The environment is lively and joyous, and all humans around swirl to the sweet voice of Andrea as she entertained all guests with her music.

Her entrail voice soon send all of them into reverie, and they muttered along with her.

'Life is short, unpredictable, and brutal

Humans only live for a while, then gone like the morning dew on grasses

Rich or poor, strong or weak, all fate awaits us all

The King, the prince, and the commoners

Humans, aliens, spirits, and beast

One day we shall embark on this journey of no return

What will end is our picture on banners

Adieu they will sing, adieu to the departing soul

And the carcass shall soon be dumped in a six feet hole

So when you are alive, eat, drink, and be merry

Cause death may soon sneak on you when you least expect

The agent of dooms has no moral respect

Hiya ho... No respect. Hiya ho... No respect!'

Men in tears wiped it off with the helms of their clothing, and their red eyeballs soon glowed when Andrea switched to a faster tempo
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