Dark Eater

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Dark Eater

By: RandomGuy CompletedMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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The line between fantasy and reality has been thin throughout the ages. In his lifetime, he had enough suffering. As the dark era had covered the whole continent in blood and chaos, there he stood. Wishing to be reborn. "With this sacrifice, I call thy name." Yet, when the millennia had passed and the new era folded its curtain, bringing a new-found hope and dreams as the fantasy faded within everyone's mind, there he was. Surviving as a creature that lives within the age where everything seems foreign to him. Until one day, he met a girl. And the new chapter of his life is opened.This is the story of the monster of the night who meets an ordinary girl. However, perhaps things might not be so ordinary after all.

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  • May1st


    Just started reading and still at Chapter 4. I'm already liking what I'm reading. nice 🙂

    2021-01-16 18:06:35
  • Norah Koch


    good going

    2020-12-07 04:23:38
  • Ren_


    Very interesting novel. I like the poems, and the author's writing, especially, the subtle actions, made my day. Personal opinion, I think the novel is underrated with only so many views, of course, it's because the author only released a few chaps, but the author still needs motivation.

    2020-12-03 17:37:09
  • ReinStriver


    This novel is simply incredible, the writing is superb and the poems we receive from the mysterious poet character are very interesting, I wonder what they mean?

    2020-12-01 04:09:22
  • ainsooalgown41


    Made my account for this review... what I dislike this website anyway the writing is rather good and its rather good so ye I'll be reading and recommending you to do so as well do it

    2020-11-30 17:13:55
  • M.Z. Mauve


    very interesting premise and this is remarkably well-written. will definitely read on. added to library for now. will start reading the first chapters in a bit 😁

    2020-11-26 22:12:23
  • Precious Mist


    i've read the first chapter and im amazed with the wording and the plot honestly i mean as someone who likes to read this is astonishing i will keep reading and we'll see but on what i have seen its pretty good keep up the beautiful work 👁️👁️👌

    2021-04-21 10:18:34
Latest Chapter
202 chapters
Prologue - He Who Came From The Beyond
'Cold.'Within the vastness of the void, there he was. Amidst the pure chaos and incarnation of rage, he drifted. Without purpose or ambition, he laid down his soul into the unknown. 

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Chapter 1 - The New Era
Where does the justice lay 

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Chapter 2 - Unfounded News
"Do you believe in humanity?" As he asked me that question, my body froze in astonishment. The lighting of the candle flickered as his visage wrapped in disgust. His eyes emitted a hidden, cold rage which was unlike anything I've ever seen before. "Why not?" I muttered, wishing for the man covered in shadows to spare me from any of his evil thoughts
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Chapter 3 - Out of Sight
Hiding out of sightThe lurker of the nightAvoiding the lightHe always smells the fright
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Chapter 4 - Unexplainable Feeling
Publicly pretending to actMost aren't aware of the fact 

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Chapter 5 - Home
"Behold." With the scenery of carnage appearing within my vision, my lower lip trembled in horror and fright as I froze in place. Puddles of blood scattered around me, a dozen piles of corpses formed in front of me, and a forest of flames engulfed every building that surrounded me. 

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Chapter 6 - Peaceful Night
None the wiser even with their age Equipping their mentality with blind rage Seeking the truth on top of the other's stageRead more
Chapter 7 - A Sudden Emergence
The sudden emergence of their rise Had Inflicted conflicts and divides Hiding themselves under all of the watchful eyes Read more
Chapter 8 - The Light
 Blood spilled to the ground to form a lake  As countless corpses filled his vision and gaze  With his surroundings covered in haze  

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Chapter 9 - Reveal
 "It's cruel…" As the figure shrouded in darkness thrust his blade into the heart of his enemy, he smiled slightly and let out his raspy voice under his breath.  "It's necessary."  The cl
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