Marked by the Devil

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Marked by the Devil

By: Beth Miller OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Elliot scanned his eyes round Lexa's curvy body, making her nervous. “Wow. Such beauty,” he said, with the most glorious smile. “A-are you him?” Alexa had never felt so weak. “What was I thinking? I forgot I can’t kill royals so easily. I definitely won’t want to kill you.” He bowed before her. “I’m sorry your majesty. I forgot you were royalty.” Alexa gulped. He moved like flash, appearing here and there within the twinkle of an eye. He sped to her back and held her waist. She whimpered. “I know everything about you and I know what you want,” he whispered in her ear. “I know you want me.” She pulled away from him. He smiled… a deadly smile. Alexa wanted to be strong, she was a Queen after all. “If you know what I want then you must tell me what you want in return.” "Everyone knows that the devil wants," Elliot said, smiling with great lust. *** Will the love between the devil and a prized angel ever succeed? Will a prophecy overrule a witch's curse? Will Elliot be given an second chance into holiness? Will their love prevail and will their forbidden love be accepted by the realms?

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The beginning...
He pulled a stick off the branch of an old ancient tree and chewed it up with the wickedest smile. “They tchink they know everything bout their ancestors. They scientists of the so-called modern world,” the old man dragged scientist with his false but rotten teeth. “They know nothing!”“Why so?” a curious lad enquired.“They talk about magic… dragons, fairies, ogres… blah! They never questioned where they got those silly crazy ideas from.”“But they are all real,” a redhead who had been silent for hours spoke.“Yes, but they don’t know that. They think itch’s all a myth.” The children laughed and rubbed their bellies. “Enough of thatch. It’s thicme for a tale.” The children adjusted themselves on the ground with happiness. “It’s thrue. The modern world no know of our magic and our creatchures and our lifestyle, but there is one thing some know of?"The children looked at each other, wondering. “What’s that?!” the youngest but loudest of them asked.The old man let out a teethy and dis
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Chapter I
1459, The Seven Nations, Halton, The Palace of JabsAlexa giggled, running around the jasmine garden like a wanted criminal.“Alexandra! Alexandra!” Till now, the five year old always thought that Miss Rica was playing knight and thief with her. “Alexandra, come here this instant!” That was enough for today, Alexa thought. She gave the old woman a break. “I’m just forty. Why do you want me dead so early, huh?”She giggled again. Miss Rica rubbed her own forehead and sighed. “Sorry, Miss Rica.”Miss Rica couldn’t be mad at that face. She was the cutest and most beautiful damsel in the palace. Her sisters envied her greatly.They neither played with her nor gave her any prior attention. The palace was always full but still, Alexa was always alone. Miss Rica had seen her cry plenty of times. Miss Rica was all she had.“I forgive you darling.”“Five more minutes to play. Please, Miss Rica. Please. Please. Please.”Miss Rica gave her a satisfied smile. “Sure, my dear. Five minutes, not mo
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Chapter II
1471, The Seven Nations, Halton, The Palace of JabsAlexa ran into her chamber and locked it shut. She held her tears for longer than they could take. She ran towards the sink and washed her tears away.“No, Alexa. Queens don’t shed. Queens don’t shed tears,” she repeated with shaky hands.The chamber was cloaked in darkness. She could see not a thing. Alexa splashed more water on her face, using it to cover up the tears dropping from her eyes.She breathed heavily. Her mind was filled with negativity. She couldn’t clear her mind out to think of a solution. It was impossible.She looked around her enormous chamber and caught a glimmer. She ran towards the ray of hope and met with… a mirror.Why was there a mirror there? She broke all the mirrors. Alexa never wanted to see a mirror but there was one here. She screamed. Alexa removed her heels and threw it towards the mirror. The heels bounced back. She was shocked. 'What sorcery is this?' She wondered, unable to lift a word from her l
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Chapter III
Wind whizzed and whirled in the room. A whirlwind was formed and it carried everything in sight to join the whirl.Alexa held on to the window. She would die if she joined the whirlwind that had taken her chairs, beds and broken pieces of mirror.Alexa screamed. Her scream caused the wind to disappear. Everything crashed down. She was shaken. But with all that happened, the golden statue was still in her hands.She heard a clap behind her. She jumped and turned to see… him.He was beautiful. She had never seen such unworldly beauty in her life. Not even a vampire’s handsomeness could match with his beauty.His lips were like no other. Looking at them alone could enchant her into kissing him. His glassy red eyes were like never before. She’s never seen anything with red eyes before. His hair was dark… darker than black.His figure was dangerously unique and exquisite. He wore a white prince shirt and free black pantaloons. If this was the devil, then was the storybook lying. What about
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Chapter 1
