Paths to destiny.

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Paths to destiny.

By: Goodluck Ernest. CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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"Father… Father…. Please stay with me." "Who were those out?" "Some soldiers from Mayca in Tadeas. They were looking for you. They say your name is Ronald Rodgers. Is that true?" "Yes son… They're right… my real name is Ronald Rodgers, but I had my reason for keeping it from you all these years." Newton coughed, as blood flowed from his mouth. Life was gradually leaving his body and Gabriel could notice it. "Promise me one thing…." "Whatever it is." "Promise me that you will never trust anyone from Tadeas, nor even think of going there." "I promise." ***** Gabriel spoke to himself as though he was with his father's spirit. "Forgive me father. But I must go to Tadeas. I have to learn about myself, why you were killed and why your killers are now looking for me."

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  • Kelechi Blessing


    The book is so fascinating I love it ...

    2022-11-11 17:20:05
  • Goodluck Ernest.


    This is my first book on the platform and I hope you love it as you join the main character in his quest and adventure to fulfill his destiny. Also you can check out my second book on this platform titled STUCK IN MY GAME WORLD.

    2022-10-11 15:29:06
  • Jaydee


    can't say much about this book because i don't where to start other than you have to and much read this book.

    2022-09-27 20:35:16
  • aisha momoh


    this book is awesomely great, I love it, and recommend you guys to read it to the end.

    2022-09-09 00:36:58
  • Marvin Grace & team LOF


    so awesome

    2023-03-29 01:02:35
  • Obinna Ernest


    This is one of the best novels I've read. I love this book so much and how the author keeps updating it. It has a very good plot and you should read it if you've not.

    2022-04-21 01:36:57
  • Obinna Ernest


    This is very good, I can't stop reading it. I wish the author would publish more than one chapter a day.

