Sudden rise to power

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Sudden rise to power

By: Strange pen OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Almost fed up with how unfair life was to him,he lost his job and his girlfriend left him for another man,he received a call from his mother,there he knows that he is a rich young master of a top wealthy family in the world.


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Chapter 1
"Cyril, I don't think it's working out between us. Let's break up!"In the cafe, a beautiful woman, after thinking for a long time, finally spoke her mind to the young man in front of her."Why? We can't end our four-year relationship so easily? You should give me a reason!" Cyril Woodley was very upset. He was just fired and now he had difficulty in his relationship. How could he manage!"You can't give me what I want,and I can't wait for you. This is my reason!" Tianna Lesser gave him the reason directly.He still wanted to persuade her, but Tianna had already stood up. She did not even look at him and went straight out of the cafe.Cyril stood up and wanted to chase after her, but through the window of the cafe, he saw Tianna holding a young handsome man's arm getting into a car. She was very flattering and even kissed the man,which made Cyril a little angry but helpless."Well!" He laughed at himself depressingly and drank up the coffee. It couldn't be said that women would chase
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Chapter 2
Cyril was shocked at the transfer notice of 150 thousand dollars."Is what mom said true?" He suddenly became excited, but he was still rational."Let me find an ATM and I'll find out."Thinking of that, he quickly ran to the nearest bank. Arriving at the ATM, he inserted the bank card into it. After checking, he saw the amount of his bank deposit. 1,500,077There is actually 150 thousand dollars more in my card." Cyril, who still couldn't believe it, began to take out the money directly from the ATM.The highest amount of money you can get from the ATM is one thousand dollars for one time. Tomake sure that there were indeed 150 thousand dollars in his card, he directly got one thousand dollars. When he saw that the machine really spat out one thousand dollars, he was excited. He did the same thing three more times and successfully took out four thousand dollars. Holding the real money in his hand, he began to believe his mother's words."It's true." Cyril immediately tookout his ph
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Chapter 3
"Your girlfriend's new boyfriend paid your rent. Oh, I should call her your ex-girlfriend now, but it doesn't matter. Anyway, someone paid for you." The landlord was too lazy to explain to Cyril. She pushed him away and wanted to leave, but was stopped by him."I will pay by myself. You'd better return the money to him." Cyril frowned and said coldly."You poor guy. He paid the rent for you. So what are you doing? Do you have money?" The landlord was unhappy. Cyril owed her two months' rent. Now someone had paid the rent for him. How could she return it?While he and the landlord were talking loudly, two people came out of the room. One of them wasTianna, his ex-girlfriend. The person in her hand was her new boyfriend, Henric Zellweger. His eyes were sunken and his face was pale. Obviously, it was caused by excessive wine and s*x. He wasobviously a rich playboy.That time, they came to take Tianna's luggage away, so they happened to meet the landlord who came to collect the rent."Cy
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Chapter 4
After returning to the rented apartment, Cyril immediately rummaged through the cupboardsand began to look for the delivery sent by his parents."The deliveries have always been placed on the shoe cabinet. Why isn't it here?" He searched anxiously, but fortunately, he soon found it in the cabinet.It was a file bag of UPS which was thin and light, but if you touched it carefully, you could feel that there was a card inside.He excitedly opened the bag and took it out. Obviously, it wass a black gold bank card with a chip."Mom didn't lie to me. It's really a black gold SVIP card." Cyril was overjoyed. With this card, he would have endless money.With money, the first thing he thought of was to take back his career. "Wesley Walters, you son of b*tch.How you dare to fire me! I'll buy the company and fire you," He smiled slightly.Previously, Cyril found the manager, Wesley, flirt with his female subordinate in the toilet.Cyril happened to see him and directly beat him. Obviously, as a
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Chapter 5
At that time, middle-aged Hatcher, who was dressed in a suit, was having an important meeting in the meeting room. However, when he received a call from Sherry, his face suddenly changed greatly, and he became excited. He said to the phone."Arrange for the highest level of reception. I'll come down and welcome him by myself."After hanging up the phone, he was very excited and immediately said to the people in the meeting room."Put off the meeting. I have something important to do now."After saying that, he ignored the shocked expressions of the crowd, stood up, and left the meeting room directly. Moreover, he was walking quickly, as if he wished he could have one more leg to run.While running quickly, he didn't forget to tidy his clothes, as if he was going to meet an importantguest.His subordinates were stunned when they saw him like that. Because in their impression, Mr.Chambers always had a cold expression. They had never seen him so excited and nervous.For a moment, they w
