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Lightning Witch
Werewolf Teenager Witch / Wizard
After a thousand years, the beast of the earth will you come to destroy the world and only a lightning witch will be able to stop him, lina just discovered that she is the one destined to send the beast back to sleep, but what happens when Lina gets mated to the same enemy she's meant to kill? And figures out that she is the only one capable of stopping a great war between vampires and werewolves.
Campus Werewolf Optimist
Max, a young man who is the last pure werewolf descendant living in modern life and loves wild races. He is also a prince of a werewolf kingdom that was destroyed by a vampire clan. Max lives and is cared for by a warlord trusted by his father named Traynor. Until one night, when he was racing wildly. Max fell off his motorcycle because his opponent cheated, kicking his motorcycle. Suddenly his body convulsed, shivering violently. Then, without realizing that his body had turned full of fur, Max ran, hiding in an animal cage owned by one of the villagers. His instincts became very wild, there was a feeling of wanting to kill and eat the human heart that was forcing him. Accidentally, his eyes caught sight of the farm animals where he was. So what will Max do and what happens next?