The Guardian of Evil Goddess

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The Guardian of Evil Goddess

By: IEL OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Axel died after stepping on a banana peel and hitting his head. Fortunately, he was given a second chance and reincarnated into a world where magic and swords existed. However, to his surprise, his summoner was nothing but a SWORD ... well, a sword-form evil goddess who was the enemy of the entire world! What choice would Axel make next? [Meganovel Winning Contest] [Monthly Boosting Contest] [1st Winner - 'Ground of Horror']


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  • Lord MOH


    The plot is well-structured; that's brilliant; I love this book!

    2023-03-01 13:49:30
  • LifeIsGood


    Love adult jokes on your book!

    2023-02-23 18:45:40
  • Ares69


    The way Axel died is so funny, love this book!

    2023-02-23 18:38:23
  • Jumaide. O


    Good, very good

    2023-02-17 21:00:57
  • Autis


    Interesting book

    2023-02-07 23:14:33
  • Aphrodisiac


    Amazing book

    2023-02-07 06:10:37
  • Skizo


    Very Good book

    2023-01-31 12:10:41
  • Far Han


    I Love this book so far

    2023-01-27 12:16:02
  • The Storyteller


    This is so good, only need to update more than 1 chapter a day

    2023-01-25 15:24:57
  • M_jief


    I like the mystical vibe that this book has

    2022-12-31 15:27:30
  • Hindun hasan


    One of the best fantasy books out here.

    2022-12-09 16:33:01
  • Nabiel


    This action is so bloody, brutal and gory.

    2022-11-23 18:25:49
  • Afn


    This is not just a Fantasy, this is a 'DARK FANTASY'

    2022-11-23 18:15:04
  • NFA


    This is recommendation for all of you.

    2022-11-19 17:23:07
  • Nabil Al-Muhammad


    This book is Masterpiece!!!

    2022-11-16 18:32:18
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Latest Chapter
181 chapters
Chapter 1
It felt as though I was plunging into a deep river, the coldness gradually transforming into a comforting warmth. Like a gentle caress, a ray of sunshine kissed my face. Slowly, Axel opened his eyes to find himself lying in a serene meadow beside a flowing river. Something soft brushed against his hand, and to his astonishment, he discovered that a wolf had bitten him. "Ah... my hand, my arm is broken. Please, call an ambulance," he exclaimed, wincing in pain. "Can you keep quiet? A wolf bite won't kill you," a voice responded calmly. "The issue is my hand," Axel retorted. "Take a good look," the voice urged. Examining his injured hand, Axel realized that the wolf's teeth were all broken, causing it to flee. "Thank you. Who just spoke?" he asked, bewildered. "Look down," the voice replied. Following the woman's guidance, his gaze fell upon a sword lying near him. "You can talk?" he questioned in disbelief. "Yes, and it would be quicker if you look at the water's edge as if it
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Chapter 2
As Axel stood at the precipice of an epic confrontation, the culmination of his journey drew near. The forces of darkness gathered, their malevolence threatening to plunge the realm into eternal shadow. With his companions by his side, he stepped forward, ready to face the ultimate test of courage and strength. The clash between light and darkness echoed across the realm, casting a radiant glow upon the battlefield. The battle was fierce, a symphony of magic and steel, but their resolve burned bright. United in purpose, they fought with unwavering determination, drawing upon their collective strengths. In the end, it was not just the power of a single sword or a singular spell that secured victory. It was the unwavering belief in a better world, the bonds forged through shared trials, and the indomitable spirit of hope that triumphed. The realm was cleansed of darkness, and a new era of peace and prosperity was born. As the realm basked in the warm embrace of a hard-earned tranquili
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Chapter 3
Word of Axel willingness to help spread throughout the town, and soon enough, other opportunities for work arose. Whether it was repairing roofs, tending to fields, or assisting in local businesses, Axel embraced each task with a newfound sense of purpose. Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months as Axel became an integral part of the community. Axel forged connections, both professional and personal, building friendships and earning the respect of those around me. The town had become Axel's new home, a place where I found solace and acceptance. As Axel reflected on his journey, the man realized that he encounter with Evelyn, the sword-turned-goddess, had been a turning point. From a simple desire for change, Axel had been thrust into a world of magic and swords, where even the smallest actions held significant consequences. With each passing day, Axel learned the value of empathy, compassion, and the importance of making a positive impact on those around him. No longer driven
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Chapter 4
Axel tightened his grip on his sword, his gaze unwavering. He knew that this final battle would be his ultimate test, the culmination of his journey in the Great Material Contest. The crowd erupted into cheers, the atmosphere crackling with excitement as the battle commenced. The clash of swords reverberated through the arena as Axel and his opponent engaged in a breathtaking duel. Their movements were swift and precise, a symphony of skill and strategy. Axel's determination burned fiercely within him, igniting a fire that propelled him forward. With each strike, Axel unleashed a surge of power, channeling his training and unwavering resolve. He anticipated his opponent's moves, weaving a tapestry of defense and offense. The battle raged on, both combatants pushing themselves to their limits. In a final display of skill, Axel executed a masterful maneuver, delivering a decisive blow that sent his opponent's weapon flying. The crowd erupted into thunderous applause, witnessing the
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Chapter 5
As the announcer's voice boomed across the arena, signaling the beginning of the contest, Axel's focus sharpened. With each swing of his sword and every calculated move, he demonstrated his skill and determination. He fought with unwavering resolve, unleashing the full extent of his training and channeling his inner strength. The battles were fierce, and Axel faced adversaries of varying strengths and techniques. But he refused to yield, pushing himself beyond his limits, driven by a burning desire to succeed. He employed clever tactics, adapting to the ever-changing circumstances, and leaving his opponents astonished by his skill and tenacity. Round after round, Axel fought with unwavering determination. His presence in the arena became a spectacle, capturing the attention of both the audience and fellow competitors. The cheers and applause fueled his adrenaline, driving him to push even harder. Axel's sword danced with precision and grace, striking his opponents with calculated pre
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Chapter 6
Axel nodded, realizing that time was of the essence. "Excuse me, miss. My name is Axel, and I'm an adventurer. I'm currently on a quest to gather resources, and I heard that you might be able to assist me." The woman regarded him with a hint of intrigue, her eyes glimmering in the dim light. "Resources, you say? What kind of assistance do you require?" "I'm in need of certain materials or information that can aid me on my journey," Axel explained. "If you have any knowledge or resources that could be helpful, I would greatly appreciate it." The woman seemed to mull over his words, her gaze shifting to the rose-covered walls surrounding them. "Very well, Axel. I may be able to provide you with some assistance. In return, I have a small favor to ask of you." Axel's curiosity piqued. "What would that be?" The woman's tone grew more serious. "There have been reports of increased demonic activity in the nearby forest. It poses a threat to the residents of this city. If you could invest
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Chapter 7
Axel chuckled, shaking his head. "Don't worry, Evelyn. I have no interest in pursuing a harem. Besides, I might consider wearing a mask to avoid unnecessary attention." Evelyn nodded approvingly. "That's a wise decision. It's better to keep a low profile in certain situations." Taking a seat next to Evelyn, Axel felt a sense of camaraderie between them. There were still many unanswered questions lingering in his mind, particularly regarding Evelyn's true identity and the reason behind his weak status. "Evelyn," Axel began, looking into her emerald eyes. "Please enlighten me. Who are you truly, and why is my status so weak?" Evelyn took a deep breath, her gaze focused. "The reason for your weak status is linked to me. In the past, my power was sealed in six different places by the strongest beings in this world. If you wish to grow stronger, you must embark on a journey to retrieve and unlock my power." Axel furrowed his brow, absorbing the weight of her words. "Why me? Why must I
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Chapter 8
A kind-faced healer rushed to their aid, his eyes widening at the sight of Axel's severed hand. "Quickly, lay him down on the bed! We must act swiftly if we're to save his hand!" As Axel was placed gently on the bed, the healer skillfully examined the wound, his hands moving with precision and purpose. Axel's mind was a whirlwind of fear and hope as he watched the healer's focused expression. After what felt like an eternity, the healer spoke with a mix of relief and concern. "We managed to stop the bleeding and stabilize your condition, but your hand... It's badly damaged. Reattachment may not be possible." Axel's heart sank, but he refused to give in to despair. "Is there anything you can do? Anything at all to save my hand?" The healer hesitated for a moment before a glimmer of determination crossed his eyes. "There is a rare and risky procedure that could potentially restore some function to your hand, but I must warn you, it's highly experimental and success is not guaranteed.
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Chapter 9
With each swing of his sword, Axel felt his resolve strengthen. He would not let them harm the innocent, nor would he allow himself to be manipulated any longer. The battle was fierce, the clash of steel ringing through the air, but Axel fought with an unwavering determination. Evelyn, too, joined the fray, her magical abilities casting a powerful shield of protection around Axel. Together, they formed a formidable duo, their combined efforts catching their adversaries off guard. The tides of the battle turned, and Axel's adversaries found themselves on the defensive. As the dust settled, Axel stood amidst his fallen opponents, his chest heaving with exertion. Blood stained his clothes, a testament to the intensity of the fight. But he remained steadfast, his gaze fixed on the defeated attackers. "You underestimated me," Axel said, his voice filled with a newfound confidence. "I won't allow anyone to dictate my fate or judge others based on their race or appearance. I'll forge my ow
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Chapter 10
Luna hurriedly led Axel through the corridors of her mansion, the sound of commotion echoing from outside. They entered a dimly lit room adorned with antique furniture and intricate tapestries. Luna approached a large ornate mirror, her hands trembling. "I need to show you something," Luna said, her voice filled with a mix of anxiety and determination. She carefully reached out and removed a dusty cloth that covered the mirror, revealing an intricate carving etched into the frame. Axel's eyes widened as he recognized the symbol. It was a crest, the emblem of a long-forgotten lineage. Memories flooded his mind, fragments of a past he struggled to piece together. Luna turned to him, her expression somber yet hopeful. "You and I... we share a common destiny," Luna began, her voice quivering. "We are bound by blood, connected through a forgotten legacy. The truth is, Axel, we are siblings." Axel's mind raced as he tried to process this revelation. The implications were staggering. He h
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