Adventures of the Space Pizza Delivery Guy

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Adventures of the Space Pizza Delivery Guy

By: Algrend CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Ethan is a Pizza Delivery Guy for Timekeepers. Meaning he can travel thought Space and Time. Isn't that awesome? That's the perks of being an Irregular. But what if he was suddenly tasked to deal with problems that were not part of the job description? Add another irregular to take care of, that will surely sum up to oh-so-fun adventures.


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  • Raven the lurker


    The title already was very eye catching but when I started to read the chapters I just couldn't stop. It's very well written novel that has amazing world background and very well written characters,so I really recommend you to give this novel a try.

    2021-09-03 20:11:10
  • Thomas Bland


    What started as a quirky but interesting story has become unreadable due to poor translation. The translator has no grasp on how to use pronouns correctly, especially keeping gender correct. He/she, his/hers, and him/her are used interchangeably in the same sentence for a single character.

    2022-01-21 01:20:33
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177 chapters
Chapter 1: Delivery Guy
While everyone was busy with their own lives in this vast multidimensional universe, have you ever just stopped for a minute and wonder?Have you ever pondered about one of the most important questions in life―like are there really other dimensions or worlds apart from the one which you are currently living?Ah, wait, no, no, there’s a much more important question, and that is, who the hell delivered pizza at the asteroid where the little prince was casually chilling or under the lost city of Atlantis?Was there one? Does such a thing exist?Well, look no further because you’re about to meet him.“Hello there, space fellow or some random creature, you have reached the voicemail of the space pizza delivery guy, please hold online as I take the previous orders.” A teen’s voice echoed at the other end, “Please hold the asterisk on your phone, and you’ll be directed to my official line after a minute.&
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Chapter 2: Irregulars
Einstein, just in time, fell asleep on the floor with his equations that he didn’t saw the portal.As Ethan opened his eyes, he glanced at his watch. The year he was taken to was the year 2020.The chief, head of the time police as they called them, injected a serum that woke Ethan up. Ethan sobered up and snapped out of it as his vision became clearer. He glanced at the familiar face that stood in front of him, and it was Chief 102.“Ethan Young, once again, you’ve caused quite a commotion. You just leaked to a human about a piece of confidential information.”Ethan scowled before he tried to complain, “Hey! I never said anything―”He cut off Ethan and nagged, “Irregular. You mentioned the word Irregular. It is our sole duty to ensure the timeline remains as it is supposed to. If I hadn’t gotten you on time, the superiors would surely punish you.”Ethan found it unfair. “Oh, come o
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Chapter 3: MDWD
Upon their arrival, Watt introduced the place to the new irregular, “Welcome to the MDWD, this is the place where we resolve issues like… irregulars, you were taken out the timeline and brought here to find a suitable timeline for you to live.”“You are Irregular no. 199.” Watt glanced at the documents as he added, “You the 199th Irregular we found.”The girl, however, was still disoriented, and she didn’t get a thing about what Watt just said. The girl asked, “199?”Watt nodded as he continued to explain, “Irregulars are those who do not belong in any timeline and are especially dangerous when taken back to their origin timeline- in your case, it’s the year 2020 at Earth J114.” He added as he led the girl to the higher-ups, “They will explain everything further.”The girl looked back at him, a blank look on her face, so Watt cleared his throat and shoved
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Chapter 4: Co-Deliverywoman
Ethan’s house was quite colorful with different plants in pots outside, with a huge windmill system and mini-dish in my roof- it was located by the far side of the MDWD.Ethan’s house seemed so out of place- it was colorful and cozy, whereas the rest of the buildings that surrounded it were all dull and gray.The girl laughed as she saw the place, and Ethan defensively tried to explain, “That’s- the dish thing is for my work.”“What work?”“I’m a pizza delivery guy.”The girl asked as she raised an eyebrow, “And what exactly do you do?”Ethan replied, “I deliver pizza all over the multiverse.”“That sounds cool,” she muttered softly.“Normally, as a courtesy, I’d ask you what do you do, but you probably don’t remember, so you have the second-highest privilege out of everything else in the multiverse.”&
