The Interpretation of Priority

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The Interpretation of Priority

By: Ayesh Ray OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Interpretation of priority is a realistic story based on the bitter reality of the world in this era. It describes the different junctures of life as a transgender. Who confronted so many ups and down to become a successful man. As we know so many people in this world think that having a transgender is a source of infamy. That's why he/she is taken away from themself and sent to his/her community. Even though they are part of this society, of course, people don't like them or they just stare at them with evil eyes, and they are treated inadequately. So in my story, the view is the same as the guy was disgusted badly but where there are bad people, there are good ones, and yes. A good-hearted couple adopt him and made him a successful person. As the American journalist" Gloria Steinem" said, 'The gender-equal society would be one where the word "Gender" doesn't exist.


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A juncture of curiosity!
On a rainy day in July, A girl named "Raina" (wearing a purple shirt with blue faded jeans) appeared out of a car and snatched an umbrella in her left hand, and unlocked the backdoor of a car with her right hand.*[Raina was a 21 years old girl. She often wore a normal frock and sometimes a geans shirt. She had a normal (tan) complexion of her skin. Having her long hair, she always did dutch-braids.]An eight-month pregnant lady named "Rocella" came out wearing a long gown (of parrot color with a bun of her hair). The location was the best emergency hospital in the city.*[Rocella was 31 years old lady having fair skin and a light brown color of her hair. She was 5.5 feet in height, her weight was 70 Kilograms. She always wore decent clothes like long frocks and gowns.]They came to visit a lady doctor named "Brooklynn" for the routine checkup of Rocella (as if the baby is doing well.)*[Brooklynn was a 28 years old gynecologist (Doctor and surgeon). Having a light-colored skin compl
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An outset of fortune!
Brooklynn's POV;At 06:25 pm (evening) on Sunday,(Sunday was the only day of their vacation.)She was sitting in the dining hall and researching the case of Rocella on the laptop. Erwin (her husband) came with a tray having two cups of coffee (Made by Erwin) and sat on the chair beside Brooklynn.[Erwin was the husband of Brooklynn. He was the human rights lawyer. He had medium-honey tan-colored (skin) with ash brown hair. Six feet and three inches man always dressed up as a bold classy man with a calm manner.]Erwin: "What are you searching for, Brook."[Brook was a nickname for Brooklynn. Her husband calls her often by this name.]Brook: " I'm researching an incredibly complicated case of my patient. Her baby's gender is not clear to identify whether it's a boy or a girl, but I had a doubt when I committed her ultrasound. I mean it might be a transgender but now, I want to clarify my doubt as to if it's right or wrong".Erwin got startled and suspiciously said, "Neither a boy nor a
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The unbearable truth!
Jason got shocked and startled, he stood up and loudly said, " Wwhhhaaattt the hell are you talking about Doctor?"Brooklynn got furious and said in a rough tone, "Why are you shouting? This is a hospital, not your workplace where you shout at your employees like this, and I'm not your employee. I am a doctor who saved your wife's life from this crisis otherwise no one would help her in this matter. And you should be happy and pleasant to have a baby it doesn't matter for you to have a baby in any gender".Jason sat on the chair with embarrassment and said, " You are a right doctor. Everyone in this world doesn't exist by our will. Everyone's got their luck and their existence in this world. I'm sorry I got furious for no reason".Brooklynn: Yes and you shouldn't blame your wife for this matter as well".Jason got curious and asked, "But he is not a part of us or our society. You know he might suffer from mental abuse".Brooklynn responded, "Who said that the transgenders are not a pa
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The sensitive decision!
Jason looked at Fred with his confused facial expressions, shrank his eyebrows, and asked, "Mark?"Fred smiled and responded, "Yes, Mark. Mark is a 38 years old orphanage school teacher. He looks like a normal gentleman, a well-educated and well-honored teacher".Jason looked at the table and nodded his head by grumbling, "Hmmm".Fred suspiciously asked, "But why are you asking me about that. I mean why are you so suspicious about transgenders?"Jason: "Fred, look I don't know whether it's convenient to tell you that...."Fred (lifted his right eyebrow and sat comfortably by leaning back and folding his arms) suddenly interrupted Jason's words and said, "What? Don't you trust me?"Jason got startled and said, "No, it's not like that I don't trust you. I mean I trust you. Of course, you are a brother to me. But uhhh this is an only secret that just Row and I know about and I don't know how to tell you. I mean I will be ashamed while telling for not telling you earlier".Fred nodded and
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The vacant reliance!
Fred: "uhhh..."Fred asked Jason in a silent gesturing posture that what should he (Fred) say as an answer.Jason replied to Fred in the same gesturing behavior, "tell him that I have something to give him."Fred nodded and said, "uhh my friend has something to give you.Mark asked, " What? Something to give me? Hahaha sounds funny."Fred laughed with confusing expressions and asked, "Ahah what is so funny?"Mark: "You are ridiculously funny. I mean are you calling a baby to come over by saying that I have chocolates for you. If you come to see me then I'll give you chocolates. Ahahahah."Jason smiled at Fred and whispered: "Retarded."Fred got feverish and said: "It's not me who want to give chocolate to an uncle. It's my friend who wants to give chocolate to this uncle."Mark: "So your friend is listening to me, Right?"Fred said, "Yes. He can listen to all the conversations between us and you know what he is a recording machine. Now let's get to the point, Can you come over?"Mark,
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