Kingsman Return

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Kingsman Return

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Bearing the destruction of their home, Arran and his parents were exiled to a foreign land. As a newborn, Arran grew up living a life filled with strife and danger before experiencing a short 3 years of normal life filled with peace after the disappearance of his parents. Unfortunately, peace was never meant for him as a series of unreal circumstances leads to him returning to his homeland and finding out that the life he knew was not all that he thought it to be. This discovery leads him to even more danger as he is forced to uncover the truth of an ancient conspiracy and the cause of his exile and the disappearance of his parents.


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Before The Start Of Everything
Everywhere was filled with white mist. There were obscure flashes of shadowy figures that filtered through the mist, along with the brief lull of various sounds. There were sounds of children crying, of metal blades clashing against each other, and of warriors shouting in their loud voices as they let out their battle cries accompanied by loud explosions that filled one with dread. These sounds interfered with and meshed together, like a piece of horrendous background music that told epic tales of war and savagery. Everything was dreamlike, and nothing could be perceived clearly. But above the din of hazy mist and blood-curdling sounds, there was one above all else that could be made out with total clarity. It was the sound of insane laughter that sent chills down the spines of those who heard it. Following it were indistinct mutterings, like the whispers of the devil. Anyone who heard it would be driven mad and be dulled of their senses and would leave themselves open to the sile
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The Mysterious Box
It was a typical winter day in downtown Los Angeles. As it was the eve of the new year, coupled with temperatures that were reaching an unbearable 32 degrees and below, the number of people that could be found on the streets was few.Everyone was inside their houses and staying warm with their families as they awaited the coming of the new year and anybody that found themselves outside on a day like today could only be said to truly be unfortunate.The new year was supposed to be a day of hope for everybody, a day where everybody started a new chapter on the story that was their lives, but for Arran, it was a day like any other day, filled with misfortune after misfortune.Arran as a 19-year-old hormonal teenager had dreams like any other teens his age had. Dreams of picking up girls and establishing a world-class harem, dreams of being every girl's favorite wet dream.Some would say he had the making of a popular harem king, with great looks and bronze t
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It was late into the night but considering that it was the eve of the new year, the night sky was filled with dazzling light that gave one an illusion that it was still daytime.All around the streets were filled with festive decorations and from the homes of the city's residents came the joyous sounds of laughter and cheers as families sat down together to wait for the coming of the new year.At a certain park, in a corner where the lights and festive mood did not reach sat a teenage boy all on his lonesome.In the darkness, the boy could be seen looking around suspiciously and with caution. Making sure one last time that his immediate surroundings were free from any interference, Arran finally got around to examining the box.The polished surface of the box was decorated with fine grain patterns as well as frescoes and inlaid carvings depicting various wildlife. There was a deer with huge antlers branching out to the skies like a huge sky-reaching tree,
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Now that Arran had gotten all the details down it became so much easier to proceed. All that was left to do now was to open the box.All across the surface of the box, there were a series of white dotted spots that looked like jewel encrusting's. These were flowing along the lines of the river drawn along the length of the box. They represented the bone that lay in the depths of Iylls and their numbers varied.In order to open the box then, Arran was going to have to trace the spots with a very defined amount of varying strength. Too much strength and the spots would just depress into the box without achieving anything, too little and the spots would not even budge. All this would have to be done following a special sequence.After a little thought, Arran figured out the sequence. It was one in which he and his parents use to communicate on special occasions like when they were separated on missions in order to relay their situation to each other.Without
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Inside the box was a bracelet.The kind that was big and bulky and could cover up your whole wrist. It was a big round creamy white bracelet that had a few jewels that looked like diamonds encrusted in it. The jewels sparkled like stars as they twinkled on and off.The entire bracelet shone with a soft glow as compared to the previous blinding brilliance it gave off and there was a metallic luster on it. Overall it was very beautiful.As soon as Arran saw it, his blood started flowing quickly and his heart was beating franticly as if he had just taken a hundred-mile jog. Arran felt like he always did whenever he had just finished an intense workout with his dad.Arran was frozen for what seemed like a very long time which in reality was a very short few seconds but in that time, he saw a lot of things that baffled and confused him.He saw scenes of raging battles filled with blood and slaughter, of wars being fought over and over again. Scenes of v
