Beyond The Eyes

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Beyond The Eyes

By: Talented momma OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Brooklyn College, the most expensive college in The United States. The school is unique for it's gloominess. It is known to be attended by students from prestigious family who control the teachers instead of the other way round. Theo Thomas Tucker, Triple T. The most notorious and popular student. Son of the State president. He's also the leader among their school gangs. An incident occured in the college, whereby a student was murdered, investigation was carried out but there was no traces of the murderer and there's no suspect because it was a clean one. Sebestian Luca, the head of the detectives in CALEA. A very ruthless one to be precised. He does anything. Wanna know who his weakness is? Follow for more by coming along with me into Brooklyn university.

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  • Talented momma


    Hi, dear readers I'm sorry for always updating late ... I promise to update more chapters for the times I missed Love y'all and keep supporting me ......️

    2023-09-28 18:01:17
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59 chapters
CHAPTER 1: MURDER CASE The siren was wailing loudly from each angle and there was ambulance in front of the apartment where something was going on. A stretcher was laid down and a body covered with blood was put on it, the attendants quickly carried it up and took into into the ambulance. The cops were already there ready to block the area so that no one will go in. The Ambulance drove away from the scene in a rush and The cops and some street passer-by were remaining. "Everywhere is cleared now, the investigation department should resume work earliest tomorrow morning." A cop said into the radio phone. Some of the cops disperse the crime scene while some stayed for security purpose. The news hasn't gone viral, so, a lot of people don't know about it yet. "Inform Detective Lucas only in the morning because if he finds out now, he's gon' fly here like a batman. " The one who seem to be the leader of the cops there said and the cop he was referring to nodded. "Ion think I'll be
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CHAPTER 2: MURDER CASE 2★★★CALEA★★"Good morning sir!" The cops all chorused, greeting Sebestian as he walk pass through each department. He only nodded at their greetings and he entered the DPO's office."Why didn't you call me when this happened?" Sebestian asked, as he stride into the DPO's office. He's the top detective in CALEA and that's not all. He has won many cases with different awards, his rank is compared to none.He sat without waiting for the DPO's order and the man hit the newspaper on his forehead frustratedly. He won't deny that he's somehow scared of Sebestian because of how ruthless he can be with this kind of cases."What are you still thinking of?" Sebestian asked, throwing a gum into his mouth as he chewed on it slowly. He stood and ruffled the DPO's hair. The man himself knew that there's nothing he can do about him anymore."Just go already and leave this place, gawd! You should have be a mafia instead." The DPO said, rearranging his hair backward and Sebestia
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CHAPTER 3: MURDER CASE 3★★★WHITE HOUSE★★"Welcome Young master!" The bodyguards and maids sang as Triple T walk pass them with Timothy and Kai behind him.He didn't even reply their greetings, he just went ahead to the sitting room with his usual cold expression and the first lady stood up immediately he entered.She was beaming with smile and he rush to hug him. She sniff in his cologne and he just stood still without hugging the fist lady back."C'mon son, don't be like this! It's been a year and six months we've seen each other last and here you are giving me the cold shoulders. " The first lady said as she broke the hug. Triple T is fond of always living alone since he was a toddler because his parents never had his time. He grew up alone and he's used to it already but he decided to visit the white house because that's where he'd be spending the one week holiday given to them. He already concluded that he's not gon'attend the funeral that Timothy and Kai would go on his stead.
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CHAPTER 4: THE FUNERAL 1"And aren't you still on the investigation?" Carlos asked, staring at Sebestian who's drinking from his coffee. "I'm on leave till I get to the root of this case!" Sebestian said, making the coffee in Carlo's hand spill on him. Even without going further, it's obvious that this case is a no go area, it's not even what he can win like the usual ones. For someone to kill somebody and there was no fingerprint, isn't that an expertise thing to carry out?"No, decline it! This is not some sort of joke okay?" Carlos said, hoping his friend will listen to him this time because he knows more than anyone that Sebestian is a stubborn person and he won't back down on a case until he gets to the root of it."I already accepted it!" He said with a smirk and Carlos hit his palm on his forehead frustratedly. Who's he kidding when he told him to decline it? He knows Sebestian better than anybody that he's like a monster always craving for crime cases like this and nothing ca
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CHAPTER 5: FUNERAL 2★★★ BROOKLYN ★★Sebestian was short of words as he listen to his daughter wailing in the phone. She didn't even allow him to finish his statement when she butted in and now this? He knew his daughter is so dramatic but it hasn't gotten to this the last time he checked and she's really crying fir real or could it be that she really thought he's gon' die?"Okay, Queenie! It's okay alright? I'm not gon' die, I'm just saying that to explain to you that you're coming back to the United Kingdom." He said, softly like he's never done before. This side of him is rare and the only one who sees it anytime is his daughter.She burst into a real laughter and continue laughing until tears were streaming out of her eyes. She didn't know her trick on her father will really work.Sebestian frowned. He knew she couldn't just cry over something he hasn't even completed yet and here he is, falling for the trick. He hissed and almost hang up but stopped when he remember he called for
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CHAPTER 6: THE NEW STUDENT★★ A WEEK LATER ★★★The college resumes today and it's been a peaceful days after the funeral. It's just like nothing happened, no one talk about the death crisis again but some were still saying it's Triple T and his gangs that caused but they dare not say it outside.Sebestian is already doing well with his planning and Scarlett is not excluded."Carlos will be the one to drop you off at school, okay? " Sebestian said, applying lip gloss on Scarlett's lips as she button her top. She's going to be a student at Brooklyn College and she's starting today. It's one of her father's plan and she must carry it out."Please! Make sure you eat on time and they'll allow you eat because it's in your information that you're Polyphagia. Don't let anything distract you from eating please! " Sebestian said with a pleading look while Scarlett only smile and hug him.Scarlett grew up to be always getting unconscious every slightest chance. It was always getting out of hand
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CHAPTER 7: DRAMA QUEEN★★CARLOS MANSION ★★★"Are you sure nobody has your picture, I won't want only that to mess us up!" Carlos said, staring at Sebestian who's looking at the mirror. He came back some minutes later after he was done with forging Sebestian identity. He's gon'be changing his name and everything about him because he's going to be needing it." All the sites that has my picture are all close down so, don't worry! " He replied and Carlos nodded." So, you'll be starting tomorrow? " Carlos asked and Sebestian replied with a simple nod. " Good luck.. " Carlos said, patting his shoulder. " To us! " Sebestian said and Carlos nodded. " To us! " He repeated and they both patted each other's shoulder." How do you know the school ask the parents for contribution? " Carlos asked as they both settle down in the sitting room." DPO Smith's daughter attend the school. " Sebestian replied and Carlos mouth an oh." The school's worse than I've been thinking! " Carlos muttered. " It's
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CHAPTER 8: THE HOT PROFESSOR 1CARLOS MANSION>> SITTING ROOM. Sebestian was in the living room staring at his phone and his fingers are moving really fast on it like his life depends on what he's doing."What is so important that can make you focus like that?" Carlos asked, coming from the bar stand at the far end of sitting room."I'm chatting with the DPO, he's telling me that they're about to sell the house." Sebestian said, still staring at his phone and Carlos drop the glass of wine he's holding as he quickly rush to his computer."How's that even possible because I still check it yesterday and no one has been to that house because they're scared of her ghost haunting them." Carlos said.Sebestian didn't reply as he was engrossed in what he's doing. Carlos heaved an heavy sigh as he stared at his screen."Hey! what's up?" Sebestian asked, walking to him. he has his hands under his chin as he stared at the computer screen. Sebestian was confused at first on seeing what Carlos was
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CHAPTER 9: THE HOT PROFESSOR 2NEXT MORNING~CARLOS MANSION>> SECRET ROOM.Sebestian and Carlos breathe out as the walk into the secret room, They just escort Scarlett out and it was the driver that's taking her today."Woah! I never imagine this place to be like this, I've always imagine it to be dark and stuffy buh this place seems more different. " Sebestian said with his hands in his pocket and Carlos smiled." So, I was working on your Teaching license and it's ready. Everything now is up to you to handle." Carlos said and Sebestian breathe out. " What? are you suddenly scared? " Carlos asked in awe." If I'm to be scared right now, I'll be scared of Scarlett cos she's gon make a fuss of this issue. " Sebestian said and Carlos nodded slowly. " I'm trying to imagine her expression in my head but I'm scared my head will explode. "Carlos said and Sebestian chuckled dryly." Lemme quickly goan freshen up and dress up, Brooklyn College should be ready cos here I come! " Sebestian said,
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CHAPTER 10: HER SILENT TREATMENT "We'll be going to the hall in a matter of time , you should get ready to meet your students." Ms. Olivia said and Owen nodded.The female professors were all gushing and staring at Owen, who wouldn't? His sexiness alone can make any dumb talk and any deaf to hear. He looks so calm and expressionless, his thin lips are let to die for , his brows can make a the blind see and his face can make a hungry lady go full.After some minutes, he stood from his seat with Ms. Olivia and the female professors couldn't help but to drool at his shape and height."It's like he's the only existing hottest guy I've ever seen." One female professor said, biting her lips seductively. "Yeah, I agree with you, I wouldn't mind for just a night stand." "A nightstand is too much to ask, just lemme kiss you on your lips.""I just want to touch his body and feel his biceps, he's too hot to be true. "Ms. Olivia scoffed at their random comments and led the way while Owen foll
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