Looking for fantasy novels & stories? Fantasy novel is a type of fiction telling stories in a totally fictional world without real location, events and people, about magic power, supernatural creatures etc. MegaNovel offers a vast collection of popular fantasy novels and books online. Check the novels list below.

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Young Prodigy
Intelligent Superpower Powerful
In a world where only those with extraordinary powers can survive, how will a simpleton who has not yet awakened any abilities at the age of fifteen with only three years left to graduate fare? Easton was born into the world of martial arts and enrolled in the sole existing academy that trains students to become prodigies. Unfortunately, he is now fifteen and still hasn't awakened his power. He faces criticism from both his peers and friends until he finally awakens his potential, unlocking his pathway towards becoming a prodigy. However, not all secrets are revealed just yet.
Magic Reincarnation Historical
Danika Moriane
Xi Yuan, the last young prince of the Xi's family who was always bullied and ridiculed by his own father and brothers, had the weakest cultivation in the whole of Xi's dynasty. "You are too weak to be the Xi's young prince!" Slaves throw his food to his face, rumors went around of him being an illegitimate Xi young master. Everyone hated him and he hated himself for being a weak human. One night, the young prince wished death on himself and he drowned. In the ice, the strongest spirit deity that has been dead for over two thousand years awakened in him. Xi Yuan vowed to make all of them pay, including the innocent ones.
Level Up In Valhalla
Magic System Independent
Neo Tyran, a city where the legend of the Hunters of Olympus comes to life. These exceptional warriors are patronized by the gods, divided into factions that compete for human talent. Martyn Tryggvason, known as “impure”, has lived a life marked by contempt and marginalization. No god has been interested in him, condemning him to an existence in the shadows. But one day, he wakes up in another place with a message in mind: [Welcome to Valhalla: the Norse gods have chosen you]
The Void!
Light Novel Magic Romance
Author Quo Quo
The Void, the nameless world, has nothing clear, every single thing carries its own secret. Sebastian Robbins, an ordinary Earthling, accidentally arrives in the Void world after dying, becoming a Void Keeper without much talent. From being untalented, he rises, this Void world is still waiting for him to explore!
Reincarnated As The Antihero
Reincarnation Revenge Fantasy
Samuel Osakue
Nicolas closed his eyes, letting his pain and regret drown him, then let out his final breath. His eyes went shut and finally eternal bliss took over. Death was now in control. In a world of magic and mayhem, Nicolas finds himself thrust into a new reality after a tragic accident claims his life. As he struggles with grief and confusion, a mysterious figure named Arlimus offers him a chance at a fresh start through the Book of Destiny. With a mix of hope and apprehension, Nicolas takes a leap of faith and is transported to a realm where he discovers he has been reincarnated as the Demon Lord Abron. As Nicolas awakens in a beautiful landscape, dressed in royal attire, he is greeted by a battalion of enemy soldiers approaching with intentions to harm him. With danger lurking in the shadows and allies filled in mystery, Nicolas must navigate this new world filled with caution, unsure of who to trust or what fate has in store for him.
Wings Over the Sea
Captain Action Fantasy
What would you do to get home to your loved ones? Would you change yourself and your values? Owen a plain ordinary human gets transported to another world. A world that revolves around money. To help himself get home he slowly gets up the ranks to a sea captain. It only took seven years. His luck seemed to turn around when he finds and captures a young dragon blood. A dragon blood is a six-inch human with physical dragon characteristics like wings, a tail, and scales. Will Owen go through with selling a teenager for money just to get home to his own family?
In Another World with Battle God System
Reincarnation Action Fantasy
Died after being stabbed by a robber trying to save someone. Ren thought that he was swallowed by the endless Void. Found himself reincarnated into Another World and awoke in the body of a teenager who thirst for revenge. In Another World, there are Magic that will give the user unparalleled power, and skills that will let the user have a bigger chance to survive in a world that is filled with danger. However, Ren didn't have any of those. He is talentless. As an orphan who lives in the slums, He is determined to live until one day an incident that involves him will allow him to get a second chance to turn his destiny upside down. [The pieces of a broken Void found its Host] ..... [System Installation] ..... [Displaying status] [Status window] Name: Ren Race: Human Age: 19 Level: 0 ..... Thus comes the time for Ren to change his destiny from a talentless person into the strongest in the world.
Dylan: Mankind's Last Hope
Future Adventurous Superpower
Apratyashita Thakur
Dylan wakes up to find himself in the midst of blood and destruction. He drags himself out of the ruins and tries to look for help, but all he finds is a sea of purple sand. Without food and water, he is at the verge of death when a defensive nanochip gets activated. He enters a state of cyrogenic hibernation. Ten years later, a crazy magician revives him, not out of kindness but to use him as a lab rat for experiments. Weak, defenseless, without memories, can he survive in the new dangerous world?
The Rise of the Algorithm King
System Manipulative Intelligent
Golden pen
In a fantasy world where different races co-exist. Humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, griffins, hippogriffs, wizard, dragons, etc. Magic and swordsmanship ruled the world. Storm Walker, an ordinary boy who had nothing but his dead father's bracelet faced bullying every single day of his life. Despite the humiliation and tantrums he faced because he was born into the world as a human, he still managed to remain cheerful. The current world now regard humans as weak and useless people that shouldn't be apart of the world. While the mythical creatures like Orcs, dragons, elves, dwarf, reigned supreme. Would Storm stand to prove that humans are not weak, or give in to the bullying?
Unknown Royalty
Magic Brave Action
Motivated by his determination to reclaim what is rightfully theirs, Nicholas Avenier prepares to confront the oppressors of his mother, taking the first step by entering in the most dreadful training camp in Sataraia where he will meet the first person on his list to take vengeance on. Despite doing the best he could, he will nonetheless experience failures. However, because of his unwavering determination and burning desire to achieve his objective, he will attract the attention of the most powerful person in the Kingdom, who will assign him a crucial job that will make his plan easier to carry out. Will he be able to accomplish his goal of restoring her mother's possessions, or will this simply lead to tensions as new people enter his life?