    2022-04-09 15:51:57
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196 chapters
Chapter 1. Stay with me.
Five men walked into a neighborhood which had just been savaged. The inhabitants of the place have all been killed. Also there were dead bodies of not only civilians. The soldiers that had attacked the place were also killed in a great number. The men were led by Byron Haas and Kevin Hodge. They were on mufti but their appearance told anyone who saw them that they were trained soldiers. Mighty men in battle. As they saw corpses littered all over the neighborhood, Byron said to the others. "Ceevah soldiers were here before. Check for survivors. There should be someone who would give us news about Ronald Rodgers." At once they all began to check the corpses for either a survivor or even Ronald who they were looking for. As they searched coming close to a tent, a young, angry youth came out holding tight onto a sword. He was about twenty years of age and did not look much like a warrior, but the manner in which he held the sword told them that he had jus
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Chapter 2. Search the place!
Now Gabriel had to journey throughout the night and came before the country of Tadeas at noon the following day. As he crossed the boundary into Tadeas through the northern part of the country which was the city of Ceevah. Entering the city, many thought of him to be a buyer so the multitude of trades who were along the path began to call for his attention, along with others who had entered the city together with him. It was their market place, so it was busy as usual. Since he was not there for the purpose of trade, he just ignored the calls from traders as he walked the market looking around the whole place. But he never made himself seem to people that he was coming there for the first time in life. So he just acted as though he had not seen the goods he wanted while he survived the place. He was now getting to the end of the market which led into the main town yet he had not stopped by any of the traders to negotiate for goods although many were c
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Chapter 3. Who are you?
About a few minutes later, the soldiers who had entered the inn to search the place came out again and one said to the captain that led them, "Sir, he's not here." Then the captain turned to the woman who had brought them the news about him, and from the look in his eyes, the woman knew what he wanted to ask, so she said, "Believe me sir, there is a young man from Gytle in our midst. I personally directed him to this inn." "Did you just hear from the horse's mouth?" The captain turned to the inn owner. "So you had better provide him. Or better still tell us where you hid him." "I am telling the truth sir. There is no one from Gytle in my inn." The inn master continued to beg even though deaf ears were paid to his plea. Meanwhile, Gabriel, who had left the rooms in the inn and was now hiding by the corners of the road, watched the soldiers as they threatened the inn master. And after a few seconds, he left the spot where he was hiding so that he wouldn
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Chapter 4. Yes and no.
Mueller took note of the sudden tension which Gabriel had while the girl walked close to the spot where they were. "Good morning," the girl greeted. "How are you doing today, Abby?" "Fine pa. I see you have a visitor, maybe I should give you some privacy." "O! This is Gabriel, he was just passing by. Gabriel meet my granddaughter, Abby." "Nice to meet you, Abby. Anyway, I was already on my way so there's nothing to worry about." Gabriel continued to the exit and left the house. As he left the house, his spirit caused him not to go far from the house so he just hung around the premises. This was because his spirit had identified and accepted her to be of great help in his quest, and for the first time, the last words of his dying father were not heard in his head so he believed that Abby was the one who could help with information. Even though his spirit had aligned with her, he was having this doubt that she would not have the
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Chapter 5. I'm not a child.
After the long silence in the room, Mueller raised his face and looked at Gabriel. "I guess you are here to seek revenge for your friends?" "That would be after I have discovered who they truly were and why they were killed. If for no good reason, then I'll have to avenge their death." "Take my advice son, you can't avenge their death. So just return to Gytle. Continue your life as though it never happened. The people you are after are not easy to kill. In short, you can't defeat them all by yourself. Even if you gather all the men from Gytle, you still can not get the revenge you seek." Those words interpreted one thing. His father was not worthy of death. He was innocent of all possible crimes. But Gabriel was not yet satisfied, he wanted a better explanation of who his father was. "Are you saying they were killed for no good reason?" Mueller nodded. "Why were they killed?" "I'm sure you don't want to know because you won't like it a
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Chapter 6. How did they find me?
Mueller and Abby were now at the home of Byron Haas the following day, since Abby was unable to trace Gabriel. Byron had welcomed them warmly and they were all sitting in his parlor together with Kevin Hodge who Byron had invited to bear witness of what they were about to say. After a drink was presented before Mueller and Abby by one of the maidservants of Byron, and Mueller had just taken a little sip from the cup. Byron asked, "You said there was something of high importance which you wanted to tell me?" "Yes, there is." Mueller drops the cup. "We found Ronald's son. He was at our home yesterday." "Please sir, don't joke with matters like this." Byron said, giving Mueller the maximum respect he needed as an elderly ma
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Chapter 7. It's your destiny....
Now Gabriel was back in Mayca. He had returned to the house Mueller to take refuge since they were the only ones who seemed nice to him. As he knocked on the door, Abby came to answer the knock. "Oh! It is you again? You are back?" Abby was shocked at seeing. "Can I come in?" Gabriel was in panic as he turned his next around to make sure no one was spying on him. Abby noticed his strange attitude and he kind of made her scared. "What is the matter?" She was still standing between the entrance.  "Am I no longer welcome as you told me?" "Sure… sure… come in." She gave way and he walked into the house. Then Abby took around the surroundings, checking for something suspicious and she couldn't spot any. So she shut the door. "You must be tasty? Let me get you some water to drink." "Where is your grandfather?" Gabriel asked as she headed for the kitchen door. "He is at the back as always." It was morning
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Chapter 8. Young and vibrant.
Now it was evening and the sun was setting. Abby had returned some minutes ago. She came alone.About an hour after her return, there was a heavy knock on the door though it did sound as a threat to Mueller and Abby. So Gabriel stayed calm even though his instinct had told him to run. He just concluded that since Mueller and Abby were not curious about the hard knock on the door, then it would be that they were expecting some visitors and they would be nice people just like them.Abby went and opened the door as they knocked the second time."Welcome sire," She greeted them at the door post yet Gabriel hadn't seen who it was. Through her salutation, he could tell that the person or people at the door were not mare civilians. So he stands from his seat about to excuse himself.Then the people at the door walked into the house as she made way for them. It was three men. Huron Haas was in the middle.As he saw Byron, Gabriel hastened up to depart from
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Chapter 9. The fugitive.
Gabriel returned to the house of Mueller by midnight after leaving Byron and the soldiers in the woods.When he knocked on the door of the house, it took a while before someone answered his knock. It was very strange for someone to be knocking by that time of the night. So Mueller and Abby ignored the Knock for some time even though they had heard it after the third it sounded.But Gabriel persistee in banging the door as he said, "Open up, it's me Gabriel."When they heard the voice, they listened again to confirm if it was truly him."I know you can hear me. Please open up."This time they recognized the voice and it was truly Gabriel's, so Abby hurried and let him into the house. He was panting.After he had taken a seat, Mueller said, "Why did you leave the way you did?""I told you that people are after my life and that man Byron is one of them." Gabriel said as he was calming himself.Now Mueller understood what was going
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Chapter 10. The experts.
After Kevin, Gross and Riggs had secretly gone round the cities of Ceevah, Gilroy and Cyb in search of Gabriel to no avail. They returned to Byron in Mayca to give reports concerning their adventure. Throughout the whole of their search, it was only once that they came across him yet he escaped and that was in Gilroy.The inhabitants of Gilroy and Cyb were still not aware that Gabriel was in the country. They were still holding on to the lies which the people of Gytle told them concerning him dying in the attack. Meanwhile, Ceevah did not cease to search for him within their territory. Even though they knew that he might have left the city, they did not see it necessary to inform their fellow contestants for the throne about the stranger from Gytle who came into their lands.This was because they still believed the fact that the heir was dead. They only wanted to get hold of the man from Gytle and know why he was in their lands since Gytleans never traveled beyond thei
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