The Human God

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The Human God

By: Sir_Impeccable OngoingFantasy

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Tell me, what will the god in you do?_ Even in the toughest day, We always have a way to stand up. Though trials are strong, We are tougher. Our land plundered, We stand to defend it. Now the story is different. Emi is gone, Our hopes are dashed! But we know the sun will Surely rise again. Emi son of the soil, He whose rage burns the mountain, Raise the hope in us! _____ This is a collection of interrelated short stories, following the live of a being and counterparts containing the might of gods in them. __________________ Cover Image is Google Sourced! Please rate and comment and engage.

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  • tiramisyu


    Can't wait what will happen next.. by the way, do you have any social media that I can reach out? thanks in advance :)

    2021-07-12 12:58:03
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16 chapters
AYENIRETI (**story submitted by Olusegun Shedrach**)Ancient times before now, Ayenireti had always had one hero or the other that faithfully sacrificed their lives for the peace of its people, fought countless battles, plundered countless lands, claimed countless spoils. But it's now different, the enemies has found the only way to conquer unity: TREACHERY, and another ungodly deadly sin: GOSSIP.Emi entered into the Kings personal chamber, and prostrated flat before him, a means of homage, a tradition that had been passed down from one generation to another and has been held in high esteem.The only source of light in the chamber was a little window directly above the King’s bed, barely enough to allow a child pass through."You sent for me" Emi said still prostrated flat on the floorThe King's room, was decorated with historical ancient paintings, beads hanged on the wall and neatly arranged traditional attires and animal skins that prove
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Breaking Hell
BREAKING HELLEmi rounded up the training and after receiving the message that The King urgently summoned him. He knew what the King wanted to say and he strongly prepared his mind, over night during meditation, he had found the right answer to pull himself out of this love war he found himself.Emi entered into the King's Palace, the King gracefully positioned himself on his throne, on the right was the Princess, sitting on a well decorated stool, Emi found it difficult to ignore her presence, although he made himself as calm as possible. Standing at the entrance was Ajanaku. Emi slowly stood next to him and tried avoiding the King's gaze that was fixed on him."What's wrong? " He said in a low tone, which was still audible to Ajanaku"Emi, welcome, guards excuse us" The King ordered."Your highness, Princess" Emi greeted respectfully.Ajanaku immediately knew something was odd, reading the reactions on every one, from the King down to the
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Not a choice
After the ritual of breaking the marriage seal, the King felt happy and relieved, apart from his daughter having a normal life, now nothing could threaten to take her away from him. Although he had great doubt they could defeat a god from the second circle, only if he had known that a greater danger was lurking around the Kingdom, a danger that knows the Kingdom so well, a danger that was born and breaded in the Kingdom.Emi found it hard to knock on Ajanaku’s door, nevertheless he summoned the courage of doing that, some seconds after the third knock, Ajanaku came out to meet him.“Can we at least go inside?”Ajanaku only nodded his head sideways, signifying to Emi that it wasn’t possible“I know how upset you are with me, but trust me, I have no interest in marring thePrincess” Emi said, trying to be as open as possible, the maiden contest was the next day, how would he try to make the King understand him.
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Series 2: Meeting with the Gods
MEETING WITH THE GODS(story submitted by Ayomide Shedrach)The atmosphere is familiar, have heard these sounds before, these tormented souls. Ajanaku jumped to his feet, sweating profusely, he noticed his legs were healed, something felt strange yet he felt better, he observed the room where he was. On all fourcorners were oil lamp, illuminating the room"You are awake" A voice said from one of the dark corners.Ajanaku slowly moved closer, out of the darkness came Darkness, solid darkness taking the form of human figure."Who are you? ""Okunkun (Darkness)" It revealed itself, from head to toe was pure thick darkness, the eyes glowed red, moving closer to Ajanaku, and suddenly within an instance he was already behind Ajanaku."I see why Esu is interested in you" Okunkun said and entered through Ajanaku and came out from the back.Ajanaku stechted his hand towards Okunkun and was surprised his hand came out from the back, he moved it
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Fall of Emi
 FALL OF EMI, IRETI IS DEADEmi felt his hands tightly bounded. Too weak to move, his hands we chained which made him float in mid-air, he tried for a little but every attempt only drained more of his strength. It was a spell bound chain that sucked every strength one gathered.Someone splashed water on his face, and threw the bucket on the floor.HAAAHHIIII!Emi groaned feeling exhausted, he looked down at Ajanaku, with heavy eyes."Wake up""You should have killed me when you had the chance" Emi said and spat to the ground."Killing you will be too much of mercy, I want to break you" Ajanaku said walking round the guard room"Why, why does it have to come to this?"Ajanaku felt remorseful, his spirit weakened by the question, he knew there was a better a way resolve, but what can they do about the deadly sin called Envy."Rest, I will need you to hear the wailin
