Chapter 1494 Engagement Party (2)

The engagement party continues in full swing. Shirley placed her famous cookies on a table in the corner of the room for guests to help themselves. The radio continues to set the scene for the party, now playing “Cantaloop”, by US3. Children dance and have fun.

Melissa opens the door for the Teixeira family.

“Hello, guys. Come in, the party is booming.”

“Congratulations, niece.” Adolfo hugs her.

Vânia also has a package, “I brought a little gift for the couple.”

“I haven't made the wedding list yet, folks.” Melissa jokes and everyone laughs.

“I warned you, but my mom wanted to spend the money anyway.” Benjamin jokingly states.

The three newcomers mingle with the ones already there. Francisco is introducing himself to the elders.

“My brother passed away in 1987 of a weird heart attack.” He tells the story of the Montanha family, “Since then my sister-in-law has taken care of their three children.”

“But from what I can see, they handled it perfectly.” Harold praises him, “The boys took
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