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The pain that one feels when their skin was being torn open was one that was very difficult to describe.If a comparison had to be made, it would feel like how it felt to have a vat of burning hot oil poured all over one's body. The kind of feeling where the heat of the oil penetrates into your flesh in order to cook your insides until nothing could be felt but endless pain.That was how Arran was feeling at the moment.The wings growing from Arran's back were causing him to be drowned in a flood of pain and the only way for him to escape the pain was to destroy all the enemies in front of him.Arran lunged forwards with a great leap and crossed a hundred meters that separated him and Kasack in two seconds. Raising his hands to strike him down, a shimmer of light manifested in his hands.The light took the form of a sword and everywhere it passed, all obstacles would be cleaved apart like a hot knife through butter.Kasack felt a threat comi
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Waking Up
Arran woke up to bright lights overhead and a wet and sticky feeling all over his body.Looking all over at his surrounding, he saw all sorts of machines and apparatus that he did not know the functions of and some that while they were in various weird forms, he could still infer the functions of.Arran came to the conclusion that he was in what seemed to be a hospital ward. After checking his surroundings, he decided to check his own condition. That was when he was surprised to find out his own situation.Arran found out where the wet and sticky feeling came from.As it turned out, Arran was wrapped up and submerged in a small liquid bubble that was floating suspended in the air. It was through this bubble that Arran was seeing all that he had seen.Arran could also make out a group of people in uniforms who were making their rounds in the ward he was settled in. One of these groups came to check up on him, only to find out that he was awake.
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Arran was not overly worried. One reason was that he possessed something that they wanted and another being that he was currently a mystery to them, and everyone like to solve a good mystery.It did not take long for someone to come for him.Three days after he woke up, he received a visit from a bespectacled man in a tight-fitting tracksuit that looked so clean that It gave an impression that he always took a lot of time to make sure to remove the creases on his clothes. His eyes were also sharp, so much so that Arran felt that he wore those glasses not because he had a problem with his eyes, but because it was to prevent people from being intimidated by his intense gaze.The two of them stared at each other for a long time while trying to see who would break eye contact first.Arran was feeling a lot of pressure from their minor contest and he felt like at any time now the man was going to remove his glasses, and as for whatever was going to happen afte
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Suspicion Of One's Identity
After Rommel left Arran's ward, he made his way down the long hallway and climbed a fleet of stairs to arrive at the main command room. The room was already occupied.There were already a couple of people waiting for him in the room out of which captain Mei was a part of them, but compared to the rest of the people seated around the room, she was the least important person there. This was shown by the fact that she was not even entitled to a seat in the room even though this was her office and she was the base commander of this particular outpost.Rommel made his way to the head of the room where the winged warrior from before was seated. At this moment there was no sign of her wings on her body now. For that matter, Arran's wings were also nowhere to be seen ever since he woke up in the ward.As soon as he stopped in front of her, she asked, "well, how was it?"Rommel did not answer, instead, he placed the bracer that had now lost its glow on the table.<
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It had been five days since the visit from Rommel. Arran was now located in a white room with soft paddings on the floor and walls. The room was fitted with various equipment ranging from a wooden rack filled with different weapons and also training dummies used for practice.Arran was currently in a training room used by the staff here.According to the description he received, the room offered a wide range of functions for its occupants to use. The functions included were but not limited to a gravity system, an obstacle course, and a battle simulation function.Unfortunately, Arran was told that he did not have sufficient authority to use these functions. That was why as much as he would have liked to try out all of those, he was currently only going through regular training.On the other side of the room where Arran could not see, there was a transparent one-way mirror that a few people were using to watch Arran as he was training. Unbeknownst to Arran
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