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Chapter 6
After sending Sherry away, Hatcher's expression became eager again."Mr. Woodley, you finally came to me. It was so hard to wait."Cyril didn't expect him to be so enthusiastic. He was a little surprised, but he soon felt relieved.Everything Hatcher had was built on the Woodley Enterprises. In addition, he was forty-five yearsold now. It was basically impossible for him to be promoted again. If he followed Cyril, the prince of the Woodley family, and gained his trust, his future would become limitless.After all, the Woodley Enterprises was very large in the world, and it was a god-like existence. Cyril, who had been the only one in the third generation, was destined to inherit the huge empire in the future. As long as he followed Cyril closely, his future would be absolutely bright.Since the chairman called him and asked him to assist Cyril well in Chinsy, Hatcher had been looking forward to Cyril coming to him every day. When Cyril finally came, he had to serve him well. Hisbrigh
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Chapter 7
Dion was indeed shocked that it was Cyril, the person sitting opposite him, who remitted the$50,000. This was completely beyond his expectation."Cyril, that's impossible!" Dion exclaimed, his eyes wide open in disbelief"It's not impossible. I won the lottery." Cyril said. "Sorry, but I'm so thrilled! How much did you win?" Dion asked excitedly."Not much. Just $80,000." Cyril made up the number. He didn't want to shock Dion with his great wealth."$80,000! That's big. Unlucky in love, lucky at play. Come. Let's have a toast." Dion raised his beer glass and clinked it with Cyril's.Then he gulped it down.With the $50,000, his girlfriend Hannah finally could afford an operation. The gloom that hadbeen hovering over him lifted for the moment."Cyril, I'll pay you back when I have the money. You have my word." Dion was a man of principle. He insisted in repaying Cyril although they were best friends."No hurry." Cyril said with a smile. $5,000 was nothing to him now.After a short ch
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Chapter 8
"How could he afford to live in the Purple Golden Crown Villa? It's absolutely impossible."Tianna Lesser didn't believe that Cyril Woodley could afford to live in the Purple Golden Crown Villa in Oak Bay. The villa is almost 4 million and only the rich or the noble can live in there. Even ifCyril rented a house there, he couldn't afford to live there."Where did this guy get so many tricks?" Henric Zellweger was very depressed at this time. He thought that he had succeeded in showingoff in front of Cyril, but he never thought that he would be humiliated by him again. And he also did not believe that Cyril, a poor bastard, could afford to live in the Purple Golden Crown Villa.It was either the rich or noble to live in there. If his father couldn't live in it, it would be even more impossible for a poor guy like Cyril to live in. Henric Zellweger thought for a moment and then came up with a very likely hypothesis."I reckon that he probably paid Someone to act out this scene in order
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Chapter 9
"Hello, Mr. Woodley, I'm Natasha Alonso. Nice to meet you. I will be in charge of your daily life chores."Natasha Alonso, Cyril's maid,bowed slightly to him, with a lovely smile.Cyril was joyful that this pretty maid would serve him for the rest of his life."Great! Come in and cook something for me now, I'm so hungry." Cyril let her get in and asked her to make dinner since he was hungry."Okay, Mr. Woodley!" Natasha put down her luggages and went to the kitchen.Cyril was bored, So he sat on the sofa and swiped his mobile phone.He logged in his Facebook to search some information about his fiancée, Mullen Weil."Did she release any new albums recently?" He thought.Cyril could easily find Mullen's facebook and found out she had more than 10 million fans.Although he knew she was very famous, he was surprised that she got so many fans."If I marry her one day, what will her fans think of us?" He wondered.Cyril started to view Mullen's posts. He found that most of her posts were ph
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Chapter 10
The next morning, Natasha made Cyril some breakfast before he left.He wanted to buy a car. Before, he couldn't afford it, but now since he was rich, he planned to buy a luxury brand as pricy or more than a BMW."BMW is good, but Ferrari is way better. I'm going to get the better one!" He remembered HenricZellweger's car was the BMW X series, which was worth about $8,000. Cyril decided to buy onethat was ten times better than the BMW, So that he could be superior to Henric.Since he was flush with cash, he was able to buy it without any hassle. Besides, there would be a reunion for former classmates tomorrow. He would be proud of himself if he drove a luxury car to it.straight to the famous 4S shop in Chinsy, a luxury car seller.He didn't dress up today. With cheap clothes and shoes, it was hard to tell at a glance that he wasrich.Fortunately, the security guards didn't drive him away this time, but no one came to serve him straight away.Cyril noticed that there were several idl
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