Transportation In A Gaming World

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Transportation In A Gaming World

By: Your Girl OngoingFantasy

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In the year 202X, a virtual game came into existence, sweeping all the records and crashing the server. It became history to sweep all the records in the world of creation. The developer of Virtual Survival Instinct, Alexander, and his whole team thought it was the breakthrough of their life and everything ahead was sunshine and rainbows. Until a strange incident started happening to people who were logging in to the game. People started getting lost in the virtual world, unable to come out. It was unusual, not typical of the system. After a series of investigations, it came to light that a bug had been planted in the game which was causing people to get stuck in there. To stop people from getting lost inside the virtual reality and to save the child Alex created with his own hands, he decided to enter in. " Congratulations, the host has entered the virtual instinct ". Ding! " New mission: The host is required to clear the bugs ". A person as new as Alexander in a world full of dangers and monsters, he lost his life in vain while saving the people from Sunray cave. He met Mike, a person who was scary yet kind by heart but got no time to spend time with him, and he died. But that wasn't the end, the second time he entered the game, he met Sharon and Charlie. Will he be able to sweep all the bugs and save his child? (Attention: The cover image isn't mine, it belongs to its rightful owner )

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53 chapters
Chapter 1: The Glitch
It was a bright day, the sun was hanging high in the sky.The same sunny day with extra brightness and heat, enough to make one feel uncomfortable with the unnecessary warmth.On such a day, in the big villa, Alex was working on something on his big computer. He seemed serious as his brows were knitted together.However, he was not working on the computer about any business but clearing some errors which were justified as glitches in the game that he was working on for the last two years.Along with the identity of a university student, he was a game developer who had started to create his own game about two years to this date. The first time he helped make a game with his seniors, it was a successful attempt since he had a sharp mind and extra intelligence.Thus, he made a presentation to the high higher-ups permitting him to create his own game...It was a difficult task. After all, being rich did not mean that he had everything platter in silver or gold. No matter how rich or bri
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Chapter 2: Successful entry
Once again, his inside sight became blurry and dark.His eyelids were shut tightly, unable to open them due to the immense pain he was going through in his head at the moment.But voices were ringing in his head from time to time." The host is entering into the Virtual Survival Instinct....".( Main task: Survive the firing section and stay alive for the next 24 hours )( Background: The Open sky is underground, filled with many caves, and monsters are everywhere, firing and shooting will start in the next five minutes once you enter the world. You are expected to stay alive for the next 24 hours.....)( Advantage: Staying inside the caves will be the greatest advantage right now. While helping the other users in escape will gain you extra points. Make sure to help those in need )His eyes were shut, but he could still hear the meticulous voice.While entering the game, his exit wasn't confirmed, instead...he was supposed to first see the world himself. Once entered, the user was no
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Chapter 3: He's been caught
" Let's move ".The time left to him was less than two minutes and now he needed to find a hideout to hide and stay away quickly, there was no time to be precise.His heart was still beating fast from seeing the dead bodies of animals and a human earlier, but he needed to come to reality....he couldn't possibly stay scared. After all, many things haven't happened yet." Dear host, please find a hideout and escape ".The system kept reminding him to leave the area again and again...Alex felt it earlier and at the moment as well, his system was a little strange, not normal like usual.The warning was issued already. He got up and started to run. It was clear already that the firing and mission were to start soon. And if he doesn't leave, he might be caught by others. What was needed right now was to leave the area soon." Rumbles.....ssskskkk ".Alex heard the strange voice and ran even faster. He was not shocked or surprised at the fact that wherever he was running was open and had
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Chapter 4: Raid the dead
" Ssskkkk....".The voice of leaves rustling at each other filled the whole place, making the two distracted at the same place. The two people walked in the same direction where the tree trunk was located. Alex simply had his voice down as he didn't want to die in the first stage.One rushed to the tree trunk, his eyes widened in shock when he saw the following scene. He seemed amused yet crazily shocked..." Hey! come over here, see what I have found here "." Huh? what's there to make you feel this thrilled huh? ".The second one came to him and looked in the exact direction that the first guy was seeing. Even....he became shocked when he saw the following scene.They both saw a certain guy hiding behind the tree trunk. " Woh! I had no idea that even a fox is scared of us ".Yes, it was a fox in the exact place where Alex was hiding earlier.But...where did the fox come from? and where did Alex disappear to?Both guys were amused to see the fox appear in front of them. Even thoug
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Chapter 5: The Sunray Cave
