As the sunrise came, Norio sat on the porch watching.

Then came a tap on his shoulder. He turned around, greeted by Keren.

“Mind if I sit?” She smiled.

“Go ahead.” He replied.

She plopped down beside him.

“So...” She began.

Norio kept his sight on the sun as it rose.

“You think you found him, huh?”

Norio kept looking forward.


Keren smiled.

“Are you nervous?” She asked.

Norio looked at her.

“Why should I be?”

Keren turned.

“I don’t know; you haven’t seen him in what, thirteen years?”

Norio looked down.

“It’s been fourteen, but-” He cut himself off.

“But...?” She looked at him.

“Nori,” Keren frowned.

“Sun’s up; I’ll go make some breakfast,” Norio said as he got up and st

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