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By: Chinny CompletedMystery/Thriller

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Obsessed with the unknown, Mike embarked on a dangerous mission to find out about the hidden knowledge. On his quest to unravel mysteries that had been buried for ages, he opened a pathway in his life. A pathway which is capable of making him the greatest of all and can equally tear him down. This depends on how he manages it. Find out in this captivating horror story of 'Midnight'.

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Chapter one
"Get your hands off me!!" Shouted Alice to her husband."I am not leaving you or else you tell me where you had hidden that treasure!". He shouted back at her as he held her hair tightly on his palms."I rather die than reveal it to you, not until you tell me where you had kept my son". Alice retorted."Well I can see that you are no longer afraid by asking me about your worthless son. How many times do I have to tell you that your son is dead and is no longer coming back!". He yelled at his wife again."Liar!". Alice shouted back at him."Oh you want to slap, come on go on, do it. Let me know that you have gone mad. Come on go on!". Ken said as he held her hand while pushing it closer to his face as if he wanted her to slap him."Get your hands off me, tell me that you have successfully killed our son just because of some treasure". Alice said with tears all over her face."Woman?, what are you saying, that treasure holds the key to a good life. It has the power to make me a ruler o
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Chapter two
It was late in the evening and Mike walked back home looking all tired and exhausted.The journey seemed like forever but finally he arrived at his place.He walked slowly into the bush path ignoring all the sounds coming from insects and animals around the vicinity. He is already used to it and so it doesn't bother him.He came closer to the graveyard situated few steps to where he lives.He stood still at the graveyard as soon as he came closer to it."I need to come up with more stories about the dead. I need to make it fascinating and also real to impress my readers". He said to himself as he stood, gazing at the graveyard as if he was looking for some answers or drama that would yield him a fascinating story as he wished.He looked around hopelessly and continued with his journey.Few minutes later, he arrived at his doorstep."Hello, is anyone at home, he said calmly as he shoved the door aside gently as if he was hoping to see some strange figure in the house."No one is here".
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Chapter three
He heard the noice from the door as it opens and he immediately opened his eyes and what he saw shocked the hell out of him."Who are you?". He asked the strange figure that stood right after his door.It was like a shadow and he couldn't figure out what exactly it was because of its bluntness."Who are you?". He asked again but still he got no response. Fear gripped him and he instantly began to regret why he had to perform the trick.He got up from his bed and walked slowly to the door. He held it by the handle."Don't be scared, don't be scared". He said to himself and he immediately opened the door widely with full force and to his surprise nothing was there."Mom". He called gently as if he was trying to know whether if she was the one that he saw earlier.He looked around his entire room. He left the door in a jiffy, went straight to his bed where he had kept the items he used in performing the magic trick and scattered it all over."What was i thinking". He said to himself as s
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Chapter four
He sat down for a while and began to think about the weird dream message.He immediately went downstairs to his mothers room but was surprised to find her lying lifeless on the bed."Mom, wake up!" He shouted as if he wanted to wake her up with his loud voice.He cried as he tried his possible best to wake his mom up from sleep.He tried everything but to no avail. Then it dawned on him that his beloved mother us no longer coming back to him.But what was the cause of her death remained an unanswered question."What killed her?, has she been sick?". Asked one of their neighbors as soon as he heard Mike's loud cry."I had no idea, I just woke up and found her lifeless on the bed". He responded to the neighbor.After a while, they had no option than to prepare her body for burial the next day.Mike felt horrible throughout thus entire phase and he wished that he had never performed that trick."You mean, your mom died because of that weird magic trick?". Asked Fred to Mike on the day of
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Chapter five
"Isn't that a study of demons, I mean house demons?". Mike said to the surprise of other students."What does that mean?, that I had to interview demons or something?". Said one of the students."No, impossible. I am not embarking on any silly project for the sake of the good life. No I can't take that risk". Said Fred to the hearing of Mike as if he obviously knew what might be going on in his mind."Listen everyone, this project is compulsory for all the students of the mysticism field or else you call it a quit. Remember it has a great reward for winners". The teacher said and continued."The project will commence starting from tomorrow. You are all required to travel to any place you want in search of answers. Make sure to travel with your writing materials in order to be able to provide an accurate data on your experience. And also the first and second runner up wouldn't go empty handed. Your time starts tomorrow and ends in a week time. Seven days precisely". The teacher said."
