Protogene Assimilation

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Protogene Assimilation

By: Kuraii OngoingFantasy

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Years ago, in a part of the known universe, a serial rapist terrorized all the noble women in the human empire, The NDlovu Empire whose territories stretched to the far reaches of the universe. Old or young, human or not, all women of noble birth were his prey and he couldn't be stopped. It was only with the interference of a destitute noble that this menace was finally brought to justice. Sacrificing his youngest daughter, the destitute noble, finally put a stop to the rapist's rampant actions, earning a lot of accolades in the process and stepping into the peak of his life. Now, twenty-one years later, Trapp steps out of his basement room in the magnificent castle of that noble and starts his journey of touring the infinite universe. As the bastard child of a serial rapist, Trapp is despised by everybody in the noble's family who knows of his origin, even his dear mother who is always cold to him. Follow Trapp as he sets off to witness the wonders of the universe while at the same time investigating the origin of his rapist father and the unfathomable bloodline he inherited from him.

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The Destitute Son Of A Noblewoman And A Rapist
The glaring light of the sun peered through the only window that hung at the top of a very small room. It was totally cramped in the room with what little space the room contained being occupied by an exaggeratingly large and obscene bed. Apart from this bed, there was only a single table and chair, as well as a small closet that looked like it could only contain a few items of clothing.Everywhere in the room, loose pieces of clothing could be seen strewn all over on the floor or hanging n the arms of the chair and bed or in the hidden corners of the room. Most of these clothes were quite casual in design and could even be called a little skimpy. They obviously belonged to women and going by the designs of the clothes, only the most unsavory of women would wear something like that.Apart from those types of clothing, there was only a single pair of men's leather boots that lay beside the bed that gave the room a certain kind of ambiance.This was the Ndlovu Emp
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Trapp Valerian
In the basement room of the sunny peak castle...On the exaggeratingly large and gaudy bed, there were faint sounds coming from them that were like the groggy moans of someone waking up in the morning.Following this, there was movement coming from under the covers of the large mattress. low discontent groans of complaint could be heard faintly from under the covers and slowly, the edge of the messy covers was pulled to the side of the bed, revealing the scene that was hidden underneath.Right now, under the covers of the bed, a most atrocious and scandalous scene was disclosed in full view for all to see.Lying on the large bed was a sea of elegant and slender bodies or different colors and endowments. The slim curves and perky peaks of different shaped women formed a marvelous portrait of revelry and self-indulgence.Counting from one end of the bed to the other, there were six bodies lying in different postures and showing every bit of their mar
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Trapp Valerian 2
This young man is Trapp Valerian, and he is the only son of Eunice Valerian lady of the sunny peak castle and eldest daughter of the lord of the Valerian household and clan Giovanni Valerian. Trapp Valerian is a twenty-year-old man who had been kept hidden from the universe his entire life. Apart from a select few people that knew of his existence as well as his status as the son of the rising talent of the Ndlovu empire, every other person that knew of him thought he was the bastard child of a maid Eunice Valerian's nanny. Among the upper echelon of the Ndlovu empire, Trapp's existence could not be hidden, but it was common knowledge that Eunice Valerian's nanny who had taken care of her ever since she was born had given birth to a son during the time she had been in charge of Eunice's training. It was because of this reason that even if Eunice treated Trapp very differently from other people; it did not arouse any suspicion from anybody. Eunice Valerian was
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The Prodigy... Eunice Valerian
Trapp had two mothers. Apart from his real mother, his other mother was the one who the public recognized as his mother. She was the nanny of Eunice valerian who had raised her from birth until she finally came of age. Now, Eunice valerian's nanny had become her right-hand woman and the person she trusted the most who took care of all her affairs. In the Silent Echoes castle, Eunice valerian's nanny... Eudora... apart from Eunice herself was the most powerful person in the castle. Now, after taking care of Eunice since she was a little kid, it was finally time for Eudora to take care of Eunice's child, Trapp. From a young age, even though Trapp knew who his real mother was, he had grown up calling Eudora's mother, and apart from the public, Trapp himself had already acknowledged Eudora to be his second mother. After all, apart from supervising his training and occasionally checking up on him once in a while as he grew up, his real mother Eunice had not bothered to sp
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The Prodigy... Eunice Valerian 2
