Masks Around Me

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Masks Around Me

By: Faerie OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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A young man named Edward was suddenly adopted by a rich family when he was five years old. Growing up he faces discrimination from his peers and also his father's business partners because they all see him as a bastard who got lucky. The one person he trusted which was Cedric Smith betrays him when they were kids, a few years later they reunite as business partners and Cedric still hates him but it seems like he isn't the only one that wants to see Edward's downfall. Will Edward be able to find out who are after him? Will he unravel the secrets that are being kept from him?

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Chapter 1: A new beginning
Present Day: The Abandoned WarehouseIt was late at night, the moon shining down, casting eerie shadows as I walked through the deserted streets. Container homes lined the path, empty and forgotten.A cold breeze sent shivers down my spine, raising goosebumps on my skin. Despite my wife's advice to bring a police officer, I pressed on alone, guided by an inexplicable urge to reach the abandoned warehouse in the distance.Arriving at the darkened building, doubt crept in. Was it wise to come here alone? Should I have heeded my wife's warnings?Turning on my phone's torch, I ventured inside, calling out into the darkness, hoping for a response.Before I could register what was happening, a sharp pain exploded in my head, and everything went black.When I regained consciousness, my body felt numb, my movements restricted by unseen restraints. Squinting in the darkness, I made out the figures of two men standing before me."Did you give him the drugs?" one of them asked, his voice oddly fa
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The next day, my new parents and I went to the airport to go to London. When we were done with the procedures, we boarded the plane.In the plane, I noticed that our area looked fancier than what I usually see on TV.“Mum,” I said, looking at Mrs. Windsor.She looked quite surprised that I called her mum, she smiled and replied, “Yes!! Is there a problem?”“N-no, there’s no problem, I just wanted to ask why the cabin looked fancier than the ones I see on TV.”Mr. and Mrs. Windsor chuckled softly for a while, Mr. Windsor put his arms around me and said, “the cabins you saw on TV are probably the economy class. This is first class so it is more expensive and comfortable than the others. Do you understand?”I nodded and he smiled at me. Some time later, the pilot made an announcement that we are about to move so we should all fasten our seatbelts.Mrs. Windsor helped me with mine first before doing hers.As the plane started moving on the runway, I felt my heart beat fast and I struggled
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A week had finally passed, and it was time for me to start school. My parents had arranged for me to attend a private kindergarten in the city to ensure my comfort. Mr. Williams, our chauffeur, was tasked with taking me to school that day as my parents had a business meeting.Arriving at the school, it was larger than I had imagined, boasting a vast playground with numerous play structures for children.“Sir Edward? Sir Edward!!!!” Williams's voice broke through my deep thoughts.Startled, I looked up at him, finally snapping out of my reverie. Chuckling, he said, “We’ve arrived. Come on, let’s go.” Williams helped me out of the car and held my hand as we made our way into the school building.Inside, I still felt nervous, my palms starting to grow sweaty. Sensing my apprehension, Williams stopped suddenly and turned to face me. “It’s normal to be nervous on your first day, but don’t worry, you will enjoy your time here,” he assured me, offering some comfort.Feeling slightly reassured
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As weeks passed, Cedric and I became inseparable at school, navigating the challenges of kindergarten together. His friendship provided a sense of belonging and eased my anxieties about fitting in.However, the comfort of school contrasted sharply with the growing unease I felt at home. The announcement of my mother's pregnancy had left me unsettled, unsure of where I stood in my parents' lives.One evening, as we sat down for dinner, the atmosphere crackled with anticipation. My mother, a glow of excitement on her face, raised her glass to get our attention."Now that I finally have your attention, I have an announcement to make," she exclaimed, her eyes sparkling with joy.My father and I exchanged curious glances, waiting for her revelation."I'm pregnant," she announced, her smile widening with each word.Dad's spoon clattered to his plate, shock evident on his face. My own reaction mirrored his, a mixture of disbelief and apprehension."Pregnant?" I whispered to myself, the word h
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Seven years had flown by since the announcement of my mother's pregnancy, and my little brother, James, was now a lively presence in our family. Amidst the changes, Cedric remained a steadfast friend, our bond growing stronger with each passing year.Discovering that our parents were acquainted further solidified our friendship, leading to frequent visits and shared experiences. However, as we entered middle school, the dynamics shifted, revealing stark differences between our lives inside and outside the classroom.At home, Cedric was supportive and caring, but in school, he distanced himself, aligning with the popular crowd while I remained an introverted outsider. Despite the contrast, I cherished his friendship, grateful for companionship amidst the isolation.However, the tranquility shattered when I became the target of relentless bullying. Harmless pranks escalated, culminating in a humiliating incident involving expired milk. The laughter, including Cedric's, cut deep, but it w
