Chapter 1484 Abandon Your Son

Katherine again uses the survival instinct to get rid of the announced death. If before she was exhausted and sore, that didn't stop her from running to the bathroom to throw up.

Josias laughs evilly and goes after her, being careful not to step on the broken glass.

When he enters the bathroom, Katherine is already throwing up like she has bulimia.

“What do you think you're doing, Kate?”

Katherine straightens up and turns to Josias with a terrified look, “What do you mean? You poisoned me with arsenic and you still ask what I'm doing? I don’t wanna die! How did you get this poison?”

“In Agatha Christie's books, everybody gets that easily,” Josias responds jokingly.

“I'm not in the mood for jokes, bastard!” Katherine roars like the lioness.

“Control yourself, you crazy girl!” Josias breaks the mocking smile, “You weren't poisoned, it was just tap water!”

Katherine no longer knows what to do. What is a lie and what is true?

Josias continues as if he were her Chemistry teacher, “Do you t
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