169. The Ascender Chase II

Taking that as a cue, he smiled to himself and then leaned backwards, his right leg stretched out behind him in an athletic pose, while his left leg was angled to his chest. He had his two hands to the sides of him, tightly, one stretched out widely and the other one brought closer to him like an athlete would do when they were about to race.

“Haha. Ditched you too.” He laughed now, his body beginning to glow faintly, the entire outline of him turning translucent.


Shockwaves exploded out from the back of his feet as his frame shot out into the road in front of him. Dust swirled up and loose matter picked up in the wind , the entire place becoming cloudy and shaded by the floating matter.

However, when it cleared now, the Kpelekpe was still in the same spot.<


Somethign tells me these ones would be a great couple.. Lol

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