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Chapter 5: Cloud Atlas
With that, Ethan and Chronna set on a journey to a distant timeline, in the year 3042, to deliver pizza. As Ethan entered the coordinates to Cloud Atlas on their teleporter machine, Chronna asked, “By the way, Watt said that we’re irregulars, so isn’t it dangerous to mingle with other timeline characters like you, do?”Ethan scoffed, “Not really. You can pretty much build a family with someone else at some timeline, but the moment you leave that timeline, they will forget about you and everything you said or did to them. That’s how it is for irregulars.”“That’s kind of sad. Not being able to leave a mark.”“Well, you do leave a mark.” Ethan said, “To the people who love you, you will always leave a mark. Lost love will always still be love.”Ethan made final arrangements. He grabbed a pair of space specs and gave Chronna one. He explained, “Wear it, and it allows us
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Chapter 6: Left Behind Briefcase
It was true what Ethan said. Time as it always was.  It was an endless and eternal curiosity for everyone―even irregulars. It was a concept very familiar to most, but no one couldn’t really define or understand it. They were barely scratching the surface of what time really was. But for time guardians, time didn’t really exist; no, to be more precise, Time Guardians did not work like those from MDWD.  For Time Guardians, time had existed, existed, and would exist all at once.  So for a Time Guardian to have said that, was completely absurd and so that statement baffled Ethan while Chronna had a lot of questions running in her mind right then. The Time Guardian replied, “Yes, that is true, but right now, I…
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Chapter 7: The Captain
Chronna was delighted, it was scary, but she was laughing. Ethan replied, “I thought about it too, but then again, I remembered, I’m a space pizza delivery guy. It’s my job to get this pizza across to my beloved customer, and that is the captain.” Chronna smirked, “Are you trying to show off to your junior?” “Why? Are you impressed?” Ethan asked with a raised brow and a playful smile.  Chronna  snorted and she replied while looking at him with a grin, “Maybe.”  Ethan thought that she looked even more pretty when she was smiling wide. Since he was thinking that way, he did not realize that he was already staring at her dazedly.  “What’s wrong? Why are you
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Chapter 8: The Salamander
“Buy time from what? What exactly is in this ship?” Ethan questioned further. Even though Chronna did not ask, the way she was looking at the Captain was as if he was a suspicious individual that was not trustworthy.  The Captain was displeased. Nevertheless, he was not a bad person.  He gulped hard before answering carefully, “The Salamander. It’s an alien species that ran amok inside the ship. I was on my way out of here when I heard the commotion. You see… I was actually supposed to step down as Captain today.”  The Captain chuckled as it remarked further, “I guess life had other plans for me.” Ethan was surprised yet, at the same time, amazed by the Captain’s bravery and sense of duty.  He saw cle
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Chapter 9: A Plan
The Salamander used its sharp claws and lunged directly at Chronna, but Ethan acted quickly and blocked the attack using a wooden plank he found nearby. “That’s close!” Chronna blurted out while still being shocked as the Salamander’s nails were a couple of inches away from her face.  Had it not been for Ethan, she would have already been dead. Ethan was also surprised. Thankfully his reflexes were faster than his worries. He asked, “Are you okay?” He was struggling too much, and the Salamander was trying to pin the two of them down to squash them with its force.  Ethan was groaning in pain, he was already using all his strength, and he even used his flying shoes to help him lift it against the Salamander, but
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Chapter 10: To Run or Not to Run
Ethan calculated the time it would take for him to run to his backpack and leave Cloud Atlas.  He would definitely make it. But just then, his thoughts were cut off as Chronna’s voice echoed through his entire being.  Chronna shouted, “Don’t stop thinking of a way out for all of us! Even if you feel like your head is bursting, even if you feel like exploding! Don’t give up on us, Ethan! Think! Continue to think!” Ethan was dumbfounded. He saw Chronna’s eyes filled with trust. It wasn’t idle hope or fickleness that he saw in her eyes.  Chronna wasn’t saying those things because she needed Ethan to save them or because Ethan was abandoning them. For some reason,
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