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Everyone is a Warrior
EVERYONE IS A WARRIOR.Far from Ayenireti, those the evacuated before its downfall, looked at the plains they had left behind, as it went up in smoke, thick black smoke. They had no shelter, barely enough food to go round.The Chief Priest led them to a cave he had discovered on one of his expenditure looking for medicinal herbs. It was large enough to contain the whole of Ayenireti."We shall settle here for the meantime, before dusk, we shall all gather around and have a meeting" The Priest said, holding tight to his staff.Three days of trekking almost non stop, they had to eat and regain their strength, was it now down to starting from the scratch, their farms, savings, foods, would all be gone just with the blink of an eye.Evening approached fast, as they all gathered round the Priest, to them he was their King, he practically knows and sees than them."Our people are not dead, in fact a new hope has risen, the gods now lives among the
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Rise of A Grand God
RISE OF A GRAND GODAfter 9months living in NIRETI cave, they decided to go back to their land and begin a new life. But it was only calculated for Adeshewa to put to bed before noon the next day.Emi made sure every concoction the Chief priest gave him was used the right way, so as to make her birth easy. The King made sure the mistake he did during his own time won't be repeated, taking and pointing Emi through safety measures and preventing him from panicking over little issues, like when Adeshewa would suddenly cry in pain, holding tight to her stomach."The water line is broken" Adeshewa said and clinched her hands on Emi's hand.He wasted no time in lifting her on his hands and headed straight to where the mid wives were"Leave her and go" They said pushing him out of the cave where they dwelled"I thought it was supposed to be tomorrow evening" Emi said feeling worried.The midwives said no further words as the expression on t
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Spirit Within Us
 THE SPIRIT WITHIN USAjanaku found it hard to summon his beast soul without having serious side effect of unbearable pains. After the heavy defeat, the evil gods have persuaded Esu against his will to ban Ajanaku from their midst.Ajanaku saw his destination ahead, a smaller village compared to Ayenireti, he rode his horse into the city, with the money he had with him, he purchased a hut to live in and begin a new life, although not a life free of evil.******Emi held Adeshewa by the arm, and carried his child with the other hand, and before the crowd, with the King standing near him.It was a tradition in Ayenireti to name a child on the 8th day after birth."She shall be called IRETI" Emi said joyfully. And went in leaving everyone to the main celebration, with enough food to go round.******Ajanaku finally found his place among top ranked assassins in his new settlement."You new comer,
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Flashback; 40 years ago
40Years AgoThe mantle of kingship fell solely on the family of Ajagunmasa, history has it, they had taken the brave step of leading a revolt during their time in slavery, so as a reward for bravery, they became leaders, and started a new life. Down the line many generations came and went, now it was the era of Iretiade, the father of King Iretilana (Present King).Iretiade ruled the land with an iron fist, he made them work to the bone. The one that took after him was Iretiola (Son of Iretiade's brother) he always like the fierce way, trampled on the lower class, times were really hard for Ayenireti. Then something tragic happened. Iretilana put an end to his father's reign. He stabbed the King in his sleep, nobody knew how it happened. Only Iretiola was a living witness, but he said nothing, it was not his father, He thought the King in line was him, then the gods chooses a murderer, this event forced him to leave the town and swore to come back when he knows the cas
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Long Live The King
Iretiola blocked Emi before he could open the door that lead to his compound."What do you want?, the contest is tomorrow" Emi said, this man was really getting on his nerves, right at that moment, Emi wished he could punch him really hard with his beast soul."I told you, the King is a murderer, and you a warrior god still let him sit still on that throne""First" Emi walked head to head with Iretiola "I am no longer a warrior god, and second" he paused "I am a human god and third, we don't give a damn about other people's past, only the future we hope to be better"Iretiola was visibly shocked, it was time for his next line of action, he thought within himself"If you won't reason, others will"“Good for you”Little did he know that what he called a plan was no longer effective as he thought it would. But for someone who was so blood thirsty for power, he failed to see it.The day for the fight arrived quickly, ev
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