Legend Of The Immortal

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Legend Of The Immortal

By: KidOO OngoingFantasy

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At a very young age, he managed to reach the peak of the martial world in his Origin Realm. Fang Han went across another dimension—the Realm of the Thirty-Eight Provinces of the Heavenly Dao. This was done to find the whereabouts of his parents and lover who had already gone to that dimension. However, Fang Han's heaven-defying martial talent meant that the young man's existence was rejected by the laws of heaven and earth. Its existence invited a devastating calamity of heavenly tribulation lightning. Fang Han was unwilling and chose to struggle and pointed his sword at the sky. “So what?! If this world rejects me, I will cut down this world. If the sun burns me, I will blow up the sun.” “My martial intent is firm. With the Black Lightning Sword in the right hand. I will cut down anything that gets in my way.”

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56 chapters
Chapter. 1. Against Fate
A tense atmosphere and an extremely suffocating air of death had drowned the sky.Fang Han was focused entirely on the upcoming heavenly tribulation. Flashes of lightning of various colors looked beautiful in the sky, they coiled and pounced on each other like huge snakes.Fang Han's nerves and entire body felt tense. Until the veins in the arms and neck look prominent. The pure air in the body is concentrated with crazy panic. The youth even created a thick layer of pure air that formed black iron around the body.At that time, he already felt ready to face the heavenly tribulation.“Come here, come!”Fang Han opened his eyes and looked at the dark sky. Couldn't help but say something in my heart. “Is the strength you have gathered not enough?!”Fang Han's expression was bitter. Laughing at his bad luck. It was truly an unexpected heavenly tribulation.Yes, how could he not be annoyed? At that time, the area within one lie was also quickly surrounded by various groups of cultivators.
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Chapter. 2. Deathly Lightning
The golden finger shadow and heavenly tribulation lightning immediately clashed fiercely in the air. A loud explosion sounded and shook the entire mountain range.The lightning was indeed too violent, the finger shadows that Fang Han released were unable to stop the lightning. The golden finger shadow cracked rapidly in the eye's sight. Fang Han could only utilize his strong physical body to resist that wave of heavenly lightning.Boom! ….The silver arc ruthlessly struck the Youth. Thousands of lightning runes that had merged and formed the shape of a dragon rushed toward Han with their mouths wide open. It was cruel and full of murderous air.Another practitioner at the scene frowned, and said in his heart, “That young man must be dead now. Who among the Core Formation Realm practitioners could withstand such a destructive attack from a lightning arc?”However, what is visible to some people's eyes is not the same as what others can notice.The pure air in Fang Han's body stirred mo
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Chapter. 3. Get Out!
Fang Han bit his lip with a very sour expression. He was very aware of the golden core crystal that had just formed some time ago, and now had to be forcibly destroyed again.“Unlucky! I'm not willing!” The young man's teeth chattered with anger.This Heavenly Tribulation had no life element at all. It was murder and a death sentence for cultivators.Fang Han was confident that if he had been in the Thirty-Eight Provinces Heavenly Dao Realm since he started practicing—First Level of the Qi Refining Realm—he would have been able to pass through this murderous heavenly tribulation.Yes, in the end, he can only be complacent because he is a newcomer to this world.No matter how much luck, curved talent, and intelligence. None of these things can change the fact of the first case—a migrant.The cracked Gold Core Crystal slowly shattered. The power of the heavenly lightning tribulation was too great. There is no need to rely on another technique that the young man has—Qi Tuntiandi/Qi Devou
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Chapter. 4. Cunning Cultivator
Along with his words, Fang Han also swung his arm with a little True Qi channeled through the swing.Wuss!! … A gentle air hit and pushed the person who tried to stop the young man's footsteps.The cultivator looked a little annoyed and shouted back. “You dare go against Lin Feiyang's will?! People who fail, still cannot see the way to hell.”Lin Feiyang shot up and unleashed a hard bare-handed punch. Hot air rushed towards Fang Han. There was a thick black light forming a straight line there. It was like the light from the sword of darkness.Lin Feiyang's reply was no less casual than Fang Han's. The young man did not expect the person who was his opponent to be so dismissive and take him lightly.Two punches collided in the air, and Lin Feiyang's clothes fluttered. Meanwhile, Fang Han, who was standing firmly, was pushed back one step.Just that small and light battle of inner strength already explained that Fang Han had lost at his True Qi level.Lin Feiyang sneered and revealed a
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Chapter. 5. Do You Want To Play The Harp?
Seeing Fang Han's figure being blown away like a broken kite. Lin Feiyang grinned regretfully. “Damn, I enjoy fighting too much. The blow just now was too hard.”Lin Feiyang certainly didn't know how many things had changed in Fang Han's body. This was also what made him underestimate Fang Han.However, Lin Feiyang did not indulge in regret. He moved quickly after Fang Han's fallen body. Even though it was a pile of corpses, spiritual consciousness could still be traced.Yes, in reality, Fang Han is not dead at all. It was a fact that Fang Han was blown away. However, the young man's body was very strong even though the current of True Qi within his body stirred and fluctuated in no clear direction.Fang Han was between conscious and unconscious. When Lin Feiyang's silhouette once again almost completely captured him, Fang Han didn't care about his own life anymore. After all, right behind Fang Han's body was a deep ravine.Fang Han focused all of his remaining inner energy to unleash
