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The Revenge Baron
Comedy Love-Triangle Sophisticated
Ayodele Oyewole
Baron, a man consumed by the inferno of his own wrath, unleashed a maelstrom of chaos upon the world that had wronged him. His marriage, a distant memory, had been reduced to ashes by the treachery of those he once trusted. Now, Baron's sole purpose was to reduce their empire to rubble. His plan was a symphony of destruction, a cacophony of betrayal and deceit. Alliances would be forged and broken, loyalty would be tested, and the very foundations of power would be shattered. In the end, only one thing was certain - Baron's revenge would be a storm that would leave nothing but devastation in its wake!
Revenge Billionaire Hatred
Harmonic quill
Julie’s expression hardened, her desperation transforming into a steely determination. "If you really love me, you would do this for me," she insisted. "You have nothing to lose, Jason. But for me, it means everything. My career, my future... It’s all at stake here." Jason Grey felt the weight of her words pressing down on him, a crushing pressure that made it hard to breathe. He loved Julie deeply, but the idea of sacrificing himself for her crime was unthinkable. "Julie, this is insane," he said, his voice strained. "You’re asking me to throw my life away for something you did. I can’t do that." After taking the fall for a crime his wife committed, Jason was released from prison after five years. Upon returning home, he found his wife in an intimate position with his best friend. Feeling betrayed and heartbroken, Jason confronted his wife, only for her to show no remorse and reveal her intention to divorce him. Just as everything seemed to be going wrong for Jason, he received a phone call from a woman who revealed his true identity: he was actually the son of the owner of a multi-billion-dollar enterprise, and his real name was Jason Tempest. Now, with a new identity and a renewed sense of purpose, Jason vowed to take revenge on his wife and best friend for their betrayal. However, he also needed to prove himself worthy and adapt to the cutthroat world of business.
I Became The Strongest Reality Warper
Future Adventurous Upgrade
Victor Mairo
Warner has no friends and no intentions of making any. He sees nothing as fun in life and is generally a cold person to be around. Until the car crash that changed everything. As he bled out, his life flashing before his eyes, he made just one wish: To do it all over again. When he opens his eyes, he’s in a place he doesn’t recognize, 50 years into the future, overrun by giant monsters and humans with superpowers. With no idea how to get back, Warner discovers that there’s more to the world of monsters than he thought. Let the rise of the Strongest Reality Warper begin.
The Apollo Twins
Campus Manipulative Gang
In the shadowy underworld of Manchester's college fraternities, the Blackwell Twins reign supreme. Ethan, a combat prodigy with the scars to prove it, and Alexander, a brilliant strategist with a moral compass that spins like a roulette wheel, have built an empire on force and cunning. Known to the criminal underworld as "The Apollo Twins," they find themselves indebted to a ruthless Russian mobster when a high-stakes gamble backfires. With time running out and enemies at every turn, the twins must navigate a labyrinth of deceit, betrayal, and hidden agendas. As a relentless detective closes in, drawn by a dangerous attraction to the very man she's hunting, “The Apollo Twins” will risk everything to stay one step ahead in a game where losing means death.
Ethereal Ascension
Cyberpunk Brave Warrior
The Glitch
In a life marred by profound loss, Nathan White meets an untimely and horrific demise, only to be reborn as Alan Hermolith in a realm where magic thrives. Gifted with a mysterious system in this new world, he starts as the weakest Mage. Through the system’s guidance, Alan’s power grows boundlessly, setting him on a path to become the most formidable Mage ever known.
The Extraordinary Son-in-law
Mature Sophisticated Powerful
Amazing Writes
Betrayed and exiled from his family, brutally attacked and left to die, Ethan forged a new path for himself by the help of a stranger who saved his life. Now in a new city and trying to put his past behind him, he is betrayed by his wife and kicked out of the family. Left with no choice, Ethan agrees to a contract marriage with his female boss who found interest in him because of his martial arts skills. Ethan faces a battle of disdain from his new in-laws and his bossy wife but unknown to everyone, he is the most powerful man in the world and the supreme leader of an ancient Order which controlled all the major families and corporations.
The Rise of The Useless Heir
Optimist Manipulative character growth
 Elliot is getting the short end of the stick from the friend he's helping with his business. And it turns out that his wife and friend are having an affair behind his back, making him feel so bad.  But a secret was revealed about him. For the past few years, he's been under constant surveillance and a special, top-notch place has been set up for him.  The bastards who get in his way are removed without a second chance.
The Billionaire Nobody Noticed
Brave Powerful Contract Marriage
Poen Konnet
After a night of passion, Ava wakes up to a harsh reality: the man who deflowered her, Dave, appears to be nothing more than a shameless braggart and pauper! Disappointment and anger fill her heart as she realizes the man she gave herself to is not the billionaire she dreamed of, but a nobody also despised by everyone around her. Dave, ostracized and ridiculed by Ava and her elite circle, quietly endures the scorn and chooses to remain incognito while secretly managing his vast empire. In a series of unexpected events, what happens when Dave's real identity as the most powerful and wealthiest billionaire is revealed?
The Mafian Xavier Stage
System Urban Son-in-Law
Xavier Stage, a man once brought to his knees by the cruel hand of fate, rose like a phoenix from the ashes, His marriage, a battleground of deceit and betrayal, had left him shattered... But Xavier refused to be defeated. With a fierce determination burning in his soul, he clawed his way back, his ascent marked by a trail of ruthless ambition, He built an empire, his wealth and power a testament to his unyielding spirit, But his enemies, the ones who had wronged him so grievously, would soon taste his wrath! Xavier's revenge was a storm brewing! a maelstrom of fury that would leave none unscathed, no one will be free!
The Greatest Husband with The Master Wealth System.
Marriage System Brave
Ding! [The Greatest Wealth Master System has been activated] [Mission: Slap your father and mother-in-law] [Success reward 50 million dollars] [Failure penalty, you will be electrocuted to death]. [Time limit 15 minutes]. Erland Colvin is a loser, a useless husband, and a trashy son-in-law to the Thompson family. His life has been so bad that he has suffered from poverty since birth. But the sudden appearance of the greatest wealth system changed his life. All fortunes began to favor him. Even money flowed into his account.