Over the cold waters on the isle of the witches, the trees mourned for the death of the undying witch.

The witches felt a force like never before, rushing against their heart and telling them that they had just lost one of their own. They knew what had happened, but they could not help but be suprised.

"I know I am supposed to hate her, but isn't she an epitome of witchery? Who knew Ircane never left this world until now? Such a powerful witch she was! The heavens shall sing her name!". Teresa exclaimed in awe or respect. Marina was by her side as she said these things and to the witch mother, Teresa's words were far from truth.

The witch mother had always known that the undying witch still lived. That Ircane was always alive within the walls of Meredith which in perfect irony was the worst place for a witch to hide her face.

She could always feel her powerful presence anytime she used the power of the isle. Whenever she commanded the waters or used the plants. Ircane's aura always fo
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