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Chapter. 6. Huang Liong
As soon as the middle-aged man's fingers were removed from Fang Han's body. The young man screamed.It was like there were thousands of ants moving in his meridians and consuming all the True Qi in his body.The middle-aged man didn't care about Fang Han's suffering. He vaguely muttered, “The meridians are swelling. Dantian can barely be used to contain pure air. Locked Spirit Root. With such a body condition … I would even give up the path of a cultivator.”He took a deep breath, and continued, “Luckily, your body is very strong. It is equivalent to a low-grade artifact. Also, RootSpiritual you were locked inside the dantian since you were little. This just proves you have RootSpiritual which is very strong. Even your body cannot bear it.”Fang Han could only vaguely hear every word that came out of the middle-aged man's mouth. Fang Han was too busy with the pain wracking his body.Only after some time had passed was he finally able to stop his screams. Even though the pain continues
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Chapter. 7. Two Weeks Of Recovery
As time went by, Fang Han's days were mostly spent plucking the harp. Others are used to nourish the body.Yes, of course, Fang Han couldn't use internal energy yet. It's still just muscle power.Huang Liong forbade Fang Han from directly attempting the Nine Seas Soul Calming Music. Practicing the song randomly would only cause Fang Han's internal energy to become more severe.Fang Han made peace with the situation. He was obedient and did not become hasty. Day after day, a week passed quickly.Fang Han had mastered the basics of plucking the harp. At this time, Huang Liong had told Fang Han to start strumming along with the notes of the Nine Seas Soul Calming Music.It did feel slow, but there was a real certainty to the harp technique. Fang Han could feel the gradual calming and healing of his swollen meridians.However, Huang Liong also strictly warned Fang Han not to get involved in the fight or use True Qi in the near future. That was too risky for the young man's physical condit
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Chapter. 8. Shu Prefecture
Huang Liong smiled brightly. It became very easy to talk to Fang Han. This boy is an intelligent person and easily understands the direction of the conversation.“You may not be aware that the two Academies I chose are places with good education for cultivators. But your personality is another consideration for me choosing the Heavenly Flame Academy—” Huang Liong deliberately stopped talking. He had seen Fang Han thinking about something.Understanding emerged in Fang Han's mind and he followed Huang Liong's words with a question. “Does senior mean, this is related to Alchemy skills?”Huang Liong's smile grew brighter, he nodded his head and replied, “That's true. You are familiar with the Alchemy skill. But, I'm sure the Alchemy technique you mastered is definitely at the fundamental stage. The Alchemy Technique where you come from is certainly different from the Alchemy Technique in the Realm of the Thirty-Eight Provinces of the Heavenly Dao ….”Huang Liong couldn't explain further.
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Chapter. 9. No Need To Use True Qi
Fang Han confirmed the idea that emerged in his mind with concrete actions. He moved around looking for cultivators who looked friendly and easy to talk to.Although the cultivation of Fang Han had declined significantly. However, being in the Foundation Establishment Realm was still better than being in the Qi Refining Realm.It was evident, that even Fang Han was a nobody in this city, however, it was only a while after he looked around for a guide. One of the Qi Refining Realm cultivators had come to Fang Han. Yes, that's certainly in a full foot-licking manner. Hoping to gain benefits from Fang Han.He was a young man, with smooth movements. Judging from the look on the face, Fang Han could estimate the cultivator's age to be no more than twenty-six years old. Slightly older compared to Fang Han.That Qi Refining Realm cultivator didn't hesitate to greet Fang Han. “Uncle Master, you seem confused about the situation in this city. Would you be willing to have this disciple be your
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Chapter. 10. Man and Sword Unite
Lin Feiyang tried to regain his composure. He thought Fang Han was just trying to act calm to minimize the potential for defeat.After one breath, Lin Feiyang chuckled and sneered at Fang Han. “Very good, you didn't use weapons before. Now, if you have various trump cards just use them all.”However, Fang Han did not flinch at the ridicule. The Black Lightning Sword in his right hand was gripped tightly. It was as if man and sword had become one.Fang Han already had the foundation to become a sword master. Only, he had forgotten about it. Yes, this was because Fang Han very rarely used a sword.The basis for becoming a sword practitioner had been there since he began to master the air of the sword. On several previous occasions, Fang Han had even comprehended the basics of sword intent. But, it's the same as a rusty knife. Fang Han had never paid close attention to it.His sword intent was completely dull and had not been trained at all.The right hand holding the Hek Pek Kiam/Black
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