Chapter 64 Get a Son Again

“My tiny iron balls will go through your body, little bastard! You’ll be full of holes all over, ha-ha…” Bill said while laughing uncontrollably in his Iron Light Ball.

Tolly quickly realized what he had just said was true. He, as a piece of living flesh, apparently could not block the attack of the powerful iron balls.

Tolly didn’t dare to wait any longer. Instead, he told himself that he had to employ his Phoenix Flying Technique now. Without any hesitation, with his vital energy gathered to his hand, soon a small ball of fire was burning on his hand.

Iron feared nothing but fire since fire surely was the archenemy of it. It would melt away any metals. When Tolly sent out the ball of fire into the sky, it rapidly met the numerous tiny iron balls halfway in the air.

Because of the resistance from the fire, all the numerous tiny iron balls came to a halt in the sky. They couldn’t move an inch further towards Tolly. After pausing there for a few moments, they all finally dropped onto t
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