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The Magnificent Victor Storms
Intelligent CEO Billionaire
Years after the brutal murder of his parents and a failed assassination attempt on his life, Victor Storms returns a billionaire to get his revenge on those who made his life hell. When he discovers that like him, his enemies have also upgraded, Victor must go the extra mile to get the woman he loves, his father's company by right, and the revenge he desires.
Rise of the Billionaire Heir
Campus Student Rich
Vincent La Mec is a poor and struggling student at the prestigious Matisse University de Paris, he is the most humiliated and irritating student in school and everyone makes fun of him. He is treated as trash and other students use him as their errand boy. Vincent works multiple jobs just to cover his school bills and fend for himself. He is in a secret relationship with Rory McIlroy, one of the school's baddies. Rory broke up with him because he was too poor and without any presentable standards. Unknown to her and to Vincent, he is the heir to the La Mec $750 billion empire. The La Mec family was the richest in the world and Vincent was their lost son. Now, everyone who treated him as trash must witness his rise and rule.
The Dragon Warrior
Adventurous Dominant Powerful
Cici Aremanita
Zuan is a demon cultivator who died at the hands of his lover, Zuan who was revived by God was determined to take revenge even though his demon cultivation was sealed, Zuan who did not give up continued to practice regular cultivation and received the help of the Dragon until he had body parts like a Dragon.
No Name
Mature Intelligent Crazy
"A man, a creature of the wild... An animal that can't be tamed, an entity that can strike with precision, an entity capable of anything, a creature that dares to push your life to the edge... A solitary figure who desires only one thing in his entire existence... Revenge..."
The Exiled Swordsman
Harem Adventurous Warrior
Mark Lee
The enigmatic swordsman, Xiang Zhe, is driven to traverse a difficult terrain in order to solve the mystery of his banishment. In the meantime, his quest to bring peace back is fueled by the rising imbalance in the globe. He encounters barriers at every turn, including mystical beings, crafty traps, and evil forces out to get him. The warrior finds realities related to his destiny and magical abilities that he had forgotten while traveling through a forbidden valley. He embarks on an epic journey with the help of his enigmatic sword and a tome containing ancient spells. He uses his bravery and insight to address personal issues, restore the equilibrium of a threatened world, and show that real power originates not only from the sword but also from a steadfast heart and deep knowledge.
My Military System
Tragedy Soldier Powerful
Sofia Cora
Bryan Grayson. An illegitimate son of the great Houston family in Alorea Nation, now finds himself on the streets with his mother. After being kicked out by the Houston, Bryan chose to join the Alorean Nation army as there was no company that accepted him due to the influence of the Houston. Bryan's story changed when on a mission he gets blasted by an RPG. He died a pauper.. but awaken a military god.
Campus Nerd Fantasy
Einer is known as a loser on the campus, but he has a gorgeous, popular girlfriend so he believes that his life is wonderful even though he's a loser and bullied a lot. But that wonderful life turns to a nightmare when Einer sees his girlfriend cheating on him with a popular guy on the campus; the one who bullies Einer the most. Einer is mad, trying to show his anger only to get a bad injury after fighting the popular guy who can beat him up easily. But when Einer is about to black out, he feels like something runs through his veins, like the electricity to wake up something strange on his body. Something strange, and super strong that some people call awakening power. Who knows if the loser is one of the specials? If Einer has managed to control his power, that will be the day he becomes the invincible.
Magic Revenge Mafia
"I'll take everything you have, Bryan!" The exchange of fortunes depends on the coins of the gods. While his life was in the fall zone, Richard Branson discovered gold coins. But it turns out the coin could trade his life for someone else. Richard owes a lot to a rich mob named Bryan Vincenzo. He's known to be very cruel and would kill anyone if they dealt with money. His wife fell victim to Bryan's cruelty. Sarah, his wife was kidnapped and made a servant at Bryan's house. While his son was dumped into an orphanage in a church. Then how does Richard's fate continue? Will he succeed in exchanging his life for the god's coinage? Will he be able to get back together with his family?
Campus Love-Triangle System
The city of Lancaster is not just a modernized city,it is also filled with people from different races.The people of the city lives happily until everything changed drastically overnight.There will be no day without the kidnap of a female.This particular atrocity put the whole city into a holocaust.Especially a young boy called Oliver,her sister was kidnapped too. He vowed to find whoever take his sister.On his quest to find a clue to track the doer of the atrocities ,he found a powerful device in his school laboratory which gave him the ability to read people mind."Will Oliver be able to find his sister?" "Will he be able to find the metarmophoser of the atrocities?"
Destined Villain
ruthless World Domination Superpower
Sebastian, a writer who wishes to pour all his depression into his book suddenly face a plot twist of all his characters coming to life. With none bowing to the weak him, he was suddenly thrown into the world he created, forced to prove if he is worthy of being their creator. **** “Cultivation is a mean to accomplish what my heart want. The seven emotions and six desires are what make a human feel alive. I seek not just to reach the end of the path but more so to enjoy the journey. Everything else is just a byproduct.” Those were Trigon thought as he stood, looking at the millions of world he conquer. Note: MC is twisted and goes beyond morals to achieve his goals! Please note this is a villain and not pure hero type of MC!