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Life In Another World
System Action World Domination
Vincente Paul
I love games because they are better than reality. Fejize loves video games. He always wanted to experience a fantasy world, he always wish to experience magic. One day after playing level up his wish came true he was teleported into the game. Instead of an exciting and new adventure he saw how hard it was and realized he need to keep moving forward to survive in this world. Along with his friends Rem and Sussy together they fight for survival.
Escapia: A VRMMO
System Upgrade Fantasy
Escapia is a huge open world where every floor and every boss is designed differently, there are 10 classes, and there are hunting spots and activities in each floor! After our main characters are trapped in Escapia, they try to finish the game in order to return to their world. But to finish the game, they have to level up, fight the bosses on the floors, and unlock all the floors. On the last floor, there is the developer of the game himself. Finally, Escapia is truly an MMO! So with all its pros and cons... In the game, they have to grind, talk to NPC's and balance and upgrade a lot of power systems at the same time. To say the least, Escapia is a dark comedy on the one hand and a VRMMO story where various maps and worlds are explored on the other!
Top Game
Dynamic Wise Sci-Fi
Entertainment Hub
Modern esports is by no means a game. You can completely lose everything and even your life because of one stupid mistake. I was the top player on the planet, but after I was framed, I had to leave. Though with large debts, but alive. But the brother stayed and, it seems, contacted the wrong people. Now he's gone, and all I have is a few scant clues from the virtual. Well, hold on bro, I'm coming.
VRMMORPG: Level Up System
Shy Upgrade Innocent
Watch as Alex an ex player return to the scenes and back on adventure to be the number one in the new Vr game, Leveling up in the game but did he know how that will affect him in reality?
Game Wolf and Sheep
Manipulative Beast controlling
Badrika Shuura follows a virtual world game connected via android and other online devices. After joining, the game has levels according to the work of the original World. Badrika takes on the job of Bodyguard where all players hire her in different price tiers. Only Badrika is the only player who has a maximum of all levels and can add a second job and so on as the main bonus in the game. But unexpectedly Badrika heard the news saying that the game is dangerous that concerns everyday life. Even their natural death was too real. Even so, Badrika had to deal with one VIP customer who regularly rented her out for a week each month. Twenty-year-old woman with the status of a wealthy student majoring in Psychology named Alana Liora Gantari. Is there any truth in this game? Why are so many victims falling?
Return to Level 0
Future Intelligent Wise
In the distant future, Virtual Reality Multi Massive Online Role Playing Games or VRMMORPGs have taken center stage on earth's mainstream form of entertainment. The hottest game Level 0 touts the greatest rating and popularity for its realism and in-depth features that keeps the players guessing on what the next surprise will be. One day one player returns 10 years to the past and find that his family is alive. He is further confused and wondered if this was a dream, but realization violently came upon him. Plagued by a mind splitting headache, future memories of his path from today showed him the grim fate that awaited him. Armed with the knowledge of the future, he pushes forward to a brighter future where his family is still besides him. Start from Zero and Rise, as a new AGE is about to begin.
Infinite World: Dangerous Game!
Ghost Action Sci-Fi
Bridget Arnold
[Welcome to INFINITE WORLD: Purify Game][ Seven great sins, also called great sins. Before Final Judgment Day, The sea wiped it all out.] The beginning is that hundreds of thousands of people are trapped in a game system and have to find a way to survive. "It" was conceived at the same time that the universe was formed. The castle in the Big Bang. For more than 13 billion years, "It" has been an audience. Patience, quietly watching the growth and growth of all things. This exists throughout the universe. [GAME START!]
THE DESTINED  DEATH :my hero awaken
System Adventurous Action
N.K sunflower
I tried again and again in different dimensions but i failed to protect her . no, matter how strong i became , no matter how powerful i became . it is destined . It's all started when i tried to change the fate and i meet A creature called utopkie who plays the role of her life . now , just to save her i have only 3 chances and 3 dimensions to save my lovable you . Every dimension will be different have different stages with different story and monster that will run according to script of utopkie . will i be able to change the fate ? in the end all i know , you are the one i want .join the journey with me and lets see what will happen ? i wanna know too why it has to be her , why i crazy to protect her even it takes my life? still i never met her .
Fortress of Hope
Adventurous Obsession World Domination
Entertainment Hub
Centuries have passed since the monstrous wars of magicians died down, and half of the continent turned into an ash-covered wasteland unsuitable for life. Once magnificent cities now lie in ruins inhabited by dark creatures so dangerous that they had to build a Border Wall in order to protect civilians from a deadly threat. This is how the Wild Lands appeared... A small detachment led by Baron Koris Van Yser was exiled to a permanent settlement in the Wild Lands, which, in fact, is only a reprieve of the death penalty - the collapsing Empire, ruled by the hand of an aging king, gets rid of the objectionable. The settlers have one goal - to survive at any cost, against everything and everyone. He survived and recovered from his mortal wounds, only to learn that his past deeds had doomed a hundred people to certain death in the Savage Lands.
Healer Class False Talent
Adventurous Upgrade Obsession
Dian Armay
Humanity's world is advancing at a breakneck pace. All citizens are housed in a city named Gaia Union, which serves as a residential center. A machine malfunction occurred at the time, resulting in the emergence of various portals. The monsters sprang forth from the portal. They are going to annihilate humans. Humans have been looking for ways to survive ever since. The study's findings yielded a substance known as acid rank, which can cause humans to improve their abilities. Humans can advance to the next level by combining a level indicator bracelet. Humans have taken turns hunting monsters since then. The hunters banded together to form a guild. The dungeon is under the control of the government in order to maintain order. Transactions took place gradually, until the majority of the dungeons were controlled by private parties. The hunters were required to pay a fee to the dungeon owner as well as fees. Hunters' activities gradually came under the control of large corporations. The hunters were completely controlled by capital owners, who gradually gained control of nearly half of the government system. Decades have gone by. The world has been rearranged. Influential people are becoming wealthier, while the poor are becoming oppressed. Farn, alias Paran, is a member of the oppressed. His mother was detained by the employer for some reason. Farn had to pay the price for his mother. That's why he was forced to join the hunt. He wants to be a warrior class. He became a member of a small guild. Unfortunately, the acid ratings are uneven, thus the class is not perfect. He also appears to have entered the healer class. Can he save his mother? Or did he die first when he entered the dungeon? Or did he become the king of hunters?