His skills were too weak. No, saying he had no skills, to begin with, and saying he was useless was the best statement for him. He was useless in this time and period given his experience and the time he spent in this world.The outsider world was dangerous for him to venture around. But getting some true life-war experiences was also important.There were still 23 hours left before the end of the first mission.And the rewards, his system reward page was all blank, not a single digit of points was there for him to spend on anything to acquire any new skill.Currently, he saw a big cave in front of him.He was walking for the last fifteen minutes and only they found this place. The mouth of the cave was big and there seemed to be no one around.It took him quite some time to find this place, he took the risk to save his own life was important. This place was located on stipend hill...It rained, and the sound around the cave was all watery and wet...He gulped his saliva and took a st
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Chapter 6: The cold scene
He was looking around the cave when some footsteps started to grow in his direction..." Don't tell me it's the enemies again ", Alex just had a moment of pleasure and relaxation but even it was seeming to go away from him, unfortunately. Or maybe he was blessed in some hidden ways?[ Warning: People are detected in the cave and they are currently heading in this way. You need to hide, host ] As expected, the system notified him again." Hey! since you gave me this warning, Is it possible that other players are the same and can detect the presence of other people? ". Alex asked. He probably knew that his virtual system would not give him an answer. But despite all that...he still asked the question. And as expected, it was silent.It was hard to digest that everything around him was normal. But who would have expected that,[ This ability is given to you only as you are the only player who can detect and correct the glitches, please be mindful of your behavior ]The soft voice talk
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Chapter 7: The scary monster guy
Alex's body turned cold, his eyes were trying to hide away from the person who just killed three people without any difficulty in just some seconds." I...I thought I was trying to help a poor soul, how come he became a dangerous hunter instead? ", Were Alex's exact thoughts at this moment. He wanted to stay hidden, hidden from that hunter who had just mercilessly killed someone.Despite being the cruel world, which was no other than virtual reality, it was hard for Alex to believe in such a cruel method. He slid down on the ground once he realized what situation he was in, his body gave in, and there was no way he was not scared of that victim person.His body was shaking heavily, unable to think about something else.While that victim just wiped the blood from his cheeks with bare hands, he looked the way where Alex was hiding. And a vile smile appeared on his face.No matter how blurred the scenery was, there was no way he couldn't detect the bullet which was shot from the direct
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Chapter 8: Reward? Money?
" must be stuck inside no? ", Alex just casually asked, everyone might be scared and restless for many months and days, knowing they can't get out of this place. Mike was stunned to hear that question." Why do you think I am stuck here? ", Asked Mike curiously as he could see something on his face. He could see Guilt written all over Alex's face for some reason as if his disappearance had something to do with Alex. No, it can't be right. The person who himself was stuck here, how can he have something to do with this matter? Maybe it was just an illusion. That's what Mike thought.Alex was speechless, most importantly...he had no answer to give Mike, and the truth can't be told under any circumstances. Yeah, he was guilty in some aspect but he never expected his virtual game to turn out like this." I don't know...I just thought ", Alex twisted the whole question to his liking again." Hmm! let's see what we got here from these people ", Said Mike as he looked at the stu
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Chapter 9: Was that a monster?
However, Mike had a special ability and it was a nightmare as well as a blessing for him. Before they could even start the important conversation that Alex meant to ask for a while now.He felt something different inside the cave." Hey Mike, did you feel it? just now ", Alex couldn't point out what it was actually, but he felt terrified for some reason.Mike looked at him as if everything was normal and he sensed nothing.Alex couldn't bring himself to say that since he thought it was a fault from his side and didn't say anything ahead." Is something wrong? ", Asked Mike while his brows knitted when he saw the mixed emotions on his face.Alex just shook his head as if nothing was wrong and denied the fact.They stay for some more time as Alex's eyes fall on the manual which was laying on the ground. Seemed like even Mike didn't touch it for some reason." What is this piece of paper? ", Said Alex as he touched that piece of paper which was a manual." Don't know...but something us
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Chapter 10: Is he dangerous?
The cave was strangely becoming more and more unfamiliar even though it was already very unfamiliar from the start." Am I forgetting something? ", Alex thought to himself since he seemed to forget something very important." Hey Mike, why is this place giving me more and more gore feeling? ", He asked Mike even though this place was already goring enough to be called scary and extra scary. Mike ignored his silly question.His expressions were not showing anything, he was normal even in that situation, it was most likely him.And how could he even show any special reaction or expression when he was living here for many months and probably had seen everything, nothing was amusing him.It was understandable if that was the case.It was a lot dark in the cave and only a few things could be seen in that lighting effect.The cold was getting more and more efficient though.The layout of the cave was simple, it had a spectacular pattern on the upside, and the cave was built in stones and s
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