Following his intentions, Trapp went all the way to the kitchen in order to find some grub to fill his hollow stomach. Helpless, his butler Della could only follow along. Making sure to keep a 3ft distance between herself and Trapp at all times, Della tag behind Trapp as they both made their way through the hallways of the castle to the kitchen. While walking, Trapp and Della would come across other inhabitants of the castle. In a large estate like this one, it was natural for there to be a lot of servants employed to keep the estate in order. Just in the castle grounds, on its own, there were more than a hundred servants, both male and female, tasked with the responsibility of keeping the castle in order. This did not count the servants that work outside the castle on the estate grounds. In total, the number of servants working in the Silent Echoes Castle Estate number up to five hundred. All of them had their own duties, and they were strictly manag
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The Prodigy... Eunice Valerian 3
On the highest peak of the Silent Echoes Castle... there was a tower that stood at the eastern wing of the castle. This tower was detached from the main castle, but at the same time, it was connected to it by a single overheard tunnel structure.This tower was the highest point in the whole castle estate as well as the entire silent echoes city.There was no other structure or building that was allowed to reach or exceed the height of this tower.In the silent echoes city, this tower was familiarly known as the Spindle because of its long winding structure that resembled the spindle of a spinning wheel.The only resident of the spindle was the master of the Silent Echoes Castle Estate, as well as the lord of the city... Dame Eunice Valerian.Dame Eunice Valerian was the sole occupant of the Spindle, and it is from here that she oversaw the whole city.At the very top of the Spindle that seemed like it could pierce the sky, there was an open-
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The middle-aged woman who had just entered was Eudora, Eunice's nanny, as well as Trapp's publicly recognized mother.Eudora was the one who had taken care of Eunice ever since she was born and hidden away by her father and she had also taken care of Trapp too and helped to deliver him in secret. Now, Eudora was Eunice's most trusted and closest confidante as well as the second in command of the Silent Echoes city.There was a gentle smile on Eudora's face as well, a kind of motherly aura that came from years of taking care of Trapp and Eunice.In the Valerian family, Eudora had quite a high status that was in no way inferior to the head of the family, Giovanni Valerian. Her words and opinions carried a lot of weight and nobody dared to not take her seriously at all.As soon as Eudora showed up in the garden on top of the spindle tower, the stifling atmosphere between mother and son immediately vanished.Trapp, who had grown up under Eudora's care
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Ending Maker And Dark Purple
Clank! Clank! Clank! Following Dame Eunice Valerian's words, silence fell around the table in the garden and, except for the sound of polished silverware hitting against fine china, no one spoke. Trapp's face was expressionless... Staring at his mother, who was sitting on the opposite side of him, Trapp did not say anything. It was as if he had not been heard her speak in the first place and he seemed quite relaxed.. but from the way he refused to eat and was instead playing with the tableware; it was obvious that Trapp was not in a good mood. Eudora and Della also remained silent. Neither of them dared to draw attention to themselves. Eudora simply ate with relish, completely ignoring what was happening at the table. She had fallen silent, which was unlike her previously bubbly personality. Seeing her like this from the corner of his eye, Trapp's lips twitched in frustration and he felt a serious headac
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Mission Target
"The hell!""Are you serious?" Trapp loudly questioned his mother. He was surprised at what his mission for this assignment was.Looking at his mother, Trapp said incredulously, "I don't know if you've forgotten or what, but I feel I should remind you of something. I am an assassin. I take lives... I'm not in charge of protecting it. You want me to protect somebody... heh, dream on.""There's no way that is ever happening in this life.""It seems like you've got the wrong guy for the job. If that is all, ill be heading out now. I just recently finished a big job and have yet to fully relax. If you need me, you can find me buried deep in the loving bosom of some sweet and juicy barmaid."Saying those words, Trapp got ready to leave.Shifting his chair backward, Trapp called out to Della as he left, "Come along Della. Let's go have some fun."Della who was being called, had a look of reluctance on her face. She was looking at Eunice val
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Setting Off
Trapp was dumbfounded...He could not believe the ridiculous reason why he was chosen for this mission. Sure, it was true that he was handsome and attractive, and it was easy for him to gain the affection of the opposite sex through these points.There were many instances where Trapp had been able to complete an assignment through his good looks alone.Don't let anybody else tell you differently... having good looks alone is half the key to success.At times, good looks are what you need to open doors to various opportunities in your life.Don't believe it?Why don't you ask those idols that are famous in the entire universe? What those people sell are their good looks.Not their skill, not their talent... but the sheer pleasure of looking at their beautiful faces and figures.That is the real money maker!Still, although Trapp understood this fact, he did not feel it was justified enough to send him on an assignment he
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