidence ", an unknown voice remarked; Looking for the owner of the voice, Jacob saw a sturdy young man smiling at him. The man looked more like a bodybuilder from Jacob's real world. "Hi, I'm Jason, you're Jacob right??", the man introduced "Yes, I am. Are you an Awakened of the White Hunters guild??", Jacob asked."In a way, he is. He is one of the Heaven Chosens of our White Hunters guild. He is ranked 7th", Nikita replied, cutting off Jason. Hearing that the Heaven's Chosens were ranked
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Chapter Ten
Recognition Jacob was heading towards the Vice Guild Leader's office; After defeating Tianis, he was summoned by Mr Thomas, the Vice Guild Leader. Jacob didn't know how to feel, since Tianis was the Vice Guild Leader's disciple, and he just defeated him. Upon reaching the office, Jacob knocked rapidly, with no particular rhythm, on the door. A moment later, a tired voice called out; "Come in". Opening the door, Jacob stepped into the office. "Take a seat", Thomas said, directing Jacob, with a finger, towards the chair in front of him. Fully entering the office, Jacob was suprised to find Tianis in the office. He was standing beside Thomas's chair, his back bent in a respectful posture. Seeing Jacob walk in, Tianis shot a deathly glare at him, hatred deep in his eyes. Feeling a cold wind run down his spine, Jacob looked towards Tianis and saw the hatred in his eyes. **Ding, Killing Intent is being directed towards host**__________________Hearing the notification from the system
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