The Darkest Hours

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The Darkest Hours

By: PsychoJudy Ongoing

Language: English

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CrimeRevengeRedemptionBetrayalhidden gemunderestimated protagonistmemory

A man's world crumbles when a loot of five hundred billion dollars goes missing and four high school students are kidnapped. The compass turns and he's the targeted cardinal point. Someone has carefully framed him for all the crimes committed and this man loses everything, including his woman. But betrayal is right under his nose and when he does see it, it's too late. Rhett Fox will rise again.

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    6 chapters
    00: Pilot
    Brielle had woken up suicidal that morning. She had slept off the previous night on her college application, and yes, she didn't send in a mail. She had nothing to show her parents by the end of the day. Knowing them, she had better die than sit at the dining table for dinner with excuses yet again. Did Harvard law school want her and her perfect records? She wouldn't have known till she tried. After last Summer, she had approached school differently. She was learning to live for the first time. Brielle could finally breathe. Her life didn't revolve around getting straight A's, sparring in debates, and class president duties. She wasn't perfect. Vince Morales had taught her to love herself that way. As the quirky teenager with a weird laugh and a thing for tangling the root of her hair in knots whenever she was nervous. She skipped down the long stairs in her fancy home and ran for the kitchen with her backpack strapped over her shoulder. Her little brother Saul dangled his legs o
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    01: Staged
    It all started with the envelope.Brielle didn't meet with the school's principal that afternoon. She had gotten detention, and was seated for it now, staring straight at the teacher's desk that was yet to be occupied. Strangely, someone had locked her in the bathroom with a girl named Kinsley McCarthy. A harmless prank, maybe. She couldn't recall the last time she had been in the same room with Brooklyn high's Queen B for hours. She loathed her.Kinsley came from a long lineage of wealth. She had a rich jock boyfriend name Parker, but Brielle knew St Laurent wasn't the only one tapping that ass. Eric Bloom walked in. He was a teaching assistant, and he was mumbling something about their home room teacher calling in sick for the afternoon. It was weird because Brielle was sure she had seen Mrs. Avery looking hale and hearty that morning.The door pulled open again, and it surprised Brielle to see Parker and Vince walk in. She had narrowed her eyes at the sight. Something wasn't right
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    02: The Switch
    New York City. Seven in the morning. Two twenty-fifteen Chevrolet Suburbans raced for Crestview high on Nostrand Avenue. A sentry civilian tailed the cars in the lead at a like speed rate. Rain pelted on the asphalt at present. The streets had people running to shelter, those with umbrellas and those without. By the time this fleet had reached the next winding lane on the avenue, there was no one in sight, only a few cars with flashing headlights.The weather fit the day perfectly. The downpour had begun during the night and stopped. It was a cold, dewy early morning, and a few minutes ago, the rain had come again, heavier this time. In someone like Rhett Fox' eyes, dawn hadn't broken yet. They still lived last night's nightmare. Four students had been kidnapped and, as the news detailed that morning, these kids in question came from wealth. It could have been a ransom case, but twenty-four hours was almost up; there was still radio silence from the people responsible. The families o
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    03: Nancy Drew
    Rhett Fox ran as fast as he could. The thought that he was this close to finding someone linked to the case at hand fueled his steps. He dashed through a staircase in hot pursuit. His target kept going up, not down. It was a four-story building, and the classroom tagged as the crime scene was on the ground floor. He had just entered the third.Rhett could hear the steps of his target above him. He knew it belonged to someone light. They weren't heavy. He had a hunch that he was chasing a woman. He was curious. The rooftop was near. He had seen the building plans before the NBI arrived at the scene. By his calculations, he knew he had one last hallway and then a stair that led to the patio.The door above him shoved open so hard against the wall. Rhett reached it only after five seconds. He glimpsed his target disappearing at the next turn. The staircase came after that turn. They were heading for the rooftop.He moved faster through the short hallway and made the turn to the roof. He
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    04: False Identity
    Hours crept by. The sun stood high in the sky. Nancy sat within NBI's HQ in Manhattan, feeling restless and impatient. The purple-haired female agent with eyes like dinner plates had told on her to her organisation a while ago. Of course, TBC was quick in denying her flat-out. She wasn't the deployed reporter on the crime scene. She had come there of her own accord. Nancy Fonseca was otherwise in deep trouble.Sasha Okoye was on the phone with Mark Schuler within the spacious, chilly compartment in the building. He was the assistant media director of TBC, New York and he was on his way to HQ. Fifteen minutes and inbound. Before the call, she had just learnt that the chief of police, Rubin, had stationed road blocks on every axis before he had dropped the case. Brooklyn was already on lockdown. The Ven's couldn't have escaped yet. They were still around. NBI had time, not enough, but they had time.The interrogation room was in use. Edward Vargas, with the aid of a few lower ranked ag
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    05: Reckoning
    "Okay, princess. Tell me who you really are and let's get this over with." Rhett had gone down to HQ as fast as he could and had asked Sasha to leave him with Nina alone. This woman had a lot of explaining to do. The reports wouldn't lie. She was none other than the daughter of Fabien Starkov, sole heir to the king of diamonds fortune, but there was a slip. Fabien was dead. He had died of a sudden heart attack four months ago. "There's no easy way out of the problem at your desk, Agent. Yes, I'm Fabien Starkov's daughter. What you saw is correct." Rhett sat across from her on the plastic interrogation table. Only the drone of the window unit tainted the silence that had settled within the room. Rhett had just one question for her. "Why Nina Fonseca?" "Because that's who I am.""But she doesn't exist." He leaned forward on the desk. "Let me in and tell me what the fuck is really going on here. Why was Nina Fonseca at the crime scene?" After a pause, Nina gulped. "She was there be
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