Chapter 1502 Don't Mess

Gustavo enters Beto's office to plead for a vacancy for idle Katherine.

“Good morning, Mr. Reis.”

“You are Gustavo, correct?” Beto tries to remember, “What can I help you with?”

Gustavo keeps standing, “I have a girlfriend who lives all day scratching her butt at home, and the bills need to be paid. I promised her to see if there's a way to fit her here in the company.”

Beto smiles slightly, “She has experience as a supermarket cashier or general services?”

“No, she only knows how to have sex,” Gustavo responds shamelessly.

Beto bursts out laughing, “What is this, man? Are you harboring a streetwalker like ‘Pretty Woman’?”

“Nothing like that.” Gustavo realizes that highlighting Katherine's unique talent won't result in her getting a job, “Ehr... you know her, she's Miss Bezerra.”

At this, Beto laughs louder, tilting his head back, “No chance, Gustavo! You must get rid of this bitch immediately. I just talked to Will Campos about how the dishonored woman destroys a man's life. She's go
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