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No Way Out: The Mystic Sword of the Horror Island.
Teenager Twisted Powerful
King Mohammed
A middle-class game lover creator Hayden Willard who retired as a businessman now a gamer agrees in all circumstances to make an exciting family gaming experience to play. In the creation of multiple levels and a remote environment inside the game; there was mostly impossible to get out of it. Eventually, his intention of a relaxed adventure game goes wrong when this game and the character come alive and take him and his family into the game world to defeat the unbeatable villain who intends to take the whole world and at the same time desperate to kill all humanity. Hayden, and his family, must have to protect and journey beyond the human world in a search of a way out from the game world and end the game forever…
Solo Role Playing: I Can See The Plot
Magic Alternate Universe Optimist
Raymond's got his second life, he's the main character and has to follow a certain plot. Now, he's able to play with his fate, but the information he could learn about the future was limited to the coverage of each chapter of the plot. How could he survice the challenge thrown at him?
Survival Code: Z City
System Adventurous Runaway
thao my luong le thuy
The Survival Code is a story about a group of young people who are accidentally caught up in a fierce game. They are just ordinary people. But out of curiosity, each of them activated the magic book themselves and was transported into it. The land they set foot on is full of hungry zombies, completing the mission is the key to helping them return to the real world.
MMORPG: I Have to Kill 700 Millions Orcs to Pay My Debt
Optimist Adventurous Fantasy
Becoming a legend in an MMORPG did not end well for Aaron, a young teenager who gifted in the art of sword fighting. When he reached the highest stage of all players over 5 consecutive years, 'Martial Online Company' sued Aaron after suffering huge losses due to losing a huge of fans. Sentenced to 15 years in prison, Aaron had to pay for things that he never did! Ten years passed. They released Aaron after getting remission. However, his debts were piling up, and he was thinking of ending his own life. But someone suddenly came on gave him the offer to pay off all his debts by returning to playing MMORPGs and killing 700,000,000 orcs and goblins! Is Aaron willing to pick up his sword again? Or will he stick to his sword and end up with miserable? Follow the young man’s adventures in the world of Martial Universe Online!
A Game With God
Reincarnation Beauty Intelligent
Two teenagers became involved in a digital mass murder inside a virtual world.Mel Azalea, Argos, is a fan of RPG, but being greedy isolates him from the world of gaming. Only two of his friends play with him, and those two will help him find their way out of the game.Ruie Evergreen, an innocent high school girl who wanted to succeed in life, dies from a brutal road accident and wakes up in the digital world with her hands tied. There she faces countless torture more painful than death. As she escapes the wrath of God, she gained a mysterious interface which is the key to freeing millions of victims like them.Will they be able to defeat their common enemy, God?
Blind Gunner
Brave Adventurous Fantasy
Henny or Ucik must replace Grafik, an archer who has played for about 7 years in 9 Guardians with a reward of 85,000$. Even though Ucik has never played the game she must use Monck_cha, one of the hacked Graf accounts. It was in these 9 Guardians that Ucik reunited with Suhaimi, after their meeting in Putrajaya ended very badly. Suhaimi with IGN (In Game Name) happytummy is a lancer who always tries to convince Ucik that the bowgun can be the main weapon of a tank when everyone including Graf and Neo doubts about that, even asking Ucik to give up. Ami, who admires Ucik's play, doesn't want to see her stop being a tank. He also wants to help Ucik complete her duties in 9 Guardians and the two of them make an appointment to meet again one day. When Graf had injured his right hand in an accident and had to rest, Ucik's mission became more complicated. Ucik must complete the Graf mission by entering the Lucid guild, which contains all of the members doing RMT (Real Money Trading), as well as several accounts belonging to hackers to investigate the causes of many accounts being hacked and banned. Can a newbie like Ucik complete the mission?! What secrets are the members of Lucid hiding that Graf suspects of their guild?! Will Ucik and Ami meet again according to the promise they have made?!
Treasure hunting in endless ocean
System Adventurous Superpower
Neil got transferred in to a survival game on water after dying in a tsunami. Fortunately, he obtained treasure hunter system. Alas ! This treasure hunter system is defective. It only ever thinks about obtaining treasure, and never about leaving back safely. Also ! Why is he getting the strange feeling all the questions posed by treasure hunter system are traps. With his G rank skill and system that keeps throwing him in to impossibly dangerous settings, could he survive ? Adele Young had one goal. Save her younger siblings, and survive. It sounds easy with her SSS class system, and a little raft. But she is a puny level 1 , facing level 100 raid monster. it sounded like an impossible task, till one day, when a stranger fell from sky and rescued her. Could she rescue her little brother and sister with help of this stranger ? Discord : Instagram: miuhozuki I answer questions on Discord, and post character pictures, location profiles and relevant content to story on insta. Currently character pics for both Neil & Adele are posted.
Mision; Sword Legend
System Adventurous Fantasy
Saka is Trash and a Loser. Inside the Universal Chaos World. He's just a coolie and a thief in a Virtual Reality game. His ability is Thunder Sprint. Saka failed in family and love. Until he decided to die in the game, to make up for his mother's medical expenses. Until, he got Sword Dragon, which changed his life. And, the adventures of Legend of the Sword begin...
Future System Optimist
Quantum technologies are like taking resources from another dimension. This comparison was considered more of a metaphor by everyone, exactly before in 2066 a gap formed in the digital quantum network into another world, similar to MMORPG. Only unlike the game, it was real and the resources that were taken out of it materialized in our world. But the pioneers, who rushed into the rift in the thirst to get rich easily and quickly, were in for an unpleasant surprise. Death in this world led to death in the real world. A guy named Tim, who lost his job, due to circumstances decides to become a "player" - a tunneler in the rift. He was waiting for the fate of an ordinary monster killer or miner, giving most of his earnings to corporate workers, if at one point a mysterious Artifact did not fall into his hands.
Cyberpunk Adventurous Warrior
The universe has been digitized. Magicians, programmers and intelligence agencies have united in clans to fight for total control over humanity. The Jedi Knight, who by the will of fate joined the Progressors, will find himself in the midst of the digital apocalypse and will honestly tell readers about how everything was, and also about the Cosmos, love, about freedom... They shot a little, had a little fun, don't let the children read.