Chapter 97 Being Chased
Soon, all the attacks from the five Haunted Warriors now went toward Fanta Lord and his assistant River.

However, they couldn’t harm them at all because all the attacks were blocked by the circle before them. Interestingly, as the attacks landed on the circle, they were all absorbed by the Fanta Lord’s circle.

“What comes around goes around,” shouted Fanta Lord.

As he drove some of his vital energy to the circle, all the attacks were quickly bounced back to the Haunted Warriors.

They had to dodge their own attacks by stepping aside. They were not hurt, but some other ordinary warriors were badly hurt.

“Holy shit! Fanta Lord and his assistant River are so powerful. They could send back our attacks,” said the Haunted Purple Warrior while watching some other purple warriors die instantly because of having failed to dodge the attacks in time.

“Don’t worry. We’ve also got our own defensive runic formation,” said Ghost.

“You should have initiated that protection earlier,” complained C
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