2018, USA, California, OliaLexa’s POVI walked out of the house. My mum would kill me if she caught me out of home. She was very protective ever since my accident. I was tired of sitting on a wheelchair.Moreover, my legs were okay. The doctor said so too. Well, mom didn’t believe that. She was a late sleeper so I had an hour to myself. If she did catch me, I’d tell her the doctor told me to exercise it. I was happy. I hadn’t moved my legs in a while. I knew that I was such an adventurer. You can’t imagine how the past three months have been for me. Being on a phone is just not the same with actually being in town.There was one place I had to visit. I had not been there in a while.I left a letter on the table for mom, with some cookies too. Just incase she woke up before I reached home.I removed my phone and checked for any missed calls or texts. Nothing. Perfect, just perfect. I took another step with my once-broken leg and clapped in joy. I felt like a baby who was just learni
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Chapter 2
I never dreamed of being a maid but… I was doing this for my mum. She meant the world to me.I wore something simple. A fitting blue gown. It wasn’t expensive looking. I wanted them to know I needed the job. I didn’t put make up on but I ponytailed my long black hair.It was strange. My hair grows so fast and full. No matter how much I cut it, it grows to its normal size in no time.I took a light blue purse along and rushed to mum’s room.“I found a job online.”Kimberly removed her glasses and faced me. “Already?” She sounded surprised. “What about?”I couldn’t tell her I’d be a maid. She’d freak out. “I-it’s a waitress job.” “Which restaurant?”“It’s a Spanish restaurant.”“Where is the restaurant?”I couldn’t keep up with questions. “I will keep my answers for the interview. Don’t worry. I’ll be back soon.”“Stay safe. We’ll celebrate if you win.”“You mean when I win.”Kimberly smiled. “Keep the positive attitude, dear.”I went out of the house and closed my eyes, breathing in.
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Chapter 3
It was so loud that everyone in the mansion and past that, could hear it. Nora rushed into the room. She was scared. She served me for years and I had never called her name so loudly before. She felt the mansion shake as I called her name. She thought she would die.She knew I could kill her and get away with it. She didn’t want to die. She was tempted to beg but that’d make me angrier. She knew that.“Was it the new maid that cleaned my room?”“Sir. Yes, sir.”“What was her name?”Nora was scared to see me like this. I was panting and I had turned red. “Lexa Halton.”“Full name.”She gulped. “Alexandra Jade Halton.”“Alexa?”“Y-yes, you can call her that sir but she refers to herself as Lexa.”I was shaky. “Did she have beautiful curves?”Nora tried to recall. “Yes, sir. She did have very beautiful curves.”“And long black hair with emerald eyes.”“Yes, she did sir.”He rubbed his lips. “Make sure she gets here by ten in the morning. Not a second later.”“As you wish, sir.” Nora ru
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Chapter 4
“Some people say he’s the devil himself. He is a multi-billionaire and he owns countless industries round the globe. No one knows his first source of this crazy money.”Wendy picked it up from there. “If he wants something, he gets it no matter what it is. He goes nowhere but work and home. People in the mansion say they’ve seen him with horns…”“And others said he has a long spiky tail…”A long spiky tail? The picture of a golden devilish statue was flashing in my head. I shook that scary thought off. What the heck was that? “… He’s killed countless number of people and always gets away with it. No one is allowed to work in the mansion for more than five years. It’s because he doesn’t age. He decided to stay in Olia because he’s been banned from every other place. People don’t even know he lives here.”Ana cleared her throat. “He has no certificates, no identity cards, no passports and no world records. He’s like a ghost. He also has no finger prints and no true face. Nora is the on
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Chapter 5
Lexa didn’t blink before he made his move. How can he move so fast? That was speedily scary. He was on her, chest to chest, nose to nose and lips to lips.Elliot’s inner devil—Lot—wanted to be released. He wanted to have a taste of his mate. He controlled his devil’s hunger for her. He couldn’t move away. It was such a difficult task for him as all he wanted to do was eat her up. Lexa couldn’t move either. Elliot could hear her heartbeat. Her heart raced. Her breathing was held back.“Alexa…” Her beautiful emerald eyes shined when he called her that. “… Be more careful next time.”“Elliot or Lot?”She entered that head pain again. She was seeing things that were hidden deep in her memory. She was familiar with the name… even him but she couldn’t even imagine that they met before.“People call me Lot but I am Elliot.”She nodded, still eye-locking him.“Elliot, can you please get off?”He grinned. “Why, don’t you like it here?”“Yes… I mean No. I don’t. I’m very uncomfortable. Do you
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Chapter 6
I cleared my thoughts and placed my hand on the verse.17. Behold, we count them happy which endure. Ye have heard of the patience of Job, and have seen the end of the Lord; that the Lord is very pitiful, and of tender mercy. 19. Brethren, if any of you do err from the truth, and one convert him;20. Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins.I rolled my eyes and kept the bible in a drawer. It wasn’t that easy. Nora was trying to save my soul? It was funny to think about it. But what if? What if she was on to something?Lexa’s POVI didn’t forget that I was going for work. I almost did as I admired myself in the mirror. This blue dress was the most expensive thing I had.It was a thick light blue dress, embedded with flowers. It was sleeveless and long. Along with the dress came two white sleeves. I looked like Cinderella, without the puffiness. I straightened the curls out of my hair.
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