The Strongest Ordained One

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The Strongest Ordained One

By: Swem kuku Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Pain…Grief…Dismay…This is what unlocked the power of the Apollo ring, an old mysterious ring with untold powers. Leon is at a crossroads in his life, he's just been diagnosed with a deadly brain tumor and lost his job all in the same day. To add icing to the cake, his wife decides she's had enough and divorces him. Lost and stranded, his pain unlocks the healing power of the deity, not only restoring his health but enabling him to save people's lives and their appreciation fuels the power of the deity. His first encounter is with a mother who's been drugged and nearly loses her daughter in a fatal accident, he saves her just in the nick of time, and a bizarre family rivalry is uncovered. Leon must navigate life as a new man, no longer ordinary but mightily gifted, half man and half deity, harnessing the power of the system.

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Outside the hospital, with the scorching heat of the sun on his already tanned face, Leon felt like the world was crashing down on his shoulders. In his grip was what he considered a death sentence. A scan results showed he'd been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Leon hissed, feeling hopeless and dejected. He could not believe that the migraines he'd been enduring for a while could be a tumor in his brain. Many questions ran through his head, how long did he have? Was his health insurance good? Could he survive a surgery? With another glance at that scan report, he had to hold in the emotions that threatened to overwhelm him. He had to be strong, he had to find a way to get better. At the same time, his phone rang and he reached into his pocket to retrieve it, it was his boss from work. "Hello, boss." He said and the next words he heard were typical of his toxic boss. "Why on Earth are you out of your cubicle? You are useless to the company already and now you're skipping work too?!"
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Hurt and with his thoughts running wild, Leon left his home, away from his nagging wife in an attempt to find some semblance of peace. That led him far away from home and soon, it was nightfall. Still wandering the streets, he recalled what the doctor had held him after handing him the test results. He needed over a million dollars to get surgery. He wondered if indeed his life was going to end because of the tumor because he knew he could not come up with such an amount of money, especially not after he'd been fired merely minutes after being told about the money. "I guess this is the end," Leon whispered to himself as he walked down the street, his head cast down in shame and hopelessness. He'd always known that Helen was very unsupportive financially but he'd known how much she did not care about him at all. Her last words still haunted him as he felt the cold evening on his face. The sky was cloudy, promising rain in a short while. It was a perfect mirror of his emotions. Leon
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Leon could still feel the breath of the girl on his face, they were pressed so closely together that he felt every inch of her skin, albeit through clothes. "Don't you want to let me go? They're all gone now." She said, her voice nasty and rude. Leon was embarrassed and pulled away from her but he didn't see that she too was blushing. She dusted her dress as he looked out and saw that all the gang members were gone, the entire street was now deserted. It was getting dark and Leon had nowhere to return, he wasn't ever going back to his wife, that was for sure. "Thank God they're gone." The girl said with a sigh and then stopped him as he was about to cross the road. "Wait, you've just helped me escape those men, I want to reward you." She said, Leon looked at her, apart from being very pretty, she was also very young and he didn't want any money from her, after all, it wasn't going to help his condition. "I don't want your money, I just couldn't stand those men trying to hurt
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Leon lay on the floor, bleeding profusely, blood gushing out of his sides and his head where he'd been badly beaten by the gangsters. The girl he'd saved, Sylvia ran to him on the ground and saw his critical state, "Oh my God! He's dying!" She cried and clutched him to her side, shaking him to wake up. She could almost see his life drifting away with every drop of blood that soaked the wet floor. "Uncle, please, save my friend, he's dying, he'd been badly wounded by these men," she wept helplessly. Uncle Smith looked at the young man on the floor, he was badly hurt and it was all because he'd been protecting his favorite niece. He knew he had to help him, "Let's take him to the hospital, please." Sylvia sobbed and her uncle nodded. "I will deal with your little gang later, mark my words." Sylvia's uncle said to the gangsters and then turned to help Leon first. With the help of his siblings, they picked Leon up and put him in the car, driving him to one of the best hospitals in t
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The doctors did not look desperate, they all seemed relieved that Leon was fine. "We have checked him, he is fine, his injuries are quite minor," the doctor said. "Is he awake? Will he be fine?" Sylvia asked the doctors. Both of them nodded, "Yes, he's awake now, we've been able to stabilize him." One of them said, Sylvia nodded, she was very relieved and grateful that nothing terrible had happened to him, "I'll go and get him some food, I'm sure he must be hungry." She said and immediately left the room. Uncle Smith frowned, he was curious, he had thought that Leon's state of health was much worse when he rushed him to the hospital, he had looked like he was dying but the doctor just announced his injuries as being slight. He had a feeling that he had lied about the severity of his condition just to elicit pity."You mean his condition isn't that bad? I thought he was dying." Uncle Smith said and the doctor shook his head, "His injuries are minimal, from the check, he'll be fine so
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Leon left the hospital in a hurry, he could not wait to get home and tell his wife about the good news of his miraculous healing. He never wanted to tell her about the tumor because he didn't want her to be worried about him, already she seemed to be displeased by everything he did, he didn't want to add his medical condition to the list.But as Leon headed home, he figured that maybe it wasn't such a bad thing that she knew about his tumor, maybe it would make her treat him a little better. Thinking of this brought a smile to his face and he could imagine how happy she could be when he finally told her I'd the goodness of his healing. Although he could not clearly explain what had happened, he believed in the power of the ring, he believed that since he had been healed of all the injuries from the attack and he was recovering so quickly then the brain tumor was gone too, he was happy and wanted to share the news with his wife. As he got home, he pushed open the door in that excitem
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Sylvia returned to the hospital room a few minutes after Leon had left, she met her uncle and asked him where he was. "The young man had left, he..." But before her uncle could finish the statement, she frowned, her beautiful face crumpled into an ugly expression. "What do you mean left? He was right here, I just went to grab him something to eat," She said, her tone high. "I thought you said that you've just met him a few hours ago, why are you so concerned about his whereabouts?" Smith asked, his time casual and this only made Sylvia even more annoyed. "It doesn't matter! He saved my life and I want to personally thank him," she replied."Listen, I've thanked him enough, if you want us to offer him some money then that can be arranged, you don't have to bother about meeting with him again," he said to her, hoping that she'd forget about it. Sylvia frowned, "This isn't about the money, uncle, I have to see him, he was hurt all because of me, the least I can do is tell him how gra
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As Leon tossed the car door far away, the woman hurriedly went to her child in the back seat, she pulled her out and cradled her in her arms. The car was going up in smoke, and Leon could tell that it would be firing up soon, "It's dangerous to be this close to the car, I think it's going to explode," he warned the woman and then led both mother and daughter away from the car which was slowly going up in flames. A good distance away from the car and the crowd that began to gather at the scene, Leon could see the mother shaking the girl, trying to resuscitate her. "She's not responding, she isn't waking up!" The woman cried helplessly as she tried everything but the girl remained limp in her arms. The woman was helpless, she could not bear to lose her daughter, she shook her and cried out, tears pouring down her face helplessly. Leon moved to her, he felt pity for her, and her hopeless weeping tore at his heart. "She isn't waking?" He asked, it was a pointless question but he didn't
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Shortly after the girl woke up and Leon's powers were fully restored, the ambulance that one of the onlookers had called arrived, it was time for her to take the girl to the hospital. The woman got up from the floor and hurried to the ambulance to hand her daughter over to the paramedics, then she returned to thank Leon again, this time, she held his hands firmly. "My name is Louisa, I want to thank you for saving my daughter's life, I'm in your debt," she said, holding onto his hands. Through her touch, Leon's deity power came alive and he began to see what was wrong with her, the healing gift was able to sense that there was an abnormality in her blood, there was an alien substance that was messing with her system, the power of the Apollo ring showed him that she was under the influence of drugs. Leon was confused at first, he wondered why she had the strange substance in her bloodstream, but then it all made sense, she had been drugged but someone and that was why she had the acc
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On arriving at the hospital, Louisa was panicked, she looked at her daughter as she was being rushed in the stretcher into the emergency room, her condition even more critical. She was pacing frantically when a doctor came out from the emergency room and she hurried to him, "Please, save my daughter's life, I am willing to give anything to make sure that she's better," she pleaded desperately. The doctor looked at her and said, "Her condition is very bad, her heart is barely powerful enough to keep all her organs intact, she will need a transplant immediately if she is to pull through," he warned. Louisa nodded eagerly, "I am willing to give anything, I was even heading to the hospital for her heart surgery before the accident happened and worsened her condition, is there anything that can be done? I don't want to lose my daughter," The doctor nodded and said that there was an available donor and that the heart transplant could be undergone quickly. "Yes, let's get it done, I am w
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