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The Emergence of the Legacy Man
Rich modern face smacking
Writers Hive
After giving up all he had to take on the debts of his wife and her family, Keith was plunged into poverty and nothingness. In no time, these same people turned on him, despised him, and treated him like a piece of trash. Facing the heights of betrayal from the people he loved and sacrificed all for, Keith ended up in jail to the rejoicing of his wife and in-laws. However, to their shock, Keith emerged as the wealthiest man alive. Now, the man was set to get back at them and uphold the legacy of his family.
The Iconic Man
Optimist Manipulative Brave
The poor man have become one of the richest man now it is time to take revenge and shows what he his capable of
The rise of a cab driver son-in-law to a billionaire.
Arrogant CEO Twisted
Synopsis: Twenty seven years old Ethan Allen gotta a divorce from his three years old contracted wedding, after been maltreated and slaved by his contracted wife and inlaws. Things went tough, until a sudden day which he transformed from grass to grace and promise to make those who maltreated him pay for their price. 
Teenager Revenge Paranormal
Anna was a typewriter that wanted to write a script for movies. One day, her typewriter stopped working and she needed a typewriter to submit the script to her editor. So she finally took out her dead father type writer. She felt in this way,she will be connected to her father as well. But as she starts typing, her head was heavy—the typewriter was hunted and the ghost who was linked to the typewriter was freed.
Legitimate Heir
Optimist Brave Independent
The main character Lyon was a normal boy who enjoyed the warmth of his mother for years until she died an unexpected death. Lyon didn't knew anyone in his life as a family except his mother so after her death,he became a broken mess but rather than letting this stop him,at only fifteen,he started looking for all means to continue his education and one if not his only dream was to become a successful person one day and he knew he could only achieve this through hard work.
I'm Not A Useless Son-in-law
CEO Billionaire Rich
On the surface, Ethan appears to be a useless groom, but behind the scenes, no one knows that he is the heir to the most powerful family in the United States! His wife divorced him for money and power, and others constantly looked down on him. Until everything was exposed, Ethan returned to his true position, and everything was just beginning! All those who had scorned and oppressed him had to regret and pay the price!
The secret system of neglected son-in-law
System bxg Revenge
Ketu Moon
"I am going to make all of them pay. I am going to take revenge of everyone who looked down on me my whole life." Ding! "You have activated the secret system." Michael is a 25 year old man who just got thrown out of his wife family business. When his wife and her family despise and humiliate him for being poor Michael swears to get revenge on everyone who ever has turned him down. And just then, after almost getting hit by the car he activated the secret system. With the help of the system, he will recognize his full potential and take his revenge on those who wronged him.
Echoes of Agog:A Cosmic Odyssey of Betrayal,Loss,&Redemption
Reincarnation Warrior Fantasy
Kelechi Uchechukwu
After enduring a harrowing sequence of events, Amaa finds himself plunged into despair following betrayal by his own brother, the heart-wrenching loss of his beloved son, and the painful separation from his Royal family. In the midst of his anguish, he relinquishes his vulnerability and gives vent to his seething wrath as he embarks on a relentless search for his only son - Ikuku, throughout the vast expanse of space. The burning question remains: Will destiny reunite father and son once more, allowing Amaa to reclaim his rightful place as the king of Agog? This epic tale of betrayal, loss, and redemption unfolds in a sweeping cosmic adventure where the bonds of family and the pursuit of destiny collide in the uncharted realms of the universe.
The lost Heir Of The Hawthorne Consortium
Campus Independent Student
Divi Chris
Managing a dorm with three other guys on campus, he was poor, an orphan, mocked and bullied, and worse of all, his girlfriend left him to date a rich guy. But during his lowest point, he discovered his real identity. He is Ferdinand Hawthorne, the sole heir to the Hawthorne Consortium.
The Exiled Swordsman
Harem Adventurous Warrior
Mark Lee
The enigmatic swordsman, Xiang Zhe, is driven to traverse a difficult terrain in order to solve the mystery of his banishment. In the meantime, his quest to bring peace back is fueled by the rising imbalance in the globe. He encounters barriers at every turn, including mystical beings, crafty traps, and evil forces out to get him. The warrior finds realities related to his destiny and magical abilities that he had forgotten while traveling through a forbidden valley. He embarks on an epic journey with the help of his enigmatic sword and a tome containing ancient spells. He uses his bravery and insight to address personal issues, restore the equilibrium of a threatened world, and show that real power originates not only from the sword but also from a steadfast heart and deep knowledge.