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Chapter six
"Help!!!". Mike and Fred shouted on top of their voices inside the house but unfortunately for them no one was around as it was a cursed land."Wait!, stop shouting, there is no one else here except the two of us!". Mike shouted with a clouded voice as he tried to calm the situation."No!, that can't be there has to be someone else out there". Said Fred who was end enveloped with fear."Wait, relax, let's see what we have here". Mike said in a whisper."What do you mean". Fred asked lowering down his voice also as if there is an entity before them.Mike dipped his left hand on his bag and brought out a lantern. He switched it on and the whole house was illuminated.Fred heaved a sigh of relieve as soon as the house got illuminated."You have to be strong or else, it wouldn't be good for either of us". Said Mike to his friend."That's the problem, I am not as string hearted as you are but I will keep trying my best". Fred assured his friend."Just don't freak out okay, it will only mak
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Chapter seven
The door had been shut by the strange wind that followed them right after they made their way into the building. Mike also tried to open it but to no avail. That was when they knew they were in for more trouble."Why isn't the door opening?". Fred said with an almost shaky voice as be tried everything within his muscles to open the door."I think the door must have been locked from outside, following that strange wind that shoved it hard right after we came in". Mike said to the surprise of his friend Fred."What!". He said as he was taken aback at the wind incident."You think so, then what are we going to do now because we need to get out of this godforsaken dungeon!". Fred said with fear written all over his face."Wait just calm down". Mike said as he tried to calm down his friend who is already worked up."I am telling you there is ghost down there and you are telling me to calm down. I think this is going to be the last place we will ever see". Fred said to his friend Mike who s
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Chapter eight
"Help!!!". He shouted and Mike woke up immediately. He almost fainted at what he saw. A lot of spiders were crawling all over Fred as be struggled to get them off him.Mike almost freaked out at the sight of the spiders, they were big, about the size of a human palm.Mike jumped out of the pavement where he laid down and proceeded to where Fred was and began to help him out."What is this, where do they come from?". Fred asked looking terrified at the hugeness of the spiders."Wait don't move". Mike ordered and he stood still instantly. Mike succeeded in getting of the spiders off his body."Where the hell did they crawl out from" Fred asked as his eyes wandered across the room.They began to look around the entire room to know whether if they can find any hole, but to their utmost surprise, there isn't any ant hole in the room. They began to wonder where it might have crawled out from."What just happened. There isn't any hole here and how come the spiders?". Fred asked Mike who look
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Chapter 9
Mike shouted and left the room instantly but he was stucked as there is no room for an escape for him."Fred!!". Mike shouted as he tried to jolt him back to his senses but all to no avail.Fred's face had already turned pale. Mike stood transfixed as he gazed at his friend who was gradually transforming into a beast right before his eyes.Huuurlll!!Came the noise from Fred as he tried to get closer to Mike.Mike took to his heels. He didn't know where to run to as all the doors were locked and the windows were up to no good, they only lead to another part of the house."What am I going to do". Mike said with a shaky voice as he stood before the entrance door. He held the door by its old and outdated handle and began to drag it.He tried everything within his power to open the door but all to no avail."Arrrrruhhhgg!!". Came the sound from Fred.Mike turned around at his back sharply and was terrified at what he saw.Fred was almost close to where he was, be kept dragging the door,
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Chapter 10
He remembered the last statement that they made as they parted ways at the middle of the forest."Anyways, let me see how it goes but one thing is certain: I must surely succeed but the question that baffles me now is how?". He said to himself.The noice came again from the room where he had locked Fred.He thought about hiding upstairs but it isn't possible as there was no hidden ola e to hide there. It was just like a sheltered field.And mere looking at it was scary to him. " What's happening to me?". He said to himself as he felt light headed.It was as if something was there, something that he couldn't see, probably a ghost.It was as I if he was intruding into the private space of some entity in the building. Be wanted to move further but he wasn't confident enough as his mind and intuition continued to drag him back.He felt weird and after standing there for a while, he decided to leave to avoid meeting something more worse than what he is experiencing now with his friend, Fr
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