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CHAPTER 6: Missed Opportunities I
The next day, as my family and I sat down for lunch, the atmosphere was relaxed and jovial. James, my little brother, chattered excitedly about his day at school, while my mother doted on him with affectionate smiles. Suddenly, the door creaked open, and my father strode in, his presence commanding attention."Edward," he called out, his voice carrying across the room. Startled, I hurriedly swallowed a mouthful of food, which resulted in an unfortunate choking fit. James, ever the helpful brother, began tapping me on the back as my father handed me a glass of water."Slow down, boy," he advised with a chuckle, taking a seat at the table. "I just wanted to inform you about a program being held by the largest tech company in the world. I already registered you for it, and there will be an exam to recruit participants. It's a fantastic opportunity to delve into the world of technology.""Okay," I replied between spoonfuls of food, feeling a surge of excitement mixed with nervousness. "So,
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CHAPTER 7: Missed Opportunities II
The next morning, the sun streamed through the curtains, casting a warm glow over the room. I blinked away the remnants of sleep and glanced at the clock—7:53 AM. Panic surged through me as I realized the time; the exam had already begun.Without wasting a moment, I scrambled to get dressed, skipping my usual morning routine in my rush. As I bolted out the door, my heart raced with anxiety, the weight of missed opportunity heavy on my shoulders.Outside, I scanned the street for the driver my parents had arranged, but there was no sign of him. With a sinking feeling in my stomach, I knew I had no choice but to run to the exam venue.Breathless and drenched in sweat, I arrived at the entrance, only to be stopped by a stern-faced security guard. "Sorry, kid," he said, crossing his arms. "The exam has already begun. I can't let you in."Desperation welled up inside me as I pleaded with the guard. "Please, sir," I begged, my voice tinged with desperation. "This exam means everything to me.
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As I strolled through the hallways the next day, I couldn't shake the feeling that everyone was staring and whispering about me.Whenever I caught someone's eye, they'd pretend like nothing was going on.With no friends to turn to, I just decided to brush it off and head to class, hoping to find Cedric.But when I entered the room, it was like all attention turned to me, and not in a good way.I made my way towards Cedric, but two guys blocked my path, refusing to let me through."What's your deal? I just need to talk to Cedric," I snapped, frustration building.Before they could respond, Cedric intervened, telling them to let me pass.Relieved, I approached Cedric, noticing his uneasy demeanor."I need to talk to you privately," I said, trying to keep a serious tone."Not now, Edward. Let's meet at the auditorium after school," he suggested."Sure," I agreed before walking away, the tension in the air palpable.The rest of the day was a nightmare. Everywhere I went, I felt the weight
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The next morning, a loud knock jolted me awake."It must be Cedric," I mumbled, making my way to the door.To my surprise, it wasn't Cedric, but James and my parents standing there.My heart sank as I realized I would have to confront what happened."Welcome back," I greeted them with a forced smile."Go freshen up and meet us downstairs," Dad instructed, his tone distant.After getting ready, I headed downstairs to find my parents talking to the Smiths.Dad stood abruptly, bidding the Smiths farewell before leaving without a word."Let's go, Ed," James said, taking my hand.The car ride home was tense, with Dad remaining silent and Mom looking worried.I wanted to tell them about the exam, but the timing felt wrong, so I stayed quiet.Once home, Mom took James to his room while Dad headed to his study.As I turned to go to my room, Dad's cold voice stopped me."Follow me," he commanded, his tone sending shivers down my spine.In his study, before I could speak, his hand collided with
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Just as I expected, my life at my new school was amazing. During school days I had a lot of people who wanted to sit with me during lunch while during the weekends, my new friends and I went out to have fun.Soon I found out that Cedric was sent to Paris to complete his studies and he may be back after collegeApart from Elizabeth, the other person I was close to was David.He was the one who took my number and started involving me in group activities.The three of us became quite close and unlike Cedric they never kept our friendship a secret. They always motivated me to try a lot of new stuff and gradually I opened up to them. We were so close that we even started attending the same High school and eventually we managed to get into the same college together. Elizabeth and I were studying business while David was studying medical science. Even though we were in different departments we still made time to hang out. In college I started developing feelings